[] DW Cold/Frostburn Spellbreaker (Fabius 12 sec and Mad Queen 12 sec) with 1 DM piece

Hello everyone,

This is my first build post so I would love to receive any kind of feedback.

I got inspired by InkOsk132’s AMAZING cold spellbreaker build post! link
I just wanted to share a cold/frostburn spellbreaker build without a full deathmarked set.

Well, let the videos speak for themselves
1. Fabius (12 sec w/o a barrier)
2. Fabius (15 sec w a barrier)
3. Mad Queen (12 sec)
4. Iron Maiden : I’m still working on Kymon’s Chosen faction.

I tried Night’s Embrace and Shard of Asterkarn together for FUN :smiley: (Total of -70% Freeze Resistance).
These are the videos. (Weapons: Beacon of the Winter’s Veil &Shard of Asterkarn)
Mad Qeen

Character Stats/RRs (Void-Ward & Pneumatic Burst on)

Current Gears
Head: Clairvoyant’s Hat + Runestone + 7% AR&CR
Chest: Deathmarked Jacket + Hallowed Ground + 10% PR& 7% VR
Shoulders: Elite Devil’s Spaulders + Mutated Scales + 7% AR&CR // +2 shadow strikes
Pants: Stonehide Solael-Sect Legguards + Scaled Hide + 10% PR& 7% VR
Belt: Blade Breaker Sash + Antivenom Salve + 15% PR
Gloves: Icekorn Talon + Mutated Scales + 15% PR
Boots: Resistant Exalted Treads of Kings (Fire&Lightning RR) + Mark of Mogdrogen + 15% PR
Weapon: Beacon of the Winter’s Veil + Imbued Silver + Creed’s Cunning // Flat frostburn and good proc
Off-handed: Crescent Moon + Oleron’s Blood + Outcast’s Frostbite
Amulet: Night’s Embrace + Aether Soul + Malkadarr’s Chillbane
Ring1: Band of the Eternal Haunt + Corpse Dust+ Malkadarr’s Chillbane // -10 cold RR
Ring2: Empowered Starfire + Corpse Dust+ Malkadarr’s Chillbane // flat frostburn dmg
Medal: Mark of Dark Dreams + Aether Soul
Relic: Belgothian’s Carnage // CD reduction!

I also tried double-Crescent Moons/Olexra’s chill&Crescent Moon but the current setting had the highest dmg output and survivability.
In addition, I don’t have Alkamos’ ring sets yet… hopefully, I will get those soon.

Grimcalc without bonus: http://grimcalc.com/build/1008-xQzGJB
Grimcalc with bonus: http://grimcalc.com/build/1008-TfBRNK

I should try Crucible (Gladiator) but… I just don’t like Crucible mode. (It takes toooo long… :frowning: )

I know there are many things to improve! I would love to get feedback from you all.
Thank you for reading my post!

Well, probably incoming next patch nerf for this build…

what’s up with spellbreakers? could they be the next blademaster? :rolleyes:

It’s no mistery. They are functional unlike BM’s

Well functional means nuke this build right? Kind of like the blademasters. Cause you know God Forbid if a build can kill anything in the game

And freeze resist debuff from Night’s Embrace is most likely getting nerfed. Welp, there goes that…

Either that or they are going to make every Nemesis and Mad Queen completely immune to freeze even with the Icechill debuff.

Could we please have have build discussion without complaints of nerfs in every thread? This is getting pathetic.

We are just bracing for the inevitable. I’ve always agreed with their nerfs but lately some of their nerfs have been kind of stupid.

Also, just the fact Icechill can chain freeze enemies like Mad Queen and Fabius, just makes it a prime target for nerfing. Still suprised it hasn’t been nerfed given how this combo has been known for a while now.

Keep the pessimism to yourself. Some of us actually enjoy playing this game and trying out different builds. Your complaints add nothing constructive to the discussion of this build.

And i can post whatever i want and it’s none of your business. And who the hell said i don’t enjoying playing this game? Don’t make blind assumptions on shit you don’t know nothing about.

Spellbreaker are the true legacy of DW bm, and yeah they gonna follow their mentor into the grave quickly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I personally think that Night’s Embrace is OP. If I’m not wrong, Freezing is the only CC you can apply to Bosses/Nemesis (Of course, some bosses are absolutely immune to freezing). In addition, I noticed a few things from this build.

  1. I get so much Cold resistance reduction with this build (95% + 20% elemental resistance reduction from Viper Constellation). This is ridiculous…
    95% = -40% (Night’s Chill) + -15% (Crescent Moon) + -10% (Band of the Eternal Haunt) + 30 elemental reduction (‘Elemental Storm’ Constellation)

  2. Beacon of the Winter’s Veil’s proc got a HUGE buff.
    It used have 6 seconds CD but now it only has 1 second CD. Why does this matter? Because each of the ‘iceball(?)’ has 33% of freezing enemies. I used to have only 1 iceball or maximum 2 but now I have 3 iceballs circling around me. So the bosses can freeze more often.

  3. Frostburn dot scales well due to the first reason. I consistently get 150k~160k frostburn damage on top of my 26 lvl shadow strike and Oleron’s might.

Tbh, I would be flattered if they nerf this build though :P. But I need to test this on Crucible (Gladiator) first.

Firstly understand the difference between a pessimistic tone and a practical one
We’re all old forum members and so have a fairly decent idea of nerfs

Secondly, you’re right posting this here doesn’t add to the build not yet atleast

Thirdly, just because someone says “nerfs are coming, brace yourself” doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the game and don’t like trying different builds

Fourth and final, might want to watch out to whom you say “enjoy trying out different builds” to. :wink:

Lol Drizzto

Well, I’m sure that people will find new “OP” builds again :slight_smile:

every build that work is now considered as “op”, “broken” etc etc
sure it make ABSOLUTE no sense that a char focused on cold/frostburn can freeze its enemies … i mean its like if fire can burns enemies ! oh wait …

Actually JoV have a more polished version of your build, but he didnt posted it yet. :wink:

And his inbox gets even more pms:rolleyes:

I think the problem is that all nemesis bosses are supposed to be immune from any kind CC.

well no, since you cant freeze every boss or nemesis, some are, some are not

to me its logical, its not like if the build summon a fucking ufo or something you know

anyway well see what “may” happen

Oh, I’m sure there are much better versions of this build for sure! I would love to learn more from his build :slight_smile: