Zantai vs Ceno

Who is the more formidable memelord on these forums?

My money is on Ceno but this is probably the wrong forum section.

Whatever happened to powbam, eralduspr, reapersgaze and autentist?

If we’re talking memelords then I want to add them to the list as well

And wrong section

oh come on guys its kind of like gameplay related? they both play the game, I think ?

Not anymore :slight_smile:

So do we dump our dankest maymays in this thread now to fight for the title of memelord?

antai, obviously.

Have to say Zantai - keep on the good side of the boss you know. :wink: Besides Ceno is just, well, meme. :smiley:

+1 for :b:antai.

Dumbest thread in a while, congratulations guys, you outdid yourselves.

This thread’s not even in my top 100.

Agreed on this

Thread of the day goes to this-

It’s whoever designed the Necromancer really.

What if Zantai and Ceno were the same person?

But then who was phone?

Then #LazyDevs would actually be true.

you guys out did yourself this time :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Then #LazyDevs are actually Alpharius