XCOM: Worth getting?

Title pretty much says it all

I was an xcom addict as a kid with the old games. The new gen remakes are ok. I finished both parts. But it’s a bit too simplistic. Lacks depth. Perfectly playable, though, especially as the genre is practically dead.

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You’d probably get bored of it super quick due to its simplicity. I played a solid 10 hours and felt like I’ve seen everything the game will ever throw at me

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Same comment.
The original old XCOM games were pure gems and would keep you intrigued for hours on end.
They have gone much the way Blizzard went with Diablo 3.
Dumbed it down and removed the games depth and playability.

Old XCOM - Diablo 2
New XCOM - Diablo 3

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If you want a base+squads management sim with 3d graphics then you’ll probably be better off playing UFO Aftermath or Aftershock. More depth, more character builds, more guns, more ammo.

I enjoyed XCOM2, and got a bit of replayability out of it with mods. UFO Defense has a LOT, not only in regards to modpacks to run, but with how old it is the amount of content in it is kind’ve nutterbutters.
Now, not entirely sure what people are meaning by ‘old’ XCOM, if they’re referring to UFO Defense or Enemy Unknown. The former doesn’t have classes, everything is based on skill levels. The latter does.

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X-Com (note the hyphen!!) UFO Defense was originally called UFO: Enemy Unknown. And it’s pretty much an unsurpassed gem of gameplay.


XCOM - Terror from the Deep - was also of of my favourites of the old versions

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Jeah those old ones was really awesome. Terror from the Deep is my favourite title of the whole series. Got it first as an demo on my first PC ever on a good old 3,5 floppy disc. Played the level wich was on it to death and bagged my parents to buy for christmas.

Played the actual titels as well. If they are on sale on steam they are worth it imo but i never done more than one playtrough. Was more an nostalgia thing to me but never get me really hooked.

Apoc was pretty good though, you could stun grapple raid friendly organizations without them turning hostile, loot their valuables, and retreat to minimize score – Score determined how fast the aliens ramped up their tech.

Being able to buy up every hovercar (Best swarm unit since it can equip a shield later on) and every hawk air warrior (Can equip light disruptor beams, meaning it’ll be useful even later on, plus it has pretty large cargo space for extra shields) early on is a huge advantage in getting those early incursions done flawlessly.

Only problem is that by the time you get a retaliator, you can wreck the remaining alien fleet without much opposition and that removes the threat from the game, turning the last five missions boring cleanup.

So…what I’m getting from this thread is that the first xcom is worth getting?

How much would you lot pay for it?

Actually, the best part of the new xcom is nostalgia after the old one. I’m not sure how good the game can really be for someone who never played the classic.

Forgive my sacrilege, but as someone who did not play the original X-Com/UFO games until recently, I cannot really recommend them. Imo the graphics have not aged well and everything feels clunky. If you’re really nostalgic for old DOS games they might be worth a try I guess.

Both modern XCOMs are great though. Game mechanics may be dumbed down compared to the originals but I enjoyed playing thru each XCOM multiple times nonetheless. There’s also mod support, but I haven’t delved much into that apart from changing recruit names.

btw rumors say Firaxis is working on XCOM 3, I hope it’s true.

In all honesty, I dgaf about graphics.

Not to disparage your (or anyone’s) opinion, IMO graphics is akin to make-up: they mask an ugly reality you don’t wanna face :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with your statement. But in UFO’s case the bad graphics just add to the general clunkiness of the game. I guess you will have to try it yourself to really know if it’s up your alley. You can get it on GOG for 5€.

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i’ll check out some gameplay footage. that’s actually within my 10 euro budget :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re looking for Turn-based tactics games in general, check out Rebel Cops, it’s only 10€ on steam. I haven’t tried it myself yet but it looks interesting and has mostly positive reviews.

On this topic, you lot need to check out armello. GREAT game.

It’s like if disney and game of thrones decided to have a baby.

Armello looks fun, thanks for tip. Another turn-based game that I recently bought is Hard West, it’s obviously a Western setting and it’s currently on sale for like 2€. Can’t say much about it though, I have yet to play it since I don’t have much time atm.

Pro-tip: To enjoy armello, you need to accept the fact that people are going to backstab the fuck outta you.

Once I came to terms with that, I stopped raging, and enjoyed it far more

EDIT: @volek - i also played armello with my ex girlfriend. Key word is “ex” :rofl:

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