[] Tactician - Gunning down crucible, sound weird?

[] Tactician - Gunning down crucible, sound weird?

First cruci run with this build, easy as walking in park

After this run I made 3 more, same thing, build is tier 1 cruci farmer definitely.

My first char in grim dawn was sorcerer gunslinger and it sucked, period. For long time DW gunners were so underdoged that it wasn’t even funny.
They are underdogs even now frankly speaking, but there are few items that can really make gunslinger work Mythical Havoc is one of them.

This build, you are about to see, is made around 2 x Havocs and 3pcs of Warborn armor and mixes physical and pierce dmg in somewhat 2 to 1 ratio. It looks like this:

Constant auras, deadly momentum and deadly aim up

Why mixing phys and pierce dmg why not going all pierce or all phys?

All guns have somewhat unfortunate AP ration on them so you can forget about pure phys dmg route. If you decide to go pierce dmg route than one deathdealer sidearm and one cheesed sinister prefix green revolver would be better choice (you can buy one like that from merchant in Gloomwald if you are lucky I wasn’t so far), but after they gutted Valdun set, for anything that is not 2H ranged, I dont feel that there is appropriate gear support for going pierce gunslinger.

Why 2x havoc and not death dealer sidearm?

Simply I think havoc is much better rounded for using cadence with higher emphasis on phys dmg. Yes it has lower base dmg and lower flat addition, but it has higher base atc speed, higher bonus to atc speed, higher ADCTH, much more useful skill bonuses (never had easier time reaching 22/12 Deadly momentum), high OA bonus and most important much lower AP ration, 25% compared to 33% on deathdealer sidearm. Lower AP ratio alone means so much, its like having 8% more preferable dmg.

Why is for this build phys dmg more preferable?

Simply, you have much better gear/resistance reduction support for it. 3pcs of warborn are giving you uber defensive and offensive stats, useful skill bonuses and ability to have war cry perma up, due to CDR to warcry on warborn helm. Havoc and Warborn set do not give any % dmg bonuses to pierce so you will end up with like 1000% more to phys than to pierce dmg, despite trying to boost pierce % trough devotion setup which I did.

Enough talk, Grimtools: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlqA7xZ

Skill points allocation:

With 4 to soldier and 3 to inquisitor on top of all that juicy skill point bonuses from warborn set pieces and havoc, you have more than enough skill points to play around, with last few honestly I didnt know what to do so pumped bursting round to 10/10. You can if you like add more points to break morale but imho flat 30 rr is more than enough and high bursting round lvl net you really strong AOE clearance, so imho, specially for cruci it pays off to go like that.
I didnt took any other of inquisitors wps cuz frankly they look like dps lost to me, not huge but again significant. Btw dummy kill time for this build is 35 secs with setup like this, it could go up with higher break morale investment but even 35s is not bad for dual guner at all.


I tried to support phys and pierce best I could, especially pierce cuz it has no gear support at all, thus grabbed both Oleron and Unknown soldier. Tough choice was Assassin or hydra and I decided to go hydra mainly cuz larger OA and % to all dmg bonus. Last 3 points spent in scales can be allocated elsewhere if you find them better place that is :slight_smile:

Attribute points

Adjust cunning and phys investment to your liking, spirit just to meet with gear requirements. Basically you can go much more cunning and maybe i will rework it in that fashion, but for now I wanted high HP and DA for cruci thus invested more than is needed for gear requirements in physique.


2x Havoc, 3pcs Warborn, ring of black matriarch, bladetwister signet, rest is changeable and adjustable to resistance capping requirements. I personally wouldn’t change peerless eye, reforged chains and grasp of unchained might, for rest do as you will.

Game play

Cast inq seal, stand on it, cast war cry and blast everything to smithereens, cant be easier :slight_smile:

In closing:

Im out of the practice of making build guides so even this, till now, was to much for me, you will have to w8 for in closing part a bit more :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay tuned for more :wink:

Looks hot as always. Is it possible with 2h tho?

Reserved for future use.

Thx, like this, I dont think so, but you have other options for 2h. You could go pure pierce which would be me my advice for 2H.

Edit: Thx for deleting I forgot to reserve 2nd post on start :wink:

Hey, JoV. You are great. Keep up doing what you doing, man.

Aww, c’mon man I thought you were posting the “Bomber” build

Nice build as expected

Thx, Im going to leave bomber to you, thought we agreed on that :wink:

Huh? When did this happen? :eek:

I thought you were doing it so I began working on my spellbinder and reaper :rolleyes:


Is Medal BiS?
What about deathdealer + havoc combo?

Wowwowwow, 1st xpac build from JoV :slight_smile:
Why you didn’t take other Inq WPS, not worth with Cadence??

He’s written whole paragraph about this)

I explained about wps also :stuck_out_tongue:

Work is still in progress :wink:

You could call it done.

Im ready for questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Im still undecided on medal part, took this one mostly cuz of whooping 8% DA + flat DA/OA. But you could do good, maybe even better, with mark of Kalastor, BoM, MoD, w/e you prefer, plenty to chose and its not so important.

Yeah, now I see )
Hmm, so WPS here is a dps loss?? Strange, cause CR deals 320% WD at 8/10 and SS deals 264% at 7/10…

Ah okay

And about the guns, I was asking about Havoc + DD sidearm, but reading your explanation. I can see it will be inferior to 2x Havoc

Good build and nice breakdown of concepts :slight_smile:

Well on paper it looks like that but in practice you will hardly hit anything with more than one/two projectile of SS and CR, idk I just dont think its worth it, its something like ACC but hits twice if Im not mistaking, could be worth of more testing.

will this build suffer from SoB nerf?

Not to some large extent, you can bind blind fury on bursting round and easy compensate. Because of high OA of the build and large AoE that bursting round has, you have 100% guarantied proc of blind fury. SoB is more for ADCTH here.

Try to test it, really. CR looks strong against single target and SS against both single target and AoE, with piercing from Fighting form it should be good trash cleaner.
Also SS is worth to take at least of it’s badass animation :smiley:

I just did some more testing, not convinced, CR is in desperate need of some %crit amplifier like ACC to be worth investment, and SS is, idk to much spreads for my taste :smiley:

But like I wrote in original post, no one forbids you to use it if you like it :wink: