You know, I felt like buying a game today. I browsed over Steam, and just thought, “I’m never going to play anything I buy here, I have everything I want already.” and usually I have very strict rules about paying for non-existent things. However, I just became a Legendary Fan of Grim Dawn, so yay. I will totally break the rules for these guys, as I <3 Titan Quest long time, and this game sounds and looks awesome.

So hi to all the other fans! :slight_smile: I feel good too, as I’ve bought a new game - retail therapy, yay! :smiley: Haha.


Hey Five21,

Welcome aboard, and good move with your rules! =)

yeah welcome to the community and what a great start:D!

Thanks muchly! :slight_smile: Man, I’m so excited haha. Gosh, I need to find something to do with my time now.

congrats on getting GD, you won’t regret it