xp potion


Is that the only way to get faster xp to get the potion at the mamouth faction?

There is also gear that gives bonus XP, like the Explorer set.

In general unless you really rush through the content you should not need extra XP though, as you will reach level 100 relatively easily just by clearing everything.

So Lokkar set is not so useful after all?

Lokarr Set is great, if you really want to level fast, though beyond lvl 50 not so much. Xp potion is of course always usefull, even at max level, if you wanna level your devotions faster.

Lokarr set (+40%), Bounty Hunter’s Girdle (craftable belt, +5%), Hermit’s Legguards (Epic pants, +4%), Wretched Necessity (Epic amulet, +8%), Officer’s/of Arcane Lore (weapon affixes, +5%/4%. get two 1-handers and a blademaster’s talisman to dual-wield) plus pretty much any ribbon (+3%).

All told, this will get you +78% experience gained. Keep this gear in your bag and put it on when you go to turn in quests. You will level up like crazy.

It is pretty good, it is just way harder to get than the Explorer set :wink:

Thanks everybody for your good advice :slight_smile:

few question thought
where can I find Officer’s/of Arcane Lore?

I don’t have the schematic can someone craft me Bounty Hunter’s Girdle?

Best way to get Hermit’s Legguards and Wretched Necessity ?

Why is good to use blademaster’s talisman for better xp?

All of the non-crafted items you’ll just have to trade for or see drop in-game, there’s no good way to farm them. You can get someone to craft the bounty hunter’s girdle for you if you don’t have the BP. It’s pretty cheap to make.

The reason you use blademaster’s talisman is that two 1h Officer’s weapons give +10% xp whereas a single 2h Officer’s only gives +8%. It’s not an enormous difference but when you’re getting like 90k quest xp it adds up over time.

Problem with Lokarr set is it’s very low armor, which makes using it past level 20 a very risky business. It is still useful as a hot-swap set for caching in quests in a batch at any point of the game.

Same problem with everything else - the window when it’s feasible to use the item is pretty narrow most of the time. That’s why xp potions are the way to go.

Keep in mind that even with just xp potions and limiting your run to barrowhome in AoM normal (to unlock the first 2 factions and level them while doing elite/early ult) its still quite easy to be level 80+ by the time you hit elite Log.

It’d be even higher but I always outlevel content slightly in elite which greatly drops xp/kill for some sections of elite. Given thats just with xp potions…

Also recently finally got the Lok set, but I didn’t see much use for it - as I already mentioned the potions alone are enough to keep your xp bar ahead of content for much of Elite so I dumped it as soon as I found better gear.