Yet, another % vs Flat dmg question!

Just want to make sure I’m understanding this right…

  1. The % of Weapon Damage component of a skill such as Primal Strike is,
    (weapon damage per attack + ALL flat damage from weapon, skill, armors, etc) x (by the skill WPD%) x (+Damage Type%).

    • Flat Damage #s added to % of Weapon Damage skills are NOT modified by weapon speed.
  2. The Flat Damage component of a skill is
    (Skill Flat Damage + Any Flat Damage modifies up the skill tree) x (+Damage Type%).

  3. A skill’s flat damage component DOES NOT benefit from any +flat damage other than modifiers up its skill tree.

  • For example Wind Devil benefits from Raging Tempest’s flat cold damage component but not from Stormcaller’s Pact’s flat electrocute component.

Thank you!

Each skill has it’s own damage.

Casting spells usually benefits from skill ranks and %damage.Skill like Wind devil DON’T use flat damage bonuses.

Flat is only for skills with weapon damage.To fully utilize it you need skills with at least 100% WD,like Savagery,Fire Strike,etc.Each flat damage number is multiplied by % bonus.Attack speed affects sheet dps,not flat damage.

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Nery has right.

In easy way every char that are hit with a weapon THAT has WEAPON DAMAGE benefit from any flat dmg.
Every char that casting spells. DO NOT benefit flat dmg.

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Hey Nery and Nandi,

Thank you. Do I have it right that the weapon and flat damage is multiplied by Skill% then by +DMG%?

For example:
50 Phys dmg weapon; 50 Phys dmg from gear; 16/16 Primal Strike (250% weapon damage); and +200% phys damage would be:

(50 + 50) x (2.5) x (3.0) = 750 phyical damage.


Not really.

"Skills that deal % Weapon Damage take the damage and effects you would deal on a regular attack with your weapon and multiplies it by the displayed %. This includes things such as life steal, bonus magical damage and chance on attack item skills.

For example: 125% Weapon Damage on a skill will take your basic attack and multiply it by x1.25."

Based on the grim dawn wiki.


If u have 100 flat lightning dmg x 2000% lightning dmg, that = 200000 lightning dmg this is ur base dmg as default attack without skill.

200000 lightning dmg x (250% weapon) = 200000 x 2,5 if u hit with PS = 500000 dmg.

Doesn’t really matter where ur flat came form. IMO first come the flat x % then the weapon cause u need to hit to apply.


Hey Nandi, thank you.

So the only thing I got wrong is that the skill % of Weapon Damage multiplier is applied after the +DamageType% multiplier.

So 100 flat +2000% DamageType = 2100 damage x 2.5 (250% Skill Multiplier) = 5250 damage.

Yeah but x not +. That’ why flat is huge dmg boost to ur char if u are melee or ranged. flat x % = Y x 250%. i am not sure how much the x, but huge. U can see if u put a 12 lightning flat dmg ring up u got like 100 200 more dmg on paper. If u have more % then can be 500 1000.

  1. Generally, yes (not counting crits, resists, total damage modifier, etc).
  2. Sure it isnt. Attack speed makes you hit faster with attacks, it doesnt change your damage per hit.
  3. Generally, yes (look 1.)
  4. Yes.

I bet, those are kinda obvious things for everyone, arent they?

Sure obvius…, except u are wrong about 1, 2, 3 and 4.

  1. As i stated above Flat x % = Dmg then DMG x WPD = DMG. WPD only works when u hit and only multiplies your weapon.
    In this case if u hit crit with Priaml Strike still modify by WPD, and if u using (eveyrbody using) thonderus strike -75% WPD and total damage - 18%, etc.

  2. No, flat is applying of any dmg that u do with a skill or Default attack that has WPD. And yes all of this modified by weapon speed. Crimson spike has 1.93 attack per sec vs Crytallum has 1.89 attack per sec. Not really much but modified.

  3. U can gather flat from anywhere so it is not just skill. “Flat Damage applies only to your weapon attacks and does not increase the damage from your skills unless they include a % Weapon Damage component. If found on a weapon, the Flat Damage bonus applies only to that weapon.” Crate game mechanics.

  4. Wrong, it is benefit. Let say, I stack up savagery to boost Primal strike.

Maybe you should read original question more closely first? Cause it seems you didnt understand what he asks, even.

i understand, but it is complecated. We can’t talk about separatly these things. As i suggested put up a ring that has 1 - 12 lightning dmg and do the mats how that will affact your wpd, flat, % and skill dmg. That’s all. Mostly i see 10k more dmg.

Thank you BOG.

This thread is overcomplicating things.

Weapon damage (wd) is a stackable stat just like da, armor, or anything else.

  • It stacks with flat dmg from weapon base, gear, devotion nodes and passives
  • It’s used in dmg skills at different % values.
  • It carries effects specific to weapon attacks (life and energy leech, flat rr, etc) scaling up to 100%
  • there are actually two separate wd stats - main hand and off-hand - but it only matters for dw and s&b

+%dmg contributes to the global %dmg modifiers (2nd page char sheet). These modifiers apply to all dmg dealt by everything except pets and retal. That’s unless +%dmg is on skill nodes - then it doesn’t count in global %dmg but only applies on top of it to dmg dealt by that skill only.

And that’s all there is to it. EZPZ.

Oh, forgot to mention… Some items have modifiers for specific skills (for example, +80 damage to Forcewave). Those work just like “skill tree” in regards of given skill.
Also, “skill tree” modifiers can work differently. For example, some of them add a separate effect to a skill, instead of just adding its stats to skill itself. So it’s better to test given skill and its modifiers closely to determine how they really work.