Youtube's Done a Stupid - Now Not Even Ads Play

So, if you’re unlucky enough to live somewhere google’s rolling out anti-adblocker bs for youtube, you’ll have seen the dreaded Anti-Adblock screen pop up should you dare to use one. There’s been a variety of means to bypass this, but usually clearing out Firefox’s cache/cookies and checking uBlockOrigin’s filters to make sure they’re up to date has worked well. So well I didn’t have to do a purge for nearly a week.

Cue today, stuff plays fine via the embedded player, but even disabling Ublock and NoScript now not even the ads will play. While video’s are stuck permanently loading. Which is highly amusing given youtube wants me to suffer through their ads.

Truly an excellent self-own by their programmers lawl. And by tomorrow or Monday uBlockOrigin will have found a fix too

Also - it’s not hyperbole, my worsened ADHD makes their shitty ads more annoying than anything I’ve seen in the horrors of public TV here in NZ, like the Harvey Norman ads before they got hit with the nerf-hammer over volume boosting them. Doesn’t help either they’re usually utterly irrelevant despite everything google has on me :person_shrugging: