[] Ravager - How to solo him with a tank

The pic older than the video, when the achievement was first introduced.
Made slight improvements since then. Also it Was 2 PM really not 4 AM but no one believes me:D

Made an updated version of this build using Fevered Rage. Kill time vastly improved to 5:30 min. HC players beware and mind the gear :slight_smile: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=60936

[i]So, Ravager, he hits like a truck and when he goes below 50% health he hits with retarded amounts of physical damage and at increased rate. After Trying a couple of active Tank builds I had this idea that it could be great to tank up even more and use his stupid strength against him via retaliation and %damage reflect. Tank/retaliation and HC fans might enjoy this.

My choice of class was commando, a solid choice, but also the only one i had at the time. Tactician and Witchblade can both pull this off, even other class combos, more on this at the end.[/i]

Video (last 5 mins of fight which are the most crucial). Overall duration is ~24 minutes and i cannot record that long:

Grimtools: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2ga4yKZ
You may or may not need Menhir’s will. I suggest you keep it and use it to gain the mod on the Shield. For Resistances you only need to concern yourself with physical resistance. The other resistances depend on the type of ravager. Mine was Ravager of Minds and did a minor poison dot. I suggest keeping Vitality capped as all forms of Ravagers do some %health damage. I also suggest filling yout the reast of armor slots with Wendigo’s Lifescent to get 20k health. Also you can replace the medal if you want with Ikrix of your choice in affixes. The one I use seemed balanced enough for the ravager I was facing

Devotion Binding:
Shield Wall -> War cry (Most important)
Stone Form -> Menhir’s Bulwark
Healing Rain -> Vindictive Falme or Field command)

What you need:

Armor: The build boasts 6.1K base armor and with shield wall up 80% of tha time you could say nearly 7K most of the time. With Stoneguard set proc and Boots it goes up to over 10k topping at 11.3K armor with all procs up

DA: Just enough. Before all the bloodied crystals i had runed topaz all over the place and it was too much. I had 4K da and with BWC he had like 50% chance to hit me. It’s overkill. Ho I decided it’s more efficient to get hit more but increase armor to be able to take it. You can try even lower DA than what I have. But make it at least 3k. Highly recommend Survivor’s Resillience.

Absorb-flat and %: Flat comes from Blast Shield that is there for you whenever Ravager goes berserk and bursts aided sometimes by Stone Form from Menhir Devotion. % Absorb comes from Menhir’s Bulwark and Menhir’s Bastion relic which you will really need. Mor on relic ability in gameplay section.

Perma Great shield damage blocked and %chance to block:

  1. Ever wondered what is the use of Markovian’s Defense transmuter? Well here they are, the two reasons for it: 1. As a retaiation build, the damage penalty DOES NOT affect you. Ans 2. with the transmuter and Markovian helm you have 11.8 sec Cooldown on Overgoard. Just 1.8 sec Downtime.

  2. With Shield wall up 80% of the time and Overguard 90% your Shield blocks 6908 dmg. Could be more with runed topaz but we want armor.

    With Gildor’s guard poc it goes up to 7307 damage blocked

Health regen: You can’t life steal unless sume massive rr is involved maybe, a problem for many builds. So Bulwark+Tree of life are a most. Helath pots, i only used them to show that proccing Menhir’s will can be avoided. But you can do the opposite and gain a retaliation boost via Zollhan shield mods


-Always have Bwc cast to rr him. Also helps after 50% health when it can get dangerous. Don’t underestimate him because you can tank most of the time. When he nears death he can sometimes burst you out of nowhere.

  • Always keep Overguard up, for obvious reasons. Take full advantage of transmuter

  • War cry. Remember that Shield wall has 7.1 CD with markovian helm and Shiled wall 7.5 sec. When War cry is ready wait just half a second and cast it. This way you will always have them both at the same time. It’s very important to remember this and make it a reflex.

  • Menhir’s bastion. A fantastic ability that gives crucial stats :15% absorb and 30% armor. You will need this when Ravager is below 50%. Sometimes Ravager will burst you suddenly after he debuffs you. Blast shield will proc. Generally if you see ~40% of your hp dissapearing at once it’s a pretty good indicative to use this ability. You can stack a health pot on top unles you want to rely on Menhir’s will for more retaliation bonus vis shield mods.

  • Blade Barricade. Just cast whenever ready

In closing:

While commando is a very solid choice, Tactician could also do it (Replace Mark helm with Octavius to have Armor from Word of renewal). They are very similar, both have rr only Tactician has linear defense from Inquis seal and commando has a greater defense when you are burst by Ravager. But in the end both will work. Witchblade is also a good choice. Good regen and better phys resist. No additional absorb is pretty scary though but doable. Good luck if you Fever him:p There are possibly other combo’s like battlemage with Turion’s Reprisal, Wardens with Myth Dawnguard etc. this build shows what any tank retaliator/tank type would need to be able to face Ravager solo.

Attachment: grim dawn 2017-09-07 11-45-35-986.jpg

haha that’s awesome. i had no idea you could actually stack armor up to 7k. might copy your idea if i can get my hands on some decent gear and get my sword & board commando to level 100.

he’s using justicar set right now and looks like some oldschool paladin type, so going hostile with those degenerates would seem like a natural choice for such a characer anyway :slight_smile:

I hate this fucking shield meta tanking characters tooking forever to go away.

It’s not really shield that is necessarily the problem but what others may lack.

Some casters and summoners could solo him too. But DW melee build, i don’t know how it could since i cannot life leech. But I have not fully tried yet

The setup is pretty similar. Is that much Armor important actually for him? I have over 4k.

Also soloed him yesterday with my Retaliation Tactician. No Octavius, just pure Retaliation, used Mythical Dawnguard Duty instead of Zolhan with the same devotion setup.

Feels great.

i really really want a tank build in GD (Im playing HC ) but I already have two different builds using Demo as second. Feelsbadman, I am not sure I want the third. That Blast Shield tho :frowning:

I wonder if Ill be able to farm Ravager with a cold BM

You don’t need commando. tactician, Which blade. I’m trying atm a more reckless build that procs menhir all the time for shield bonus.

Battlemage could do also, Dawnbreaker Warden…this is just a tank example that others could use

@Autentist. If you soloed him with 4k armor it’s great. I tried with 5 on first attempt and didn’t like it. I noticed far improved survivability with high armor

I think it was just a huge number of defensive and healing procs going on at the same time. But my health did dip sometimes, although, he still couldn’t outdamage my heal.

Next time, we will try this in a group with Cabalist and Purifier. Let’s see how well he will stand against that.

Which version did you solo? One version has big damage and resist reduction, another summons adds and the other has huge health and life steal.

Ravager of Minds. He debuffs your resistances and DA. So i guess it’s the first option and why so much armor is needed:p

Wow, great job, Fluff.
What the different between drop on Elite and Ultimate?

This is the difference. It was bugged on first blood and gave me the epic version:rolleyes: That is what you get in elite

I thought Ravager of Flesh was the one with the huge damage and resist reduction. So it’s Ravager of Minds for damage and resist reduction. Ravager of Flesh for huge health and life steal and Ravager of Souls for summons.

Too bad you can only fight one version in Ultimate. Or you can do a save backup for the other two before you pick which one you fight.

This is good. As pierce-retal-blademaster i give you my respect. Note: you can use black legion blade potion to accelerate the process, i always use it on big health enemies.

You can also use Coven Tinctureor what’s the mane name is for -20% pierce rr:p Just wanted to show that the build doesn’t need consumables to succeed

My oh my, my melee two-handed Druid is gonna get reckt badly :slight_smile:

Wonder if my Doom Bolt/vitality conjurer would be up for the task

I was thinking running my Markovian Retaliaiton Commando against him as well and your build confirms I can do so. Unlike Mog retaliaiton builds have a chance against him since things don’t get in the way of targetting and he does tons of melee attacks

He is also doable with a Poison Witch Hunter and I think he classifies as a Medium Hitbox (smaller than Queen but larger than Fabius and Maiden) so I think Devastation nuker can do him as well

Interesting Gear Choice you have there, I was thinking of Markovian + Siegebreaker
Focusing more on Counter Strike and Avenger but this gives me a nice idea :wink:

I have killed Ravager of Souls and Ravager of Minds (he is red). I assume the final Ravager is the one who summons stuff?? Gotta remember to stay away from him


Not sure if its bugged fluff. I got my legendary gaze from him on first kill and grats on the 10k armor. Just noticed :smiley:

It was in testing :stuck_out_tongue:

Without over 5k max armor Ravager of minds will kill you. Well it did me. I tried a 20/12 overguard Markovian and did not go as planned:D. But it was cadence build so it had less defensive devotions in general.

This afternoon i tried a more reckless version of what i posted. Just 1 pt in BWC to get hit more often and Open hand of mercy for % RR

I intend to drop watcher and get more OA+assassin’s mark bound to bwc. These changes should increase kill time by one 3rd.

I used Doom instead of menhir, Reckoning can be used for more rr too. Also delayed some defenses to proc menhir and benefit from shield mods. But you gotta be careful.

Not sure if Doom is good. I find it underwhelming since as you say Menhir and Avenger benefit Retaliation builds more

I will be using Plaguebearer Master’s Spellblade so I can afford not taking Ass Mark for now

Ah well I do have 4.5k+ buffed armor and 30% Physical resistance. I think I’ll try him first. But not now. I’ve already killed two versions, completed every quest including “that one” (and farmed “that boss” for his entire set). Now I can rest :rolleyes:

I gotta ask, does Markovian Defense reduce Retaliation damage as well?

Ravager of Souls didn’t summon a single pet when I killed him
So it’s probably Ravager of Flesh

Bear in mind that the ravager of mind debuffs your 30% phys resist by 30% flat:p So the +% armor from doom is kinda welcome.

Markovian defense is awesome here cause it does not affect retaliation cause it’s a separate unique stat:cool: