[] Krieg's Battlemage Tank-Melee-aether


Hey, first i have to apologize my english is low.

As i’m writting this little guide my character as just reach level 100. Then i don’t have all mythical item, my devotion are not max level and the build can still be improve. Anyway i can say that this build work, i have already killed nemesis since i’m level 100. Just i didn’t tried crucible but i’ll do it as soon as i’ll have a little more item.

I made this build cause i wanted to test krieg’s set. Before malmouth my battle mage were valdun’s build and it was i think my most boring build of all…I don’t know if valdun’s suck but my character at level 85 with vuldun’s was shit…

Let’s talk about my new battle mage:

-The krieg’s set is “easy” to farm (i’ll explain it later)
-Very tanky, and it can be more tanky if you play hardcore
-Easy to play

-Very low movement, no speed on botts, crate you suck for this!
-Damage are just decent (can be improve easily if you want to be less tanky)

5 piece are droped by 3 monster:
CHest and head on Fleshweaver Krieg (just before the last boss)
Shoulders and gloves on Valaxteria which is near the last shrine, on the road to the last boss. Then you can do this two monster with same ways
And the last boots are on Terrnox which is on a cellar at the south of malmouth outskirt rift


I don’t know why the amulet doesn’t appear (sahdina’s memento is rare amulet) I think it’s from a quest and it grant many resist. WIth this amulet i’m full 80-84 all resist except stun. But i think i’ll change it for mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath when i’ll have it.


I think i’ll have to change my ring too, and the shield to the mythical one. I didn’t thought about the belt and relic but there is better one for sure…

For the ring i’ll try this set when i’ll have it:http://www.grimtools.com/db/items/7909

As you can see devotion are about half for damage and half for survive. If you want more damage you can forget tree of life.


A small video at the moment, i killed alkamos without moving:

End of BOC with boss:


Edit: I just cleaned gladiator 150. I did la waves with blessing and i had 2 zantarin and benn’jhar, then i think it was one of the easiest combination.

I’ll add some advice later for this build, just 1 day i’m playing it, don’t hasitate to post what you think i can improve and have fun;)

EDIT from âtch

-Now we have move spped on boots!
-Attack speed on reckless power
-A little less aether damage on 5piece set bonus
-Some +skill for necromancer.

Attachment: Gladiator 150.jpg

Added a video of BOC.

Dang, hoped I’d level a character in time (wanted to make a legit one, traded all gear so just need to level him up).
Oh, well, I’ll just repost my findings.

My devotion setup probably needs (or just benefits) Magelord set with its conversion. Also, when overcapping Fabric of Reality and Reckless Power, Phantom-Thread Girdle is better than Chains of Oleron.

Nice alternative for devotion, i think i’ll try something like this. I just found mythical will of the living, it’s nice boost for damage. Still looking for ring/Beronath and why not solael-sect leg for more adch.
Thx for your answer.

what wouldd you change for more dps in the devotions ?

I’m thinking about similar setup http://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVA48w72


Lol exactly looks like my therycrafting on a thread from a couple days before, funny we thought up to 90% same especially on the devotions.

Yeah, I hope this will be work not only on paper)

So just wondering What do you start off with this build? cadence 1 point work into Fighting Form 1 point then fill in cadence until filled?

what wouldd you change for more dps in the devotions ?

Hey something like the link of Crauler i think, i need to test but at the moment i don’t realy need to change it.

So just wondering What do you start off with this build? cadence 1 point work into Fighting Form 1 point then fill in cadence until filled?

Hey, like i sayed my english is a little poor and i’m not sure to understand what is your question. If you wanted to know how to do for leveling i did it with another build, and valdun’s at level 85 but it was low. I think blade arc with 2 hand weapons is simply the best…

hi, for a new player like me how should be the progression to level up with this build?

Hmmm, i’ll try this onde since i got almost Full Set.

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hi, for a new player like me how should be the progression to level up with this build?

Hey, it’s generaly same for many build with soldier, you put point on soldier, generaly 2 hand blade arc with blitz, war cry, menhir’s will…Depend of item you find and how you want to play.

By the way i added crucible section on guilde, cause i just did my first try to gladiator 150 and i survived:)

Hi, im still quite new to Grim Dawn and I was wondering whats the reasoning behind your attribute points distributtion. In linked grimtools profile I can’t figure out if you allocate just for gear requirements or for some other reason?

Anyway thanks for cool build, cant wait to try it out :slight_smile:

between BM and DK which one is better choice for aether melee and why?

If you want to play offensive, we recommend DK.
Conversely BM is a better choice if you place importance on safety.

here is my theorycraft build: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVA4a9R2
can someone experience with this class give me some suggestion?
sr for my Enghilsh

after the Aether melee DK thread the other day I came up with another alternate aether melee battlemage build, if anyone is interested. I actually think the pure physical alternate versions of this I made with different class combos are better from an overall standpoint, but this one has a bit more style and it’s still based on the same basic concept:

KRIEG!!! AKA: My Name has become a killing word. AKA: Cry havoc and cry havoc some more.


Look at war cry. That’s the whole point. A 16 meter area player-based aoe with almost main damage dealer levels of damage. Going over 12 points basically just increases the area tiny bit further, capping at 26 gets you to 18 meters. Didn’t figure it was worth it. All the rest of the build is just sort of whatever fit best with taking advantage of the rest of the gear. if it survives war cry-blitz-callidor-krieg stomp either smack it with cadence for a few seconds and repeat or run away because anything that survived that you probably don’t want to meet.


To explain what I meant about the pure physical builds being better (they’re not really pure physical, they’re physical bleed)

Here’s “My name is a killing ward” the warder version:


It focuses heavily into bleed and while it loses the aether damage from the krieg helm, it gets 2 more seconds recharge reduction on war cry from Warborn. Other main nuke is transmuted blade arc. Still a lot of work to do on finishing out the build, 16 skill points unspent. Counter Strike feels like a good option since it’s a pretty hefty bleed source actually, but the build kind of needs some more tankiness, even though it’s excellent for hit and run tactics.



Killing Whargarble, the witchblade version. Also still needs heavy optimization and a bit of finishing work, but generally it’s the same build as the warder, but by giving up the bleed bonus from primal and totem it can take the big flat trauma and +trauma boost from Olerons and still have more skill points to spare to fill out soldier than the warder. Given that we’re talking near 2000% typically for high end damage bonuses 125% from one skill and 90% from another, while nothing to sneeze at, aren’t critical. Giving those up by switching from Shaman to Occultist gave enough points to spread out defenses to a decent level.

“My name has become a killing word”

Dune reference?!?

Hah, yes. Even if the original movie version did take liberties with the book (The Weirding Way was just a martial art/fighting style) I loved it.