Xbox one release

End of the year and we still don’t have an ETA? I’m sorry, but this is getting silly.

It’s a conspiracy. They are probably out to get you.

'Nuff said.

How the heck did Cyberpunk 2077 pass certification testing? Also they had a set date release so certification shouldn’t take that long. Same goes for patches on Xbox. It’s like every two weeks a patch can come out or something like that.

Not trying to be negative, but it makes no sense. I mean just look at Cyberpunk. Just look at Fallout 76. Anthem. How bad is Grim Dawn on Xbox be if those games passed certification, then this is something to worry about.

Then again maybe I am confusing certification with quality assurance. So what is certification mean then?

I will patiently wait for Grim Dawn. I rather have a great working product instead of waiting for patches to make game good.



Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how they pulled that one off.

AAA + MEGAHYPE + Greasing some palms

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Having a bug-free game seems to be a secondary priority :wink:

Your response to my comment doesn’t make sense. Where did I imply I was taking any of this personally? Where did I imply a conspiracy? My implication is much more pedestrian. Crate should have either invested the necessary resources to get it done in a reasonable time, or they should have waited a couple more years to make the announcement.

Did we miss somebody’s deadline?

You should have internal deadlines. Thats how successful businesses function. What was the purpose of announcing a port 3 years ago?

We announced Grim Dawn like 12 years ago and it came out 5 years ago, seemed to work out!

Maybe we just like to keep our community updated on what’s going on? Town builder was teased years ago too and the the internet didn’t implode that time either.

Thanks for the tip!


I’ve seen your earlier replies in this thread… I’ve also seen your replies to Crate on Facebook (I put two and two together versus your comments here and the person I seen on Facebook - you used the same language in both places). I have a pretty good idea you’ve been taking it personally.

I don’t even have a facebook account. Another swing and another miss. Where did my previous posts imply I was taking it personally? This fanboy notion is a real thing, huh?

Sure thing :wink: Better go back and delete posts on here then before I start hunting down and screenshotting quotes from both locations bearing the same language.

Except I really don’t have a Facebook account so your efforts will be futile. The big boys at Crate can handle a squeaky wheel that’s looking forward to trying this long awaited port. I highly doubt they need you to run interference for them. I’m not exactly shocked there is some similar squeaky wheel on Facebook though.

Possibly you are telling the truth. It was months ago that I noticed a person commenting with quite a bit of vitriol on the delay and I spotted a person on the facebook comments using identical wording as to some posts on here, to the letter identical.

As for “personal”… looking back at your earlier comments I’m seeing a bit of salt for sure.

Well, it really isn’t me. If it was, I would have no issue admitting it. I stand by the comments I’ve made here and I don’t think any of them would be accurately described as vitriolic.

Snide maybe? At the minimum. Look I get it - it sucks it’s taking so long. I admit it would be nice if they could give a more detailed response on what the holdup is all about. Either way it goes, it’ll show when it shows.

Now that I understand how the reply system works on here.

I started getting impatient when I realized I may never end up coming back to it if it takes too much longer, and that would be a shame.

It would be. You’d be missing out on a great game. I own separate copies on both Steam and GOG. I don’t even have a console (haven’t for years) and I might say screw it and get an xbox anyway when it finally gets released.

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Nah, successful businesses have passion & vision.