[] Dual Wield Lightning Warder - The Stormblade

~ Dual Wielding Lightning Warder - The Stormblade ~

Update [] - Cadence Lightning Warder

Special mention to Bevdogg (Bevan), our friend from New Zealand, for providing some comments / suggestions to use Cadence Discord as Savagery alternative for Warder Lightning Build.

Due to lack of the gear, I modified a little bit of his grimtools and test it.
It’s works !

Video :

Grimtools : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dMMQVJ

Original Grimtools from Bevan :

  • I was thinking that Discord Elemental Cadence is very suitable with Witchblade. This case shows that we can try to focus it with proper gear/mastery/devotion.

  • It seems Cold Cadence Battlemage/Blademaster or Fire Cadence Battlemage/Commando also viable with Cadence Discord :slight_smile:


Grim Dawn is really fun ARPG with a lot of possible combinations :slight_smile:
We can make many combinations of class, skills, gear, damage, weapon, augments, etc

This one is the Lightning version of Dual Wield Physical Warder build here
If you like Bleeding damage version, you can check here

Videos :
Ultimate Mad Queen :
https://youtu.be/NHjNIbPYPrk (Light’s Defender Gauntlet)

Ultimate Fabius :

Ultimate Loghorrean :

Aetherials :

Gear :
Weapon :
Mainhand – Crystallum - Haunted Steel - Creed’s Cunning (Black Legion Revered)
Offhand – Crystallum - Oleron’s Blood - Creed’s Cunning (Black Legion Revered)

Head – Ultos’ Hood - Prismatic Diamond or Antivenom Salve - Mogdrogen’s Touch (Devil’s Crossing Revered)
Chest – Ultos’ Cuirass - Chains of Oleron - Mogdrogen’s Touch (Devil’s Crossing Revered)
Shoulders – Ultos’ Spaulders - Silk Swatch - Flameweave Powder (Homestead Revered)
Ring 1 – Glyph of Kelphat’Zoth - Mark of Illusions - Kymon’s Vision (Kymon’s Chosen Revered)
Ring 2 – Lifegiver Signet - Mark of Illusions - Kymon’s Vision (Kymon’s Chosen Revered)
Hands – Grasp of Unchained Might - Consecrated Wrappings - Mogdrogen’s Touch (Devil’s Crossing Revered)
Hands – Light’s Defender Gauntlet - Consecrated Wrappings - Kingsguard Powder (Black Legion Revered)
Legs – Hellforged Legplates - Silk Swatch - Mankind’s Vigil (Black Legion Revered)
Legs – Stormcage Legguards - Silk Swatch - Mogdrogen’s Touch (Devil’s Crossing Revered)
Belt – Guthook Belt - Antivenom Salve - Mogdrogen’s Touch (Devil’s Crossing Revered)
Feet – Earthshatter Threads - Mark of the Traveler or Mark of Mogdrogen - Mogdrogen’s Touch (Devil’s Crossing Revered) or Mankind’s Vigil (Black Legion Revered)
Feet – Stormtitan Treads - Mark of the Traveler or Mark of Mogdrogen - Mogdrogen’s Touch (Devil’s Crossing Revered) or Mankind’s Vigil (Black Legion Revered)
Amulet – Ultos’ Gem - Dread Skull - Kymon’s Vision (Kymon’s Chosen Revered)
Medal – Direwolf Crest - Dread Skull
Relic – Eye of the Storm

Thanks to JoV for letting me know that Resistance Reduction from Elemental Storm and Raging Tempest don’t stack (http://imgur.com/34Vhjiq)
So I drop all Wind Devil - Raging Tempest and spent the points into other skills.
I also take Arcane Bomb as JoV’s suggestion in new devotion setup below :

New Grim Calc :
http://grimcalc.com/build/1006-D12iC9 (Base + Devotion)
http://grimcalc.com/build/1006-HUEWKv (Gear + Devotion)

Shaman Tree :

Soldier Tree :

Devotion :

  • 1 Point Crossroads Chaos (Red)
  • 1 Point Crossroads Order (Yellow)
  • 1 Point Crossroads Eldritch (Green)
  • 1 Point Crossroads Ascendant (Purple)
  • Complete Owl
  • Complete Scholar’s Light
  • Complete Hawk
  • Complete Rhowan’s Crown
  • Complete Dryad
  • Complete Jackal
  • Complete Viper
  • Complete Wraith
  • Complete Widow
  • Complete Tempest
  • Refund Hawk
  • Refund 1 Point Crossroads Chaos (Red)
  • Refund 1 Point Crossroads Order (Yellow)
  • Refund 1 Point Crossroads Eldritch (Green)
  • Refund 1 Point Crossroads Ascendant (Purple)
  • 3 Points Behemoth (take the Giant’s Blood)
  • Last 6 Points to Chariot of the Dead (take the Wayward Soul)

Arcane Bomb --> Oleron’s Might
Reckless Tempest --> Savagery
Drayd’s Blessing --> Markovian’s Advantage
Elemental Storm --> Zolhan’s Technique
Giant’s Blood --> Mogdrogen’s Pact
Wayward Soul --> Field Command

Attributes :
Physique - 60
Cunning - 16
Spirit - 12

Battle Gameplay :
Blitz – War Cry – Wendigo Totem – Oleron’s Might – Ground Smash – Conjure Primal Spirit
Keep Savagery with LMB
Use Bloodthirster when needed

Addition :

  • While doing Devotion setup, we can refund points that we spent, there’s Spirit Guide in Devil’s Crossing (Sahdina), she shall cost us Iron Bits and Aether Crystal

  • For easy reset all of our Devotion Points, we can use Tonic of Clarity (drop from Nemesis)

  • For non Nightblade class, we can make our toon hold Dual Wield melee weapons with :
    Bladesworn Talisman (Empowered Relic), Belgothian’s Carnage (Mythical Relic), or Direwolf Crest (Legendary Medal)

  • Beside Lightning Warder, We can also make Dual Wield Lightning build with Conjurer and Trickster.
    If we want Fire damage one, we can go Pyromancer, Commando, or Saboteur.

  • Conjurer, Pyromancer (and any other builds with Occultist tree) has Curse of Frailty - Vulnerability (% Resistance Reduction) and Attack Speed boost from Solael’s Witchfire, also nice healing/health regen and resistances from Blood of Dreeg - Aspect of the Guardian

  • Other ideas of Dual Wield Build w/o using Nightblade :
    Dual Wield Physical/Acid Witchblade
    – Dual Wield Fire Elementalist
    – Dual Wield Lightning Elementalist
    Dual Wield Bleeding Warder
    Dual Wield Physical Warder
    – Dual Wield Bleeding Conjurer
    – Dual Wield Lightning Conjurer
    – Dual Wield Elemental/Physical Battlemage
    – Dual Wield Fire Commando
    Dual Wield Physical Commando
    – Dual Wield Elemental/Aether Druid
    – Dual Wield Fire Pyromancer
    – Dual Wield Lightning Conjurer
    – Dual Wield Fire Sorceress
    Dual Wield Aether Sorceress

Grim Dawn is fun to play

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You really like dual wielders :slight_smile:

Build looks nice, but you may consider change of devotions and/or some skill points allocation.

Elemental storm from R crown and raging tempest from wind devil do not stacks, pick one. Personally I like elemental storm better.

For lightning builds arcane bomb from widow is must (this type of resistance reduction stuck), also spear of heaven is really nice.

Yes, I really like dual wield :slight_smile:
GD has a lot of combination available compare when we play TQ

Thanks for your info JoV, I really like you friend :wink:

What is that supposed to mean?

How well do you do against aetherials?

Any time :wink:

It means that he would fare much better with with additional -33% lightning resistance reduction from arcane bomb.

If you want to get both AB and SotH you need to drop Tempest , correct ?

No: http://grimcalc.com/build/1006-ag0nNm

And I left you 2 points to put were ever you find fitting.

Dropping Behemoth sounds like an awful idea.

Yeah I understand “it is a must” but why the “this type of resistance reduction stuck”?

It was an example, you dont have to drop it at all: http://grimcalc.com/build/1006-5Wg7jw

I ment stacks, sry typo :confused:

Here’s new dev and skills :
http://grimcalc.com/build/1006-D12iC9 (base + dev)
http://grimcalc.com/build/1006-HUEWKv (gear + dev)

  • Need to leveling for maxing the Arcane Bomb in order to get the additional -33% lightning resistance reduction.
  • Still takes Dryad, Chariot of the Dead, and Behemoth for Mad Queen fighting purpose.
  • I drop all Wind Devil and spent the points to Wendigo Totem, and Military Conditioning.
  • Spear of the Heavens is nice, has more dps. But I prefer more defensive one (It will be hard for facing mad queen if we less defensive in this build)

Mad Queen :
https://youtu.be/NHjNIbPYPrk (Light’s Defender Gauntlet)

After change of devotion (there’s additonal to Aether resist), and add Mankind’s Vigil to the feet, here’s the new resistances (with normal buff only) :

Fighting Aetherials :
Aetherial Mobs
Herald of Flame

Thanks for all of your advices dear friends, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Can you do post about leveling process?

I was using Two Handed Blade Arc - Laceration (Blade Arc attached to Left Mouse Button) in my old setup before respect.
Primal Bond as Exclusive Skill.
Devouring Swarm for bleeding resistance reduction.
Wendigo Totem - Blood Pact for healing and bleeding damage booster.
You may want to cap Rend from Huntress as soon as possible.
You can also take Wendigo’s Mark from Wendigo, bound to Grasping Vines - Entangling Vines.
Just put 1 point to Grasping Vines - Entangling Vines.
You don’t have to take all soldier tree 50/50, since we’ll use exclusive skill from shaman tree (Primal Bond and Stormcaller’s Pact later).
Just take soldier tree 40/50 for it’s Scars of Battle.

If you run out of mana, you can use ectoplasm on both rings and medal
It will help for mana problem
You can hunt for ectoplasm from Undead Apparition (ghost) in Spined Cove (or any place with undead ghosts)

Please pardon me if I don’t provide any details about levelling process per 10 level. This build just respect from another build.

I hope it can help you :slight_smile:

At what level would you recommend respeccing from the Blade Arc tree to your build? 75?

Yes, on lvl 75 you can use Ultos’ Set
So you can leveling devotion skills too

Cool, I’ll give this build a try sometime. Have you tried running it through gladiator crucible?

No, I don’t have crucible dlc.
Only play vanilla :slight_smile:

I hope this isn’t asking for much, but is there any way you could provide a build path for your devotions? I do not know what devotions to take and what to get rid of to achieve your desired results.

Please check the new devotion section :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: