Your Opinions: Builds using only Tier 2 (instead of any Tier 3) Devotions?


I tested a lot of builds outSIDE of the Box and mostly find, that the best rainbow/piano-builds (ultimate capable… I will never dare to go HC :wink: ) seem to rely only on Teir 2 Devotions…

Are there any builds centered around this?

What are your thoughts, experiences, opinions on this?

what is an ultimate capable build?

well… to me that is a build that does not die all the time on ultimate… I had some of those, you know? Glasscannons?

Ultimate is a very broad thing. It is everything from killing trash in act 1 to SR 120, Lokarr, Crate of entertainment, etc …

well, play through full of ultimate (loghorr…dingsbums), no Celestials (Modro, Ravager, Calla…). That’s what I’am talking about.

Ultimate main campaign quests.

I think so…

It depends on the build. If you have good consistent damage (autoattack or a good rotation), a reliable defensive mechanism (heal or circuit breaker), then you can benefit from multiple less strong devotion powers being layered on one another, if you can trigger them reliably.

If your main skill is single target or AoE, you’ll need a strong devotion power of the opposing kind. Or if you don’t have a heal or circuit breaker, you’ll need a strong defensive ability from devotions, that you get from T3.

My EoR shieldbreaker has no tier-3 devotion, just two nodes in Ulzuin torch that can be put elsewhere.

so it works then. Tier 3s are too costly, I had more success with Tier 2s… I will try something like that.

Of course it works, I can remove mogdrogen on my pet builds too, etc.

Make it so, that you are also not using any T1 constellations in the final setup :wink:

I came up with some T2-only devotion paths (I guess I allowed Crossroads though) before FG came out, but never got around to create and play any chars with those.


Naaa, Tier 1s for pathing are ok, btw. BAT is sooo powerful, I rarely NOT use it.

theres is a thread in the civfanatics forum, where they compare stuff to each ither. Is there something similar here to discuss procs?

I also saw that my DW melee fire sentinel had no tier-3 devotions

looks to me, as if I will center on tier 2s for now, without bad conscience. Good.