Xpac and devotion points hopes

How many Devotion points do you think they’ll add? How many do you want?

I am hoping for 10 that would on average add at least two more constillations to mess with.

I see them adding only 5. Would love 10-15.

Honestly, I have a couple builds that stretch for two T3 Constellations…Both of them could use like 5 more. However, they DID say that they’d be adding new constellations, so maybe they’ll add a T4 Constellation set, and we’ll be needing more like 10.

I can’t remember who said but it is in the grim misadventure 111 chat where during the dev live stream they said there will be 14 new constellations in the expansion so I’d imagine at least 10 more points since we will also be getting to level 100.

Sorry I can’t remember who made the post in the 1st place for the credit, but you can learn a lot from the live streams as the Devs do like to say some things to get us all excited!

Yes. I seem to recall Zantai said exactly this, if I recall correctly.

I think it will be 10.

Awesome! Read the misadventure did not know they had a dev talk too. Is that the same as the dev streaming playing the game? Any mention on skill points from levels 86-100, still 2? Only 1? Already wanting to flesh out my current builds!!!

yes! and Zentai confirmed last stream that the 8th mastery will do some aether damage, sadly though he refused to give out skill names cuz it would be too obvious :rolleyes: