You've made quite the game here

Earlier this year I finally decided to try out GD on spur of the moment and GoG sale and I gotta say, this is to me one of, if not, the best ARPGs ever made. But it certainly feels like I’m playing Diablo 2: LoD again, might say I even have more fun.

There are issues with inventory for me that Torchlight 2 has solved, which makes that the contender, but at same time the ups are good enough to ignore them. And even after 300h I have no clue what I’m doing feels great as it means I can discover more of things to like. For example until last week I didn’t know you had Whirlwind until last week I discovered Eye of Reckoning, I didn’t really enjoy Arcanist until I tried out Albrecht Ray(the second best beam skill in ARPGs after TL1’s Alchemist’s) and now I want to build around them. With the amount of skills it’d be great to have small gif demonstration on not unlocked skills, but discovery process is great too when it works.
However, a search bar in skill menu like in devotion window would be great.

Nonetheless I do enjoy the game a lot and to put my money where my mouth is, I did buy the game for my friend too so one day I can enjoy it with him. Props for making on making this masterpiece.


Agree, this is one of the best (probably the best) arpg I’ve ever played,
fun, visually appealing, best character classes I’ve seen.
And the devs have the best and longest lasting fan service of all the modern games I’ve played.
They are not afraid to add new things and tweak existing aspects of the game for better gameplay experiences, Corrupted totems, MIs, item skill modifier, and overall balancing has kept me playing this games for years and still come back to try playing new builds over and over.