[] Dreeg's Champion Update: Some minor tweaks. Build has more health/da, resists are better (particularly elemental has a significant overcap from elemental awakening), and the build now uses scorpion sting. In my testing scorpion/scholar’s light offers less damage than lantern/scorpion when everthing crits, but it is more consistent and will be much better for people with lower OA

What can this build offer me?
The goal of this build was to be able to output big dots (massive if you go full offensive 300k+) and quickly dispatch all enemies while being unkillable. The end result was a build that can do everything, but be a reliable gladiator farmer. It is an excellent beginner build to farm campaign on and with gear it becomes a top tier campaign/challenger crucible farmer with excellent mobility, sustain, aoe, and single target damage. I managed to solo challenger crucible without buffs/towers and make it to wave 120 or 130 gladiator w/o them as well where Iron Maiden laid the law down when I was low on hp and my mark of divinity was on cd.

Insane survivability through hp regen, Behemoth, dodge, and Wendigo’s mark
Excellent aoe and single target damage
Can handle challenger crucible pretty easily without buff/tower and 15 fps.
Great with and without gear. Great beginner build to farm on!
Can facetank most boss/nemesis enabling us to dish out disgusting auto attack damage Kappa
Not only can our damage obliterate mobs quickly, but they are barely a threat. With the on command confusion from tainted eruption and additional confusion/stun from evil eye/pox most monsters won’t even touch you before they die

With DA not at super high values, low stun reduction, and shit armor we are prone to being bursted to some extent particularly by fatty crits. Getting locked down by multiple CCs can be the death of you as well
Build is absolutely HC viable, but you cannot play like monkey. Play some boring shit like warder if you are monkey man
AoE and single target are both excellent, but not the absolute best in either category :stuck_out_tongue: Check out Eleturd’s acid/poison shadow strike hunter if you want that beast single target
Can’t reliably solo Gladiator crucible. Check out Drizzto’s Poison Witchblade if you want a poison build to murder Gladiator on

Focus on the occultist side of things for leveling, but be sure to grab 10 points in NB early on. The mobility hadow strike offers greatly speeds up the leveling process and pneumatic burst particularly with dual wield (remember the modifier for it enables DW) will provide a lot of survivability. Focus on evil eye/blood burst and definitely get some points in curse/vulnerability. Spam and transmuted DEE are both fine, if you go cooldown version using an offhand so you can spam (greater) fire blast from searing ember/flintcore bolts is a great source of additional damage while your dots do work. Mark of Dreeg is pretty beast at all points in the game so be sure grab one ASAP. You can grab 2x Slithtongue’s from the Slith cave early on to get more poison in your life as well. The gear available for poison characters from factions is honestly pretty shit. We have a lot of damage as is though so I suggest to just focus on hp/resists on gear, worry about the damage items when you get to ultimate

Rush Manticore and then Behemoth on your devotions. After this you can take the slow path getting everything on the list or bum rush Abomination/Tainted Eruption. I highly suggest the latter as it trivializes everything that isn’t a boss. Grab as many red/green as fast as you can and start leveling it up asap. You won’t have the sustain of wendigo available to you asap with this path, but you should be able to survive just fine and the clear speed increase is massive

The Setup:
All calcs include stat distribution and devotions. Points needed to reach 575 spirit for Dreeg set will vary! Depends on belt’s % spirit roll and whether or not you have focusing prism equipped on amulet. Feel free to drop some points and sneak in ring of steel/frost for some more safety. Really shouldn’t be necessary when geared up, but I threw it in the noobie calc and it has some use in crucible
With +skills
Without +skills
The noobie calc for those without sick gear
Sexy new grimtools link including +skills

Pictures below. NB, Occ w/o bonus, with bonus, and Devotions

The Binds:

  1. Dreeg’s Infinite Gaze (Mark of Dreeg) to Tainted Eruption/Abomination. If you are against a single target make sure to stand on top of them so max projectiles hit them for a really good proc chance. Note that eruption’s cooldown is .5 seconds longer than Gaze’s cd
  2. Evil Eye to Manticore
  3. Shadow Strike to Scorpion Sting
  4. Behemoth to Possession
  5. Either Dreeg’s Afflicted Spines (relic ability) or Curse of Frailty should be bound to Wendigo’s Mark. Afflicted Spines provides a 100% proc chance giving you a guaranteed proc on bosses or an oh shit button of sorts if you’re in the midst of a mob, you can heal 1hp->full in an instant with applied to a lot of targets. Curse has a lower proc chance, but you can apply pretty quickly to an entire crucible wave. The mark will kill off the weaker stuff while healing you against the heroes/bosses you’re fighting

The Gear:
Sadly dreeg set makes it tough to cap all resists particularly if you want to be a boss and use 3x Survivor’s Ingenuity on your rings. The 5 piece set bonus is a huge damage boost so do your best to keep it, but if need be feel free to drop a piece of it for a resist/health stat stick. Stonehide of kings is the other boot option here. I prefer the physical resist of formidable boots with our shit armor, but against iron maiden or in crucible the stonehide of kings comes out on top

For campaign if you have a 2nd runed dagger I recommend have 2nd dagger+w/e weapon on swap with one of them having a riftstone for maximum mobility / farming speed as plaguebearer is really only super useful vs boss/nemesis monsters

Head: Hood of Dreeg (Leathery Hide / Spiritguard Powder (Death’s Vigil))
Shoulders: Mantle of Dreeg (Silk Swatch / Solarstorm Powder (Homestead))
Chest: Vestments of Dreeg (Hallowed Ground / Outcast’s Warding Powder (Outcasts))
Main hand: Runed Dagger of Dreeg (Mark of Dreeg / Nature’s Harvest (Homestead))
Offhand: Plaguebearer of Dreeg (Oleron’s Blood / Nature’s Harvest (Homestead))
Hands: Viperfang Grips (Unholy Inscription / Solarstorm Powder (Homestead))
Waist: Girdle of Stolen Dreams (Dense Fur / Wraithtouch Powder (Death’s Vigil))
Legs: Stonehide Dreeg-Sect Legguards of Nature’s Bounty (Silk Swatch / Outcast’s Warding Powder (Outcasts))
Feet: Formidable Exalted Treads of Menhir’s Wall (Mark of Mogdrogen / Solarstorm Powder (Homestead))
Amulet: Black Gem of Dreeg (Focusing Prism / Survivor’s Ingenuity (Devil’s Crossing))
Rings: Incorruptible Cronley’s Signet of Attack (Corpse Dust / Survivor’s Ingenuity (Devil’s Crossing))
Rings: Incorruptible Cronley’s Signet of Attack (Corpse Dust / Survivor’s Ingenuity (Devil’s Crossing))
Medal: Mark of Divinity (Aether Soul)
Relic: Dreeg’s Affliction

These are just some random ones I had on my youtube. I’ve been super lazy about making new videos, but I will try to do so soon. I refuse to record a 10fps video of crucible, but if someone else wants to I’ll throw it up here. Valbury gives me fps issues as well, but that one I will try to do
7sec Fevered Sharzul kill Cheesey AF. Tons of jelly pots for insane regen did a totally wussy blade barrier at the end to make it way less cool since I could’ve 100-0 facetanked him ;(
Bastion run! Linked to the Sharzul kill for proof of tankiness. No pots, pneumatic, or mark of divinity proc just a single blood of dreeg cast. Behold the power of wendigo!

Cool build.

What is the gameplay style? Is DEE your main attack skill? I see Shadow Strike and DEE, but with DEE transmuted both are on cooldown, so do you apply DOTs and kite between cooldowns?

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Shadow strike to mobs and drop a dreeg’s infinite gaze to proc tainted eruption to blow up any mobs. For bosses you curse then spam DEE, SS, Mark of Dreeg/Eruption, and Afflicted Spines as much as you can. I don’t kite, because I don’t need to :stuck_out_tongue:

I see, forgot about the granted skills. Where does your survivability come from? Your HP, DA, Armor are all not particularly high. I see in the Sharzul video a bunch of royal jelly potions active, is insane regen the key? Edit: Lol you even mentioned regen from jelly pots in the video description, I missed that.

Well the jelly spam was only needed cause I used fevered rage on him and wanted to tank him, I never use them otherwise. Fevered sharzul is VERY scary lol 20% to dodge from shadow dance, 800hp regen w/o Behemoth, Veil of Shadow+Spider greatly reduces enemy attack speed, 2x 32% heals, and Wendigo. Wendigo does 2200 or 2300 damage every second and you get 80% of that back as health, can be applied to many targets too. Always got Mark of Divinity as back up too

Tainted Eruption and DEE do provide some level of CC/dmg reduction too with the confusion on eruption and chance to stun/terrify on DEE

I feel like burst damage would still be pretty scary though. I’ve got dual-wield melee saboteurs with Blast Shield instead of Mark and a bunch more HP, DA and armor, and burst is still what always kills me. Seems scary to facetank with that level of HP and DA. Granted, I am probably not that great of a player mechanically and don’t always know what to look for to dodge. Do you have any tips?

I am surprised you have trouble on a Sabo tbh with a lot of lifesteal and the excellent defensive tools available should be a non issue mostly. If you are getting bursted hard it’s probably, because of bad resists? Even with burst you should be able to lifesteal through just about anything. Without seeing what’s going on my suggestion would be get your resists up more and add in some lifesteal from Revenant devotion

This build has enough dodge/heals that the health/da part honestly matters very little though I would LOVE some more DA regardless :stuck_out_tongue: The WH also does have the benefit of trivializing mobs with tainted eruption though

Here’s my Sabo build:

I’ve got Haunted Steel on a weapon, and generously overcapped resists too. I used to have Revenant, but since lifesteal got nerfed somewhat, I switched over to Chariot to complement the large crit damage multiplier I have. The lifesteal from Haunted Steel plus strategic use of Bloodthirster seems plenty. Also, I love Tainted Eruption and use that prolificly too :). I’ve even got Shadow Strike cooldown timed to match Tainted Eruption and apply that whenever I can.

To be honest, the build normally performs excellently. Tainted Eruption plus Flashbang means the build is untouchable by normal mobs, and the single target damage is plenty for taking down bosses fast. Lifesteal and sustain seem sufficient too, and of course Blast Shield is great. I can clear Challenger Crucible consistently and Gladiator if lucky. What happens though is that some of the time in Challenger or Gladiator crucible, a whole bunch of mobs charge or surround me and my life drops to zero in like a second, and I’m not even sure what happened. That’s what I was referring to by burst. I assume that more health, armor, DA, or a shield is the only way to survive that.

Honestly, I think there may just be something going on that I don’t get. Are some enemies greatly lowering my resists? Perhaps damage reflect? I’m not really sure, which is why I was asking for tips. I would also certainly appreciate any tips for that linked build in general too.

Yeah sometime shit happens, there are definitely enemies that can nuke resists which can be very deadly against huge packs or high damage enemies. No suggestions for your build really, looks solid to me. Just play like more of a wuss :D, spam the fuck out of flashbang, and be mindful of your CDs.

For my build you underestimate the power of wendigo as well as running around like a lil bitch if I’m playing crucible :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol thanks for the tips, I haven’t tried Wendigo before and will check that out sometime.

Congratz Mr. Tomo you finally decided to post this build (after how many months?) and Im glad you did it :smiley:

P.S. You forgot about merciless repertoire or something changed?


Priceless, much better definition of hit and run strategy :smiley:

Going to refer to it as Dank Bolt from now on. Thanks, reddit.

While performing these types of strategic maneuvers, I also find screaming like a little girl greatly enhances the experience.

Using Wendigo is a genius idea. I lost quite a bit of potential damage by adopting your devotion setup with skipping Torch in favor of the first node in Throne + one more node in Abomination, but survivability just sky rocketed.

I just wish I could reclaim some points in spirit, but overall a definite improvement for my plebian no-MI poison WH, ty for posting this :slight_smile:

I was wondering, what is the stats distribution?

I am currently level 26 on Veteran and I starting to struggle with survivalability. I invested most skill points into Evil Eye line and I was planning to to invest some points into Nighblade mastery to grab Shadow Strike. I only 1 pointed Blood of Dreeg and Curse of Frality so far.

What would be the best/easiest way to improve my survivalability at this point? Should I invest more points into Blood of Dreeg and Pneumatic Burst? Or maybe I should grab the Bat devotion(for now)?

Honestly most things should be dying before they have a chance to do much to you, but there are a few things you can do. Keep your eye out for hp/resist gear as you’re naturally squishy! You can take pneumatic and the dual wield modifier (which enables dual wielding too!) for a short CD, you can go grab two slithtongues from Slith Cave for a nice damage boost this way. Can also put a few points in curse just for the movement speed slow to keep things at bay

Thank you for fast response :slight_smile:
Well, most staff dies fast, but my health melts extremly fast as well when fighting elite/boss enemies, especially ranged ones. What/where is Slith Cave? Are those the Slith Caverns in Wightmire?

EDIT: Switching some gear pieces to get some resists(they were very , very low) seems to help a lot :slight_smile:

Yup the cave in Wightmire with the devotion shrine north west of the Wightmire portal. Just past the devotion shrine is a little camp site type area, if you loot the dead body it’ll give the Slithtongue. Pure acid dagger, bonuses to acid/bonus, and a poison proc. If you’ve got some poop tier weapons on any difficulty they’ll never be a bad choice especially if you get lucky and get a good prefix or suffix

It’s in the grim calc! 74 phys and 16 spirit. The amount you need in spirit will vary a bit based on items fyi

Once again after looking at builds like these I cannot find out how you are getting the ability to dual wield. You don’t have anything in your skills and the gear doesn’t give it to you… how are you dual wielding?

Pneumatic Burst modifier breath of belgothian. Most people just know it as the cooldown reducer but it also enables dual wielding