XP rewards for FG quests are too small in Normal

I’m currently leveling a new toon with Lokarr’s set and XP potions from Malmouth. I finished the main quest, then did AoM, as usual. I then went to FG but quickly abandoned it and switched to Elite due to the small rewards granted by quests.

I understand that I should have done FG earlier with this toon, but, still, XP rewards in FG should better scale with the character level, at least in Normal difficulty.

This is by design as FG content can be reached as early as level 20.

Part of what I consider rewards in FG Normal is the ability to gain several devotion shrines before Elite, along with some nice leveling items for other, new characters, such as the shield (mace), helm and a ring. Shrines that have an ability bound to them in particular become more powerful as they gain levels. Getting a start on the FG factions’ rep I’ve found useful for many characters.

For these reasons I don’t care too much about the quest rewards there, they’re just icing on the cake and I usually stop at a certain point there and go to Elite.