[] DarkBlaze gunslinger - chaos Pyromancer

Yeah I’m also curious if this build can clear gladiator. I know he dps is enough but is the defense there

I didn’t try this build in Crucible really, made it for campaign as new players friendly.

This build definitely seems like it might make a good replacement for http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31535.

How exactly does THIS look like 100% glass canon?

Just swap some gear and components and keep the same dmg but more defense…

For gear swap I think this would be better.

Good, but mine seems a bit more defensive thats why i posted it in the first place.

I should try your setup in Crucible :slight_smile:

Sure, go ahead and let us know the results! (or a video if you can!)

Nice build, it’s time for repalce old “not-so-cool” Infernal Knight Pyromacer Gunslinger.

Just a question : how is energy management? With high atk speed and 2 guns firestrike drinks a lot of energy + you have an expensive castable skill granted by the set + cof and blood of dreeg.

Don’t you starve on energy?

Honestly - bad. But seems it’s a bug with Symbol of Solael using in pistol, because all my other pyros with 50% energy absorption feel good.

Using tree of life as defensive devotion should help

Not my way :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing you could do, and I dont know if its smart, is to have melee wep + shield on swap for mobility (korvaak’s already give you charge). Feel free to toy with the idea.

EDIT: I went to toilet and have a shit, and realized - Soulrend is better, provides charge, put chaos strike on there. Now you have 3 charges on swap :stuck_out_tongue:

Eldritch path could be cool in the relic spot for this build, now i wanna give a try…

Eldritch path indeed are very nice relic with a strong prock but… to build using pistols, he is not very suitable, because it is the proc range is quite small.

Unless I’m mistaken you don’t have enough cunning to equip those pistols, though. And resist capping being contingent on buffs scares me a bit.

I’ve been trying to put together a Pyromancer for a while now with no luck (keep getting hung up on gearing).

It’s because of -25% Cunning Requirement for Ranged Weapons.

Ohhh, okay. Fuck, that confused me.

here is a slight variant doing crucible