[]Cold Ignaffar Infiltrator - The Mage Slayer

Welcome to a select circle of Mages who have honed their arcane skills beyond conventional means. This is a pro Mage not only in lore given by the set, but in gameplay as well. It’s extremely fun and deadly because it combines three interchangeable dimensions as far as gameplay goes:

1. Ignaffar, channeling spell with great AoE and DoT meanning that it’s useful even when you stop channeling it, thus encouraging steps 2 and 3 below.
2. Shadow Strike, which blends the best mobility/escape/close-in attack one can have. You are using Maxed Nightfall for even more AoE and DoT
3. Rune of Hagarrad, an ambush type spell that when use correctly offers both a visual spectacle and complete annihilation of entire screens of mobs. It too has DoT via Chillsurge, the highest of the three

When you learn to combine the above you will feel like pro Mage.:cool:

[v1.0.2.0]Video: 140-150 Gladiator:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCLPFAiZyvk&feature=youtu.be
Although grimtool the skill setup is great overall, i strongly suggest trimming some skills, even one such a Nightfall to get BB to lvl 12. Greatly increases chance of success in cruci

Mad Queen Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4XJU1KVwn0%Defelct + Seal and BB timing is the secret. Back off a bit after BB

Grim tools:http://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoXrMkN Don’t cry for Oklaine’s Lantern. Ultos is the man

Devotion Binding:
Seal of Blades -> Hand of Ultos - amazing consistent rr proccing
Rumor -> Shadow Strike
Elemental Storm -> Flames of Ignaffar
Whirlpool -> Inquisitor Seal
Giant’s Blood -> Aura of Conviction

Pic with aura. 2700 OA with Deadly aim up, or more depending on investment in it

Head: Mageslayer’s Hood (Living armor/Wendigo Lifescent Powder)
Shoulder: Mageslayer’s Shoulderguard (Scaled Hide/Wendigo Lifescent Powderl)
Chest: Mythical Stormweave Armor (Living Armor/Mankind’s Vigil)
Weapon 1: Mythical Spelldrinker (Seal of Blades/Creed’s Cunning)
Off-Hand: Farath’s Cube (Seal of Resonance/Creed’s Cunning)
Belt: Mythical Spellbreaker Waistguard (Spellscorched Plaiting/Malmouth Woundsear Powder)
Rings: Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire and Mythical Band of Eternal Haunt (Runebound Topaz/Sigil Survivor’s Ingenuity)
Amulet: Mageslayer’s Protector (Seal of Annihilation/Survivor’s Ingenuity)
Hands: Mageslayer’s Armguard (Restless Remains/Wendigo Lifescent Powder)
Pants: Stonehide Grava’thul’s Legguards of Kings (Scaled Hide/Wendigo Lifescent Powder)or Mythical Mageguard Legguards in which case you need to adjust components/augments
Medal: Mythical Mark of Dark Dreams (Tainted heart)
Boots: Stonehide Stoneplate Greaves of Kings (Enchanted Earth/Wendigo Soulscent Powder)
Relic: Ignaffar’s Combustion

The weapon seems a bit weird and uneventful but it somehow works. The massive enrge absorb lets you save many points spent in endless Falme, It has good %elemental,DA, +skills. You can try a Myth Chillflame Evoker too

Gameplay and Build Explanation:

Inquisitor Seals: Always have one or two at your feet, preferably not overlapping so that you have some room to maneuver safely

Rune of Hagarrad: Always cast when ready, during waves, and in between. You can cast them on top of each other or spread out to intercept incoming waves. You can also do al sorts of tricks with mobs like rr them with stormbox and rumor before drawing then into some pre-cast runes, and you can du that while casting other runes:) etc.

Shadow Strike: Cast it to spread rumor and Dot AoE. Decide when to SS inside the Inqusitor Seal or when outside. Maybe you need to escape because you are getting pounded even inside the seal, or maybe you just want to travel faster to a mob that you can handle without seal.

In closing:
I think this set was very well made, very cool concept and application and genuinely fun to play. A Mage Hunter class variant could also be very cool.

Someone seems to be on fire :smiley:

Why no Crescent Moon? Grimtools isn’t hotlinked yet

Good job going for Conviction over Censure, it seems perfect for Ray builds btw


Never mind just realized Farath’s Cube give Storm Box the missing RR. Good build and great MIs and GT link has been added

Looks really cool. I think you forgot your grimtools link though unless I’m not seeing it.

edit. there it is, don’;t know if it just wasn’t loaded foir me or what.

Glad you like it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Conviction is a must in cruci on this build. Also has innate low OA

I wanted to but no cast speed.Infiltrator kinda struggles wit that already. Especially with inquis seal transmuter.

All is included now

Ah my edit was too slow. Never mind that I saw Cube gave Storm Box the missing RR

Also nice devotion I’d not have picked Ultos for the RR. Good choice indeed. Great build.

Grand Inquisitor, I like the name of the Pro Mage Slayer :wink:

Another build with Seal of Blades aura. Being able to put devotion procs in it will get removed, i just know it.

Build looks cool though.

That would screw with a lot of builds

When an item starts to get too much popular and used in any build regardless of their damage type, Crate tends to do something about it.

This happened with the Judicator ring set, where every single build were just slapping them on.

That’s rather disappointing to hear but not entirely unexpected should it happen

I don’t mean to hijack this thread but can someone confirm which modifers give us different visual effects on skills? Farath’s Cube seems to be the only one I am aware of

Yes totally agree with this +1

Mirror, OFF, Nullification, Inner Focus, Mental Alacrity, IEE,…

Could you please make a video for Mage Hunter version fluff?
Since you have the gear, it should be really Cool :cool:

I intend to. Just not sure when. I do have to say that Mageslayer set is a bit favorable towards infiltrator. There are no Arcanist mods on it but we’ll see.

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Perhaps there should be new Arcanist mod on that gear in the upcoming update, maybe like -5 second skill recharge for Nullification, +500 frostburn damage over 3 seconds to Nullification, and +3 meter target area to Nullification :smiley:

It’s more noticeable if you remember the update history. Another example is Haunted Steel, where every melee build was putting in their weapons. Then they added the physical to vitality conversion to tone this down.

I don’t use seal of blades on all builds really. and since they decided not to make veil of shadow good for binding what can one do?

If they nerf it then Belgothian to is screwed for example. it greatly relies on having good aoe covered with those devotions. So something should be given in return if for whatever reason that would happen.

also seal of blades is not just for proc. It’s life steal, armor all needed.

Well, Veil of Shadows is exclusive to Nightblade and any mastery can use Seal of Blades.

I’m just saying, don’t be surprised if this gets nerfed at some point.

I’d rather the other Seals were upgraded a bit as some of them are lacking

“Took you long enough.” -Ulgrim

Looks fantastic. Will be adding this one.

Still pisses me off that the only FoI set is a cold heavy set based around an offhand, instead of fire heavy since that’s the actual damage.

Some Arcanist mods on the set would be welcome yes. MAgehunter looks like fun too