[] Markovian/Warborn Commando - Juggernaut - high physical dmg shield build + Crucible farmer

This build has been updated to patch 1.0.09. Skills, stats, gear and devotions changed for both versions. My attention will be mostly towards the Warborn since Markovian is boring to play now. Skills are more defensive. Blast shield maxed to pivot reliably with Overguard NEW Crucible video at the bottom in Warborn Section

For anyone who wondered if there is anything that can come at least close to what the Witchblade can do then here is your answer. The commando though lacking the much used Curse of Frailty does the highest paper physical damage due to an extra source of stacking it from Temper. May not sound like much but in real gameplay it shows that the Commando is a solid contender.

Principle is simple. Markovian is mainly a Blitz build with cadence and WB is Cadence with Blitz on the side. This is my main Crucible farmer and it’s very solid. The massive physical damage we deal especially in crucible. But sadly Markovian now is the retarded cousin of Warborn who once in a while gets lucky and casts Blitz slightly sooner than normal…that’s all you’ll get for a 5 PC set. Working on ways to make it more efficient, more on this bellow

Max crit in crucible is - will update here, this has obviously changed after the heavy nerfs

Markovian version Again UPDATED There is not much joy in playing markovian now. OA and DA gain like Warborn and a lot more health poionts. Health Regen is also better with gear changes and peaks at 811 hp/s with overguard. All in all, much less damage but more tanky This is a temporary version as i’m always trying stuff for this set:


First. Thank you to the nice individuals who provided me with an awesome pair of pants and amazing ring, thus enabling me to finalize and polish this build properly.

Head: Markovian’s Visor Sanctified Bone/Mankind’s Vigil
Shoulder: Markovian’s Vanguard Scaled Hide/Spellward powder
Chest: Markovian’s Platemail Chains of Oleron/ Venomguard Powder
Shield: Markovian’s Bulwark Reinforced Shell/ Oleron’s Fervor
Weapon: Vampiric Bonecleaver of Voracity Oleron’s Blood/Oleron’s Fervor <<<Affixes are VERY important if you want to touch Markovian. The nerfed damage of Markovian cannot handle the Haunted steel conversion to vitality, only warborn can. If you can find a Schythe version of the axe or a Fleswraped Cleaver then even it’s better
Belt: Reforged chains of Oleron Rigid Shell/Mankind’s Vigil
Rings: Ring of the Black Matriarch and Incorruptible Gollus’ of readiness Survivor’s Ingenuity. Cronley rings with good resists are also ok. The Gollus’ ring also increase our regen very well
Amulet: Markovian’s Distinction Dread skull/Survivors Ingenuity
Hands:Collossal Grasp Outcast’s Warding Powder. Very good now. More tanky, decent attack speed and more regen
Pants:Stonehide Dreeg-Sect of Nature’s bounty Antivenom Salve Venomguard Powder -
Medal: Badge of Mastery +3 Blitz +2 Warcry. Any + Blitz will do. I just used what I had. Dread Skull
Boots: Golemborn Greaves Mark of Mogrogen/ Mankind’s Vigil
My character is aligned with Death’s vigil which is not a popular choice. Play with the augments according to your liking. There is no use for me to post them since there are very few people who choose this

Relic has + Squad tactics and +Deadly momentum

Stats: Cunning-35\Phys-49\Spirit-6

After patch 0.9 you should not go farther than 35 cunning. Tankiness after Overguard nerf is compensated by pumpinng points into Blast shileld giving us 4 seconds of God mode

Video. ALL outdated. Check Warborn NEW Crucible video:

Crucible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjaFOhFiQIU
Mad Queen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCejwiN47gw


With updated +skills. Devotions a bit more dps oriented:


Without + Skills: http://grimcalc.com/build/1009-fYujJS


Blindfury - on Blitz works great with this build especially with the set proc it makes the build very reliable even more so in Crucible with high oa and lots of targets, it procs all the time allowing you to eliminate lage packs of mobs in no time
Assassins mark - on cadence
Debuffs come from: Assasin’s Mark, Break morale (both versions of the build) and Ring of the Black Matriarch proc

Warborn Version New update. ~20k dps loss but OA and DA heavily increased. Pants ar much better now allowing us to wear 3x Survivor’s Ingenuity and make other more offense oriented changes

This version is now FAR superior to Markovian that does far less damage, less dps less blitz than before etc. Although much less dps than before (easily 25% if we take assassin mark nerfed debuff into account), with changed devotions and gear we have managed to gain 241 OA and 270 DA. The fact that poison and acid resists are not overcapped does not bother me for either vanilla or crucible, it’s very doable.

Gear changes:
Warborn set, Peerless Eye of Beronath, Siegbreaker >>>Colossal Grasp<<< are BiS now in my opinion.

Grim Calc with +skills (Blast shiled is MAXED with warborn. This makes for a very strong combo when timed with Overguard):


Without + Skills
: http://grimcalc.com/build/1009-1Cdk4x

Augments depending on what Dreeg sect pants you have. Warborn resists are harder to balanace so here they are :

Armor: 4x Mankind’s Vigil, 2x Venomguard Powder, 1xWraithtouch Powder Powder
Jewlery: 3x Survivor’s Ingenuity
Weapons: 1x Outcast’s Bastion, 1xEssence of Ch’ton)

Videos (my pc is very old so it’s very very laggy, recording cuts my low FPS in half. good news is, anything I can do you can do better:) )

Crucible NEW video Sharz+Sentinel at wave 149. Valdaran+enraged Benn last wave:


The bellow videos are old and I don’t think i’ll be remaking every video everytime some huge change takes place. I did however update the crucible video above. Won’t be doing it for Markovian it’s just not worth it:

Mad Queen : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrxbgvcScZw (new offensive setup has improved kill time by almost 10 seconds somehow
Fabius: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_Fkj9TIP-I

Have fun!

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Amazing !

How is attribute allocation?
Is this full physique/cunning?

Nice one, you finally got some good pants :stuck_out_tongue:

But tbh I was expecting higher dps, at least for warborn version :eek:

I chose the “balanced” gear dps for smooth gamplay not the dummy test dps:p

Have some editing to do. Wrote it in a major rush

45 cunning 10 spirit. Will update

And he finally decides to post it. Impressive build

Same :slight_smile: A new character to level :slight_smile:

Thank you:)

Markovian version received an upgrade. +6K DPS and 120 OA by moving augments and materia. Image updated

Very nice, now I don’t have to level a witchblade:D. Would it still be ok if I do not invest any points in cunning? or the OA would be too low? I think I am going for the Warborn, had the gavel dropped just missing the visor.

I also can’t tell from the pic do you use the oleron rage relic or the menhir bastion?

Anyway nice build I love the commandos so many different build can be made in this one class combination.

Relic is Oleron’s with + squad tactiacs and deadly momentum. Markovian video will be updated after improvement.

I would invest in cunning. Blast shield + Overguard allows ridiculous tanking. I will include a small section about this

Don’t understand why there is no love for your build :slight_smile: Will level ones for my Markovian set (i will let the Warborn ones for my WitchBlade) as soon as i have complete my Warder :slight_smile:

I’m glad you like it :). I’ve improved the Markovian version even further in terms of damage/OA and will post it. The set gives a lot of free room for changes and is such a breeze in crucible with the set proc +Blitz/Overguard and Blast shield on top even Anasteria can be easy. While I improve on this one I am also considering a “full cunning” build with the MArkovian just to see how it fares. Otherwise 45 cunning is good enough.

After analysis and reading yoru build / comments, seems that Witch blade is more a Warborn set and Morkovian is better for commando :slight_smile:

Why you need spirit ? For jewel ?

Spirit for Jewlery yes, especially Markovian amulet.

Markovian set is indeed a fantastic set for this build but…

AS i posted in the build the max Warborn Crit damage in crucible is I think as high as any Witchblade’s 394 K :p. So it’s very doable for anyone who prefers the dps of Warborn.

Edit: I updated the part about max crit damage to be more specific.

Maybe i miss something, what is your source of reduc resist ?

Assassin’s Mark
Break Morale

For Markovian, better going BoM with +5 Blitz, but for Warborn, it’s not better to go for a +5 Cadence ?

Why considering Voidsteel gauntlet ? only for +2 cadence ?

For full Cunning set, there is no lack of Physique for stuffs ?

  • Yes those are the sources of reduced resist. You can put essence of Ch’ton if you want in weapon/shield along with mandatory Oleron’s Fervor (my original Markovian build does not have these and will be in the update)

  • Voidsteel are an OK choice for any of the two sets but there are better. In the current update that I will post this week i use the Grasp of Unchained might with 18% AS on them all good rolls. just need that +5 Blitz

-BoM on markovian if you have + 5 Blitz that is ideal, I only have +3, working on getting one. BoM on Warborn does not need +5 Cadence because it’s already at 26/16 with all the + skills. In fact it’s at 30/16 I beleive leaving you even more skills to move around (Warborn 7 +skills 5 +2 Matriarch). So I still recommend + Blitz for 2x face smashing:)

About cunning and armor requirements. Venterancy already has + skills on it from equippment and I think it’s very possible to push cunning using that.

oO never know that the skill limit is 26 :slight_smile: I have to review my Savagery build so :slight_smile:

Limit for skills is 10 points above first cap. So just for example if a skill can be maxed to 12/12 like fighting spirit you can take it to 22/12 with + skills.

and about Savagery if that is a a Lightning or bleed build you should most certainly get it above 16/16

Warder Lightening savagery but i think i have more than 26, so i don’t know if the game limit the use of skill point or i can win some spare points to reuse somewhere else.


16 base
+3 chaman (2 from set / 1 from Eye of the storm)
+2 savagery from ultos shoulders
+5 from BoM

So no i’ve just the 26 needed :slight_smile:

Congrats on the + 5 Savagery BoM.I only have a +3. that puts you at 26/16 so it’s great