[]Cold Ignaffar Infiltrator - The Mage Slayer

Well made and well documented Infiltrator deserves compendium submission.

That is all.

I love the concept of this build. Just the kind of set I was hoping to see get implemented. Out of curiosity, any suggestions on how to level this character before obtaining the cube that converts Flames of Ignaffar to Ice?

this looks fun, any chance of a more detailed leveling guide…on “how to” this build? for a grim dawn noob? that would be helpfull

@reapersgaze thanks:p

WEll you can level it in many ways. With nightblade. Here is a small demmo of what skills to take and devotions:

Or you can toy around with fire Ignaffar even. Atl lvl 58 you can do 2x Chillflame Evoker if you have it for Cold ignaffar and get into character

Really like the fact that the Ignaffar visual effect changes with the Cube modifier. Does Stormbox even changes when using the aether transmuter?

I wish this was more common, or they could even go further and tint skills with their main damage type, would be perfect for my aether grenadier.

Thanks for the write up. Not sure best way to level though and terms like"rr" don’t do some of us any good.

“Rr” is what players are accustomed to using when thy refer to “Resistance Reduction”. The like s of Elemental storm, Veil of Shadow, mods on gear like Mageslayer’s protector amulet etc.

Thank you. I go many months without playing Grim Dawn, so pretty rusty and I don’t remember that : /

I’m liking what I see here and have another question. The devotion set up is very end game- esq. What would be good meanwhile, while leveling? ALso, some key level 94 items converting fire to cold… where does that leave folks like me with none of that gear? Chillflame Evoker I guess.

Beautiful build, feels more of a caster than a lot of previous grim dawn casters.

But I am pretty sure you ignored last 17% of poison resist neglecting Ugdendbog Leather in belt or Poison resist augment just to fuck with OCD people

@mad_lee. Thanks man i felt the same about this build and this set in general. Also leveling a Mage Hunter now and it’s also really great, liking it a lot.

@Farkenel. Just get quill or toad+hawk+1 pt in ascendant crowwroads to unlock Rhowan’s crown. The work your way to Murmur which is easy to get after that

I hate to be the please hold my hand type but…wtf is the best way to level? I’m lvl 20 now using word of pain and dual wielding pistols. It’s…kind of bad and frustrating. No idea what will be best way to level.

Flames of Ignaffar is apparently out of the question. Totally unsustainable.

Either like this:
Leveling: Here is a lazy little demmo/how to level I made with Nightblade clearing end game veteran. Random gear, you don’t need those axes i have.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I23DhKAJEmM As long as you are careful you can destroy everything.

Or: same skills as above aside from SS+ Nightfall which you invest in inquis wps to play DW cold gun. i’ve leveld both ways and it’s fun. You can buy guns from Death’s vigil

I dumped all points into Word of Pain, currently it’s better than using any points on DW guns… I will probably do the Nightfall method from there, but might have to go back to guns while I level.

How about healing? I’m somewhat used to windigo’s mark, Windigo totem etc, lots and lots of healing. This class combo has two on demand heals but lacks ADCTH…

you can get, ghoul or toad, Restless remains. No wendigo. Won’t do you any goo on this build

It’s looking like Inquisitor’s Seal may fix my concerns. I can see how it would make up for a lack of ADCTH

No offence, but after spending all day leveling this mastery combo I’m feeling like this build was made with a character editor. There’s no mention of how much PITA it is to level , how AWFUL the damage is without pretty specific pieces and how boring and pigeon-holed you are to using dual wiled pistols. If I wanted to dual wield pistols I woulda rolled demo+ inquis.

I got so bored of leveling I used a trainer to get 62, dumped points in Flames and endless flames and it’s STILL terrible.

/end rant. Really bored, really frustrated. When does all the cool shit Inquis has become viable? IMO nothing is very good at all but DW pistols+ Word of Pain. WIth mish mash gear simply stacking ele dmg everything else is beyond bad.

Asking for help is one thing but implying that a class can’t be leveled unless cheated is another. I’ve given plenty of answers about leveling and shown leveling video with whatever gear that clearly works. The rest is up to you;)

This exactly.

And thanks for the work providing us with the leveling advice, Superfluff.

Firstly you are being offensive by insinuating that an experienced theorycrafter used a trainer
Secondly the fact that you can’t even level a build shows much skill you are lacking, if you insist on pointless arguments I suggest you leave. There are plenty of players willing to help you but none will do with that attitude, not even the OP


Fluff, a forum member once posted a leveling guide for new players once. Try linking that thread here

What are you talking about I went from begging of the game to Loghorrean Veteran with only 3 points in Haggard and Kalastar and cleared everything really fast
Sure I had a number of deaths but that’s because I was pretty much naked very little health and resists and little damage multipliers as well but the runes still did massive damage. Nearring end of AoM with maxed out runes and they are dealing absolutely huge damage only time ive died is due to getting hit by 4 of the plants at once before I could get off the runes as they hit you from off screen.

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