zentai,we need hotfix2 now!!!

150ex x 10 eat nothing


kill god eat nothing (V1.006)

kill god eat nothing (V1.007h1) 5minute 48second

Thermite Mine is very imbalance which can multiple trigger the devotion Meteor
Shower ignore its cooldown time.Six Thermite Mine can trigger six Meteor
Shower at one time,and new Thermite Mine can trigger new MeteorShower。
their burn dot damage can superpose 。

It’s worked that way for a few patches, perhaps as long as Mines have been able to be bound to devotions.

They, technically, are pet class entities. Like Wind Devils and Blade Spirits, they have their own cooldown for devotion procs. They are also significantly more unwieldy than most abilities. But yea, you could also do something like bind the Tempest devotion or Magi devotion to them as well. And Bosses are not all stun immune, just like 99.999% stun resistant. Which doesn’t matter when you stun them 10000 times a second.

A more problematic interaction of Thermites is the fact that they can hard CC bosses that should be CC immune by pathing-locking them.

Impressive build in any case. ;x

Can anyone see / tell me what the rings, amulet, medal, and relic are? I’m having a really hard time determining which items they are.

I have some guesses but the quality is really bad so it’s hard for me to tell for sure.

“ kill god eat nothing” impressive !

To be clear this is a Zentai:

This is a Zantai:

(he is third from the left)

This is Zantai in a Zentai:

I hope this clears up the confusion of Zantai / Zentai.

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CT sorc does the same
WB does the same
Lets nerf everything strong instead of buff something weak. Do it like Bunge\Blizzard, do it like Activision, work like Activision, make the cool game like a shit.

LOL…Thanks for sharing but I trust the poster just made an honour mistake, IIRC he translated V1.006 and V1007 announcements for the biggest Chinese GDer community, so it could be just a spelling mistake.

Thanks for sharing anyway, really pumped some juice!:smiley:


Zantai with his date
Merry Christmas to Zantai, and all GD designers!

He is Zantai
May wear a Zentai
But he is not a Hentai

jokes only, merry X’mas & Happy New Year

rings - closed fist of vengeance/ open Hand of mercy
medal- mark of divinity
Amulett - avenger of cairn
relic - ulzuins pyroclasm

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Working on it…

This thread went places.

I have to agree it’s real good.
A suggestion of mine would be to make all tree mine (from one cast) the same entity.
Instead of a potential of 6 procs from the devotion, you could have 2.

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