[] Dagallon WPS gunslinger - lightning Vindicator

After the expansion release I wanted to make Inquisitor+Necromancer combo, but didn’t find gear for this purpose.
So as I love Inq and couldn’t find any good using for Necro, I had to leave only one of them.
Weapons choosing. Dagallon’s pistols with their piercing look very nice. Dagallon’s set itself seemed a bit weak to me, so only couple of Annihilators satisfy the requirements.

Pic with all buffs

Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQzdaM2

NoMI setup for new players or lazy people: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoWloEZ

Nemesis video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So462GTz8_s

Also you can go with full Dagallon’s set, if you want. In this case you need Purifier instead of Vindicator:


  • tons of lightnings everywhere and awesome visual effects :rolleyes:
  • easy to get a gear, no strong MI dependence
  • great AoE and single target
  • decent tankyness


  • how really you can see any cons here :stuck_out_tongue:

Inquisitor’s WPS are decent dps increase due to both hands usage and high weapon damage part, even if they deal non-core damage type. Best point investment for each one:

  • Bursting round - 10/10, overcapping gives less weapon damage increase
  • Chilling round - 8/10, totally not worth to take more
  • Storm spread - 16/10, 5x2 projectiles, annihilating shotgun, very powerfull, main source of damage

Default for lightning build. I really wanted to use Briarthorn due to his new aura buff, but without pet bonuses this guy dying too fast. Sad, but true.
Rune of Hagarrad is an ersatz of Demolitionist’s Flashbang. Still nice OA debuff for Storm spread support.

Light’s Defender pieces for armor, shoulders and medal for bonuses to Savagery, also this awesome epic belt.
Greaves of Ill Omens is a new incarnation of Golemborn Greaves, can be used in any build :slight_smile:
For capping stun resist you may replace Prismatic diamond with Leathery Hide. Personally I found this not necessary.
You may also use Ultos set, that’s give you a bit more damage, but less suitability.

Dying god is the second best devotion for lightning build. It provides tons of OA, crit damge and total speed. More useful then Spear.

Short leveling guide
Well, this is ranged dual wielding build, but on the low levels better to use some AoE skills, like Word of Pain with Word of agony, Rune of Hagarrad, Storm box of Elgoloth or even Devouring swarm. When you get some lightning pistols - take Savagery and Rhowan’s Crown.
Devotions leveling. Common way(not recommended) Hawk > Quill > Rhowan’s Crown > Wraith > Viper > 2 stars Tempest > Widow > Begemoth > Jackal > Ultos > full Tempest > Eel > Dying god
Rush to Ultos (prefer)- Spider > Hawk > Vulture > Eel > Saidor’s guide > Ultos > Rhowan’s Crown > Begemoth > Quill > drop Spider > Wraith > Widow > drop Saidor’s guide > Tempest > Jackal > drop Vulture > Viper > Dying god

In closing
I didn’t try Crucible really, but with some luck and kiting skill I guess that viable. Still it’s easy and fun vanilla gameplay.
Hope, you like this char, stay tuned :wink:

Looks really cool! I’ve been looking for a a similar build and im glad you posted this!

finally!, keep posting your builds! and that screen shot looks delicious! :rolleyes: pains to me see the light defender set again, so i guess we really need more options in the itemization! :stuck_out_tongue:

nice one ! for sure a build ill have to try :smiley:

btw, a video would be nice

1 piece Dagallon’s. Mehhh, I thought I’d see full dagallon’s set build.

Disappoint that it has more LD’s set pieces, but I understand Heavy Armor is currently OP :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see gunslinger rise up.

You’re welcome, guys :slight_smile:

You’re free to use Ultos set, but LD gives more armor, + to all mastery skills, and that phys to lightning convention on the amulet not needed cause pistols already have base lightning :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, but due to my monitor has non FullHD resolution - youtube’s converting breaks the picture quality. But maybe I’ll record some gameplay video)

Full Dagallon’s set is meh :stuck_out_tongue: You cant get good fire+lightning utilization. Still you can go with something like this

So what do i do if i dont want to use green leggings/boots? Did you find good alternatives ?

Sure, I’ve posted alt. setup: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR9XW9V

Glad you posted your build here

Our own forum captured by heretics, so I had no choice :smiley:

Thank you! May i ask why did you pick these spesific items to use?

Oh… ough… now I saw a hidden purpose of this build - you pick an inquisitor to purge all heresy.
Good plan.

Capping resistances.


UPD: added alt. setup with full Dagallon’s set, special for InkOsk132 :smiley:

Good build :smiley:

How about a good old two hander to use Shaman’s WPS too?

can this be started from 0 and work your way to all the items ? thanks

I’d hardly consider this “easy to gear,” you’re relying on several set pieces. Completing sets solo is a pain in the ass. Cool build, though.

Looks awesome :slight_smile:

Still Im not sold out on WPS part, specially on chilling round in this case, cant resist the feeling those points would serve you more in arcane empowerment :wink:

Both:D ACQ for guns. You need to try rifle too first to be sold on this WPS