0.8.2 automatic planting fruit trees

doesn’t work as single option. It changed it to all orchards of them as one.

The 2x2 is the planting size setting, not the auto-plant option.

The checkbox for auto-replanting is per arborist.

and where is the checkbox? you meant checkbox for auto-replanting is per arborist:

Top of that that wasn’t what i meant. :thinking: If you have more plantages and you want to change the fruit size it’s still the same like you choosed from the first or 3rd plantage.

I’m not sure what the issue is. Maybe a misunderstanding of the system.

Auto-Replanting simply automatically replaces any fruit trees that expire within the arborist’s work area.

The size is for the initial placement of fruit trees, which you do manually to set up how you want your grove to look.

wait i make it more easier for you!

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it should be actually “automatically for each one and each size”

You want to replicate a setup you already made? That’s not possible. Trees are placed manually.

no. i want to choose it for each plantage like every building.

the problem is: if you choose the size in the first building it automatically rechoose the size in every building of that kind.

That’s not a bug. That’s a feature request.

so i can only choose between 1x1 and 2x2 and 3x3 titles but not for single areas? Makes for me no sense. then you could made an checkbox in the option menü for that.