yet another WPS question/s

Okay, I’ve searched through a bunch of posts, and I think I get the general gist of WPS at this point. Over 100 weight of WPS and no more default attacks, but default attacks weapon damage modifier applies. Fine so far.

My questions:

Do additional modifiers to the default attack also apply or not? So if you have over 100 weight of WPS does, for instance Storm Touched still factor in (aside from the attack speed which I assume would since when starting attacking the game still considers it a Savagery?) Or explosive strike? (I should know this one, but it’s been a long time.) Clearly you still get charges and Cadence still happens causing Deadly Momentum to proc, but Cadence 3rd hit specifically blocks wps so I didn’t really answer my own question.

Similarly, if WPS overwrite default attacks entirely past 100 weight, do devotions tied to the default still proc? I know I should be able to test that one myself but I came back to the game for the expansion and don’t think I have anyone right now at a point where they could.