Zappa the Druid


My name is Zappa. Usually I introduce myself before posting on the forums, but I broke my code and made a guide for a build instead.

Link to the build (shameless marketing):
Click here

I hope to enjoy this game for a long while with many of you.

If you feel like gaming together, then please add me on steam (send me a private message).



Welcome. You wouldn’t happen to be Zappafan from the the forums?
I’ve seen a couple of other possible single player forum posters on here.

Welcome to the forums Zappa!

Nice guide from what I’ve seen :wink:

Hello Zappa,

you already have been around here for a while but still, welcome to the forum and grim dawn :wink:

Hi Zappa, you were late introducing yourself, so I can be late welcoming you :).

So … welcome !!!

Welcome! Hope your stay is fun.

Does a Poison / Acid build is viable at the moment. ?? I mean like a dualist just with posion weapons :slight_smile: with magic weapons ? :)) i wanna build one just dont konw how to start :p, so if u can help me or can u give me some advise/idea :)) thx

I feel like I know you from somewhere already…

I would be very surprised if it’s him, but you never know.