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Hello boys and girls. :slight_smile:

im from sweden (borĂĄs area) and close to 40 and thought i would acctualy dropp by in this thread and post something for once.

i like GrimDawn alot and the new exp F.G is awsome in so manny way and the game really opens up when u hit Ultimate so that goooodigod gear stuff can drop.
Before Grimdawn i ran alot of WoW (bet everyone has or are doing this) lvl´d a warlock from 2005 played untill 2009 took some time off after running everthing of the endgame there craplot to get best gears… Found Grimdawn a year or 2 ago so i thought i could test it cause Steam has a really good offer by then and i needed to have something else to play than running Division 1 more hours ( currently sitting on 1000+h ) :smiley: and i had everything i could get aswell.

Besides Grimdawn and MMRPG, RPG, Sniper games, shooters, farcry´s i play Iracing, Project cars 2 and some other racing titles…

ps… really nice upgrade on forum looks. :smiley:

regards - Failezz

Welcome to the forum, glad to hear you’re enjoying the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey man, glad you’re enjoying the game
Welcome to the community!

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