You can't delete your save games in the steam cloud. So how do I reset my account?

I couldn’t find my saves anywhere so I googled it. Found out about something called steam cloud - disabled it but that doesn’t help. My saves are on steam’s servers and apparently I can’t delete my own savefiles there. Buying another copy of the game won’t help I think, the saves are still linked to grim dawn as a game.

So what can I do? >.<

I want to reset and start fresh now that I’ve learned the basics of the game.

Disable Steam Cloud in the options menu of the game. Of course this will change the saves to be local, but you can start fresh.


Oh! So I’m not supposed to disable only steam cloud in steam? There’s an option ingame too? Checking…

Edit: THANKS! It worked :slight_smile:

Yes, there’s an ingame check in the option menu. Try that and see if it works.

It worked. I should also disable cloud saving to steam in gameplay right?

Great. :+1:

Just to be sure, yeah


for future reference, other games that don’t let you swap save location whatever, you can still start over clean
all you do is simply wipe your save folder, and turn off steam cloud for that game, and it can’t download/down sync your previous saves
and in the case you forget to turn off saves steam should ask if you wish to download your saves (since the folder is empty), to whcih you just click no/“upload” instead

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