YOU want ONE real Expansion

well ok i do not want to waste anyones time BUT

Grim dawn took me about 1200 hours now … ( maybe d2 too )

i have something big to say and i hope even one Developer reads This post .

I want to meet the AETHER boss in an Expansion think about it … the story lets us kill the demon Chton letting out anything on WHO is the Ruler of the AETHER

WHAT ??? :furious:

i really want to find any hidden portal which leads me into the real Conflagration putting up a story how to become Resistant to Aether Crystals ??? ( like in Metroid if you know this game on game Cube ) first starting out getting smashed with an Endding most Epic … letting look Diablo like a pre trilogy of Grim Dawn …

THATS WHAT I WANT AS A PLAYER !!! who votes for this post pls comment ! Expansion 2 could be named : Source of Aether ! ( maybe Mogdrogen has the KEY and will not easy give it to anyone i do NOT know what happened in the past but i know Killing all Bosses exept the Source of Aetherials does not Satisfy Myself ) Maybe Aether is Mana too since it shares same Color ingame but i Want something SPECIAL !!! there must be a way to do this …

Bazzok Elven Tank of the Immortal Elders Legion

P.S. 2 more sets for each Charackter style whould End Grim Dawn 1 like never before ( including 1-2 Random Rolls on ANY STAT )

well ok Crucible is an Arena Mod Expansion on existing Mobs ( crazy anyway )

but if you thought like me i want A REAL Expansion in Gameplay pls let me ask you to read my new Post in Ideas about what i think to be cool for an Expansion : Finding the Source and Lore to aether !

pls add votes and replies to make Crate at least think about it !


A ‘real’ expansion is already in the works and is coming next year. Check the development updates for more info.

Merged threads :wink:

like i stated and i hope they will do so i want the Boss of all Conflagration ;D


Patience young padawan. They have been working on the expansion most of this year so far. We’ll probably see it next year sometime. It more than likely will contain much to do with the Aetherials. Kind of obvious by how the story ended really. It was left open like that for a reason you would think :wink:

You have to remember, the grim dawn had alot more elements to it than just the Aetherials. There was also the Chthonics playing a major role in the conflict.

You should REALLY be following the Misadventures if you aren’t. I get the feeling that you aren’t.

*And, considering the expansion is in development for quite a while, the plot for it was probably ready before even initial release happened. You shouldn’t expect the devs to alter the plot at this stage, even if they consider whatever you say is a good idea.

i do not mean to alter the the main plot since its IQed as Genius but i just add a few thoughts which means 30 years of gameplay … cu around and btw i just killed warden AFK ! surviving him Ultimate as a tank pressing NO skill walking in and let him kill himself … ! thats why i say this game is perfectly at balance

yes and thats why i am posting now its much more to expect … i took more then 20 of my steam friends into this and i want to see it finish MORE then Legendaryly ! and i supported everyone even before grim dawn was the REAL DEAL ! because right now since they showed us what is possible … i just say Perfect GAME you got some brains and i continue …and when i play TQ ? iron forge even got a imprint on the shoes of them all !blizzard gets one hitted ? cmon !

This guy speak aetherial i cant understand. :joy:

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Sounds like a job for Jarvis. :stuck_out_tongue:

yes i talk aether what i wanted is a rare roll on a new Proc only means ancient aetherian plate mail will once upon A time have a rare roll on become one with aether … for 8 sec ;D i mean also crystals ;D i actually cant remember the name of this one rare piece … ops yes ok its NAME was ’ Bladeturner ’