You use Nullification mostly on mobs or on yourself?

I’m asking this because I’m using a controller, and I can’t target myself with it (unless I also target a very close monster). Wondering how cripple the ability would be…

this highly depends on which mob you encounter and which debuff you got. id say %50 50

Usually debuff enemies with it.

I try to get in situations where i can use it on both sides. Usually when fighting bosses/heroics with nasty debuffs, or simply those with retaliation buffs (like those skeletal knights)

It’s a very nastu ability, this Negation. The few ennemies using it are very dangerous for this reason (like the spellbreaker hero in Plains of Strife)

Situation 1 : those nasty casters with huge elemental resistances and bubbles.
Situation 2 : nasty DoTs and debuffs (Lokarr, Kupa etc.)

So controller users are screwed, k. :mad: Would it be to OP if when casted, it cleansed you and the target? This would allow a kite build to use nullification.

You have to target the skill and the target area isn’t that large. I don’t see what you mean exactly ? If you want it to cleanse yourself and your enemies, then it’s a mass dispel ?

The point is that for a caster build, you don’t want to be facetanking your enemy. And using a controller, you can’t target only your character.

Not a mass dispel, but that worked only on the caster plus the area of the skill.

it can be used for both, it can really mess up enemies that depend on buffs to mess you up, or if you just have too many stacks of debuffs (happens a lot with reflective and you basicalyl hit yourself with your own dps mostly your own dot)

the lowered magic damage makes it a good move vs enemies that do elemental or magic damage to you even if they dont buff themselves unlike ulo devotion which doesnt lower damage to you.

Real men don’t use Null. Don’t be like Grava. NO TO NULLIFICATION!

To make things clear: if I press Nullification on NO target using a controller, it will cast it as far as possible (almost full screen). Thus, I have no option to cast on myself unless I’m facetanking an enemy.

Also, a weird thing: using a controller, if I cast Inquisitor Seal, it will cast it just a step (I would guess 0.2 radius) away from me. Which means is quite common to cast seal, mobs rush like a brainless bull and I can’t enter my own seal. Now that’s something! xD Again, there’s no option to cast it on my foot. Shouldn’t those things be changed for the Xbox release?