[] WTF is going on?

One shot by a simple STAR enemy is new meta in this patch?
Legendary items, 12k hp with 10% damage absorb and mostly 80 resists is glass cannon trash now?

Seems like i need some explanations how to play this game. Tell me pls, Crate.

You took several fireballs at once from a Fire Revenant’s Fireball Nova when you walked right up to him. The Revenant was also buffed by a nearby Priest.

Was it loxmere? Cause he can do it regardless of patch. My internet sucks so no idea what you uploaded

Buffed by priest?

^ Skeleton Priests can buff nearby allies.

There’s was also another hero right next to the fire Revenant (called Balthazar i think) and he attacked at the same time as the fire Revenant.

With all honesty, do you think being so randomly instakilled is okay? When it’s a 12k HP character with 80% fire resistance dressed in legendary set? Not in gladiator crucible, against Nemesis or major boss - just some fire revenant, a rather common hero and an undead priest?

Also, if the setup is pretty straightforward - a Flame Revenant and a priest, as you say - how come it wasn’t exposed before?

Quite ironic that he ripped while doing a monologue on how something subtly changed about difficulty with last patch.

This beats even my today’s death to Trallnosh by how quickly and utterly unexpected it was.

Wow, this is really amazing. And such a common found enemy too, not even had a time to react.
Yep, my decision to stay on the previous version was correct, it seems.

-I agree to what you said. I don’t notice these things even being able to scratch me on any setup. So him getting one shot is an issue


Trallnosh the Unraveler. He spawns after Karroz is down to 0% hp.

How the heck did you die to him? He is easy, or did he get buffed this patch? (or did the nerfs make this happen)


He has a 30% resist reduction attack. The OP probably got RR’d then shotgunned. Hugely unlucky.

His void zones on the ground. I didn’t see it being cast because I was in melee range and my Whirlpool was ostracting the view. Apparently it can kill in around a second. I concede that my fire resistance was quite low (11%) while my chaos res was pretty good (65% or so), but it was ON ELITE FFS, and not even at level cap (67).

Yeah, that probably explains it. The fire Revenant getting buffed by the priest and that hero RR’d right before the fire shotgun is probably what caused it.

Another hero added to my list of stuff i need to kill as soon as i see it.

@Stupid Dragon; He summons three chaos pools in a row. Even with high resist to chaos and fire those pools stacked upon each other can deal large aumonts of damage in a short span of time. Still doesn’t explain why your character died in around a second or so.

didnt want to post something in this topic but w/e

there is no balrazar in the video… this is 1

2 priest buff is not enough

3 we are talking about spellbreaker with 12k hp 81 fire 86 vitality res with maiven sphere

4 he has mark of divinity it didnt even proc means this is 1 shot

5 the hero you see is, servant of dreeg which is common spawn in undead areas

6 his DA is 1.9k ish, he might get critted and ate full nova, still impossible to die

7 revenant might reflect back the RR to you and lower your res, again even with 50 fire res 12k hp when maiven up you cant be 1 shotted there imo*%99.9 sure about this check his gear hp maiven*

conclusion, he got worlds worst luck, he got his resist reduced from reflect, priest buffed a hero or revanant, you ate whole fire novawhich is impossible geometrically, you got critted and died… w/e

sad for your hc char mate…

In any ARPG, you can get insanely unlucky and die. It sounds like you were smacked by multiple unlucky occurences at the exact same time…That’s unfortunate, and those deaths feel bad…But they’re a part of the genre. They’re a part of the game, really.

What would Crate do, exactly, to make this not happen? They can’t “set” a cap for damage taken per hit, you got hit by multiple. They can’t “set” you to always have 1 second at 1 HP, that simply removes death for HC players who are paying attention. Lower the damage of heroes, maybe? Oh wait, that removes the challenge of heroes…And that’s not a good thing either.

I get the death sucks, I get you were terribly unlucky…But even if Crate wanted to “prevent” this from happening, they can’t do that without causing other negatives. So your choice is between playing the game and dealing with these rare, randomly unlucky deaths, or trying to get Crate to harm the rest of the game so that these rare deaths don’t occur.

Yes, he is. You can see his summoned hellhound and he’s right next to the fire revenant. You can see him debuff right before the fire revenant attacked.

Balrazar is the servant of dreeg

So his DEE has 30% damage reduction and 30% RR. Cute.

@Stupid Dragon; He summons three chaos pools in a row. Even with high resist to chaos and fire those pools stacked upon each other can deal large aumonts of damage in a short span of time. Still doesn’t explain why your character died in around a second or so.

Actually, I know how it works. I was even wary of it. But when I realized I’m standing it it (like I said, my view was obstructed by my own procs) it was already too late - I even used the Mirror, but it didn’t had time to kick in.

oh ya my bad, never bothered to read his first name…

and again even with 50 fire res, getting 1 shot with that char… dont know mate dont know

You can’t take shotgun attacks at point blank range with 50% res of anything in Ultimate unless you are extremely tanky. And even then you take a huge aumont of damage.