[]The DoT Vindicator or how to cheese the game with greens

This thing beats all vanilla + expansion content, even eliminated a Nemesis although I had to cheese him more than usual. A great league starter as we call them in the PoE community and it is extremely easy to play - spam cooldowns and run.

The key? Stat stacking. There is this wonderful passive the Inquisitor has, it is called Deadly aim. If you crit constantly you will keep it constantly. Of course criting also triggers lightning procs so it is quite easy and satisfying to fill your screen with explosions. This is why you get cunning on your gear. Of course physique and spirit are great for casters too. Late game greens can boost up these stats in the hundreds while giving some resistances, flat life and flat OA/DA in the process. You can even put half of your leveling points into cunning, I did it and ended up with 18k life, more than enough to stroll through 99.9% of the content.

Since the build can run entirely on greens I’ll only post the skills/devotions.


There is a set which supports the build and can only make it stronger, it is called Light’s Guardian. There are also a bunch of good monster infrequents, Yeti’s horn being the easiest to farm. Ascendant stuff from the Malmouth mages works wonders. And I am still looking for a good Living ring from the plants.

There is already a video of me strolling through Ugdenbog, maybe I’ll post one of some Malmouth farming later.

Oh, before I forget, this build is awful in the Crucible. No great physical mitigation, no life leech from attacks, no proper massive crowd control and of course lightning damage is random in its nature.

Crown Hill


I see that people are posting pictures with stats so here goes


Thx for posting this, followed some of your posts in the other thread. Dumb question but how do I get devotions to show in grimtools?

Clicking on the book then devotion? It shows fine for me.

ah for some reason it doesn’t for me or I wouldn’t have asked. I’m using Chrome could it be something there? I’ll try updating flash etc.

The link works for me in both Firefox and Chrome. Not sure what the problem is.

Then again this is my first time ever using it so maybe there is a trick I don’t know about?


hi there - simply click “S” on your keyboard - it opends the skill tab - there you can see skills and can click on devotions … or click “D” on keyboard - than you are instant at the devotion menue …

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Ah crap! Updated Flash and all, still no joy…I never had a problem seeing it in grimcalc wonder why this is an issue with grimtools…

This was my first build in the expansion and it works amazingly. Surprised you didn’t mention the Groble Sky Effigy MI though, as it basically makes the build exponentially better.

What damage stats should I be looking for? Lightning/electrocute?

Well while I’m figuring out my grimtools problem, can someone list the preferred devotions please and thank you?

ok here are the devotions

Chariot of the Dead
Ultos, Shepherd of Storms
Aeon’s Hourglass

Looks like the perfect softcore build to play with friends. Will give it a spin.
Thanks for sharing!

Guess leveling goes something like stack word of pain faceroll normal and elite, respec somewhere towards the end of elite into shaman and faceroll the rest am i right? :rolleyes:

You can respec once you get Reckless Tempest. That thing clears the screen super fast when your crits are reliable.

Video ? link ?

I’ve updated the first post with two of my favorite farming routes in Ugdenbog and Crown Hill.

Thx bud, really appreciate it!

looks cool i defenetly want to try it.
maybe Elemental Storm (Rhowans Crown) will work good here for the rr and some electricude dmg?

Unfortunately we are lacking a point. It is possible to trade Tsunami for Sailor’s Guide, this gives 1 free devotion point. Then trade Vulture for jackal + 5% health on crossroads for 1 more point. But we need 3. There is no way to get it without removing either Hourglass or Ultos.

I started with Shaman using grasping vines, then respec to Wind devil and storm totem.
Few points in vendogo totem also help.

How about attributes? Did you put any points in cunning or just get that from gear?