[] DarkBlaze gunslinger - chaos Pyromancer

So due to Crate made DarkBlaze set no longer the worst set in the game’s history I decided to check these horrible nerfs in practice.
Honestly, it’s impressive. New bonuses are real nice. We’ve got one more decent pistols build.

Pic with Hungering Void up

Grimtools link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLzL3ON

Nemesis video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-ysNzLUxfE

Alternative offensive setup using devotions route by toilagamer852

Pic with all buffs

Grimtools link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvqmdk2

Gladiator Crucible video by BladeAndShadow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN5QD88ehpY

Skills and devotion description:


  • Fire strike - main damage source due to fire and lighting to chaos convention. Main skill and Brimstone have highest priority. Explosive strike doesn’t work with item modifiers.
  • Flame touched - flat chaos(converted), and OA, maxing. Temper is 1-point passive.
  • Blast shield - circuit breaker, helps much, maxing it.
  • Blackwater cocktail - flat resistances reduction(Agonizing flames), also cool devotion activator and enemy OA and physical damage debuff.
  • Thermite mines - resistance reduction(Hellfire mine).
  • Flashbang - target’s DA debuff, confusing enemies(trash only), fumble and Impaired aim for all.
  • Vindictive flame - total speed, very important. 11/16 - is the best points investment. Ulzuin’s wrath is meh.


  • Solael’s witchfire - very important, flat chaos and attack speed. Second rift - 1-point passive.
  • Possession - flat and percentage chaos, damage absorption, chaos and skill disruption resistance. Maxing this.
  • Curse of frailty - chaos RR due to Darkblaze set modifiers.
  • Blood of Dreeg - flat chaos, attack speed, OA, health restorer, physical and acid resistance(Aspect of the Gurdian).


  • Dying god - OA, crit damage, flat and percentage chaos, total speed, chaos resistance.
  • Revenant - attack speed, ADCtH, HP, vitality resistance.
  • Charion of the dead - OA, vitality resistance.
  • Jackal - total speed.
  • Wretch - flat chaos, bleeding resistance.
  • Ghoul - circuit breaker, ADCtH.
  • Solael’s witchblade - resistance reduction. Very important.
  • Hawk - OA, crit damage, -% cunning requirement for ranged weapon.
  • Empty throne - resistances.
  • Solemn watcher - DA, resistances.
  • Eel - blue points requirement.
  • Sailor’s guide - blue points requirement.

Leveling tips:

Use any AoE skill(Bloody Pox, DEE, BWC) for fast leveling.
For gear Bloodsworn Repeater with any good affixes is recommended.
Some nice helm, shoulders and chest can be bought from vendors. Also periodically check faction merchants for gear with good resistances.

Seems promising!

Any videos?

seems strong!

no monster infrequents!

That’s a lot of chaos damage.

It’s nice to convert my Pyromancer to this, now that Inquisitioner took over the classic fire damage pistol shooty.

I have a DW pyro using some of the same set I was working on today; I will post him when I am done.

Build looks neat. Why those boots?

Huge stun resist for sure.

I saw that one coming after they buffed the set. I would slightly disagree with skill allocation, imo, shave off ~5 points of Blood of Dreeg and two points of Blast shield and put points in Solael’s Witchfire Modifier for more Chaos damage and couple of points into Second Rite for some stackable DA shred.

Maybe even Ulzuin’s chest to cap attack speed.

Can u upload this save so I can download it? thank u

Pardon me but please give me some of whatever you smoke :slight_smile:

14/12 Blast Shield is at a breakpoint for max. resist bonus, and generally the higher flat absorb the better.

BoD is extreamly useful for this build (flat chaos damage and OA) and the last ultimate level gives around twice the bonus than the ones before it so it’s quite worth to max.

Consecrated Blade doesn’t give more (effective) chaos damage per point than BoD and it’s only affects one weapon since the other deals no physical damage.

Second Rite doesn’t provide any DA reduction, you must meant Vulnerability, but it’s not giving more effective OA than BoD.

I’m not saying that changing a few point’s would have a great effect on performance but the changes you suggested don’t seem to make too much sense to me.

Video of some gameplay pls?

I do smoke good stuff :slight_smile:

Wait - how did you get to be able to dual wield guns? As I don’t see any items granting that ability on grim tools.

Check that Darkblaze Incinerator again. This set got too much love from the devs. But it really needed it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the build and proof of concept ! :smiley:

I had a pyromancer and some items waiting for this. Still some leveling to make, but it looks nice.

I made some tweaks (mainly to the devotion setups) : http://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2je1zqN

  • Got Ghoulish hunger as extra circuit breaker (low physical resistance in the build)
  • Got Flame torrent proc - attached to Thermite mine : each mine can proc the effect indepedently + the proc is centered on the mine and not on the char (same concept as Blind Fury on Inquisitor seal)
  • Attached Chariot on Blast shield : I don’t like attaching those heal procs on an aura. They tend to activate off trash’s attacks and are thus on CD when you need them the most. So I like to attach them to circuit breakers.
  • Ditched Giant’s blood for the reason stated above

What do you think of these?

Ah, I see, they snuck it in the default wps :stuck_out_tongue:

Will probably convert my dual wielding pyro into this once I’ve got the parts.

All I can say using Darkblaze with burning void and the “available skill bug”:

the build is stupid strong, it seriously melts everything

Good improvements, you can use it, if you like it :slight_smile:

Can anyone post a video of this build killing anything? Preferably crucible?

Probably not crucible viable, max wave 100 maybe? It looks like 100% glass cannon :rolleyes: