[] DW Cold/Frostburn Spellbreaker (Fabius 12 sec and Mad Queen 12 sec) with 1 DM piece

Actually i share the belief that nemesis should be IMMUNE to freeze

But as someone who is experienced with the amulet i know it’s not an easy task to take down a frozen nemesis. Takes practice, still feels wrong

I agree with you. If there were other ways to CC (stun, petrify, and etc except freeze) some nemesis, then it seems fair. However, freezing is the only CC works on them (please correct me if I’m wrong).

well yeah, that would be logical aswell, still we may wonder what the goal of frustborn then ? and what about the amulet ? why high cd on it then ?
i mean an item like this only allowing you to freeze some poor low heroes (and not even all of them) isnt usefull at all, especially when any decent build could take them down without any issue and any freeze or whatever CC

That’s my opinion too.
Isnstead of neffing night’s embrays devs can just add full resist to freeze to all nemesis.
Both the wolves have eaten much and the sheep have not been touched.

My post about them nerfing Icechill debuff was half joking and half serious (makes no sense i know), but given their track record with nerfs recently i wouldn’t be suprised.

I’m not one of those who starts screaming that Crate nerfs everything and they are making the game less fun. Just being cautious.

Wait, freezing works on Moosilauke?

I also enjoy playing this game very much and also help out others with an answer if i can. What i said was an answer to a question and a fact, not whine, being salty or whatever. BM’s are having trouble and thankfully a crate team member even decided to lvl one up to see first hand.

As retarded as it sounds it does :rolleyes:

I am waiting for his post in “Classes, Skills and Builds” section if you know what i mean :rolleyes:

wait seriously ?
didnt even dared to try this
well here of course it shouldnt be possible AT ALL for sure

Wow… I didn’t know that. Thanks for the information! Moosilauke, the Chillwind… is having icing problem… how ironic is that…

I always thought he was immune to freezing because, well, he’s made of ice. Well, a giant skeleton with a bunch of ice on it, but still made of ice.

I agree with the people who says to keep Night’s Embrace as it is and just make Nemesis immune to freeze. I would add Mad queen, but i hate that bitch.

You guys need to…chill out.

I’m really sorry about this…
Thank you for the youtube clip :smiley:

have most of this gear over a few mules I believe… time to make one before the build gets the cold shoulder :slight_smile: Thanks!

As it turns out, max freeze resist of nemesis is 100%, so it can be reduced by Night’s Embraces and Shard of Asterkarns procs.

Going to make one of these, what is the stat ratio?

Welcome! I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

I tried Night’s Embrace and Shard of Asterkarn together.
These are the videos. (Weapons: Beacon of the Winter’s Veil &Shard of Asterkarn)
Mad Qeen

I have 4 cunnings, 13 Spirits, and all physiques. I just wanted to have enough HP :frowning:
Good luck!

really nice stuff man, esp the freeze rr.
made one, so far so good, gonna try this stuff on crucible, i’m sure this can compete well :smiley:

and i’m also sure it’s going to be ‘balanced’ in 0.9 :rolleyes:

Could you guys please stop posting functional builds?
We all know by now where that ends…

honestly i think freeze rr is a good thing, but a little too powerful as it is now. in the other hand, i’d like to see the same kind of feature for other CC abilities (stun especially) to make them valuable against boss (ofc it’s no question of being able to stunlock boss, just make them a little vulnerable to stun).

the funny thing is i just found both the shard (wich isn’t in OP picture by the way) and the medal last week end, my SB will have a good time since i guess :smiley:

edit : and while we’re at it, doesn’t Frostdread armor be better than DM since you don’t use any pther pieces of the set ?

Is this better than the DW melee poison witch hunter?