UPDATED [] Chaos PyRambo - Now with no M.I's! (180k sheet DPS before *all* procs)

(4 + 0) Cruci: 8min average -> Chose not to get banner because this build kites a lot, and you can’t stay in the banner’s AoE as much.
SR: Don’t know, don’t care. I don’t enjoy SR. Probably wouldn’t do well, though.

Updated GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAwOm6N
GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2md0d5N --> Original GT which cleared SR 75
YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8V-9JyV6MU&t
Huge thanks to - Korsar, mad_lee, ya_, ptir, strukto

I also want to give a special shoutout to Korsar’s guide. It’s the original darkblaze pyro guide, and the guide I based my very first character on.

Preface (feel free to ignore):

Meet BippityBoppityBoop. She’s your everyday, unassuming pyromancer - overlooked by most, scorned even. After all, what do guns have to do in an age ruled by shields and metal?

But never judge a book by its cover.

She packs heat.

Sure. She ain’t pretty like your octavius warlords, and she’ll never do SR runs past 80 (I’ll be surprised if someone actually hits 80 on her).

But if you want to blaze through main campaign (and I mean blaze in the literal sense); if you want to tear the crucible asunder; if you want to consume your foes with the inexorable maw of entropy and chaos - then look no further.

She’s your gal. :wink:

The darkblaze pyro is the epitome of a glass cannon. When I first piloted her, I felt like a drunk hobo driving a ferrari - the game moved at SUCH a fast pace.

I was unstoppable, I was killing everything, nems were getting swatted like flies. Aleksander got ragdolled in a matter of seconds, kuba was dropped like a huge sack of shit, and reaper was about to get curbsto-

Oh wait.

I’m dead.


So how do we prevent these deaths? How do we learn to pilot such raw power with finesse and precision?

Here’s how:

  1. Don’t skimp on the CC-res (e.g. stun, slow, etc.): Taking that 1 additional second to wriggle out of a clusterfuck may spell your demise.
  2. Position, position, position: Never be out of position. This means having a clear escape, not getting surrounded, and funneling your enemies into your line of fire
  3. Know your kill potential: This is the most important thing. It lets you know when to man-up and facetank, when to stutter step, or when to straight up run screaming and crying away from whatever’s after you.

A more detailed how-to on doing this effectively can be found in my crucible guide: Piloting specs in the crucible - With a focus on 150-170 runs


  1. 180k sheet-dps BEFORE all procs
  2. 47% WPS
  3. More chaos rr than I can handle (seriously. Throwing BWC, mines, and CoF is annoying)


  1. See “offense”

NOTE: This is NOT an easy build to play, and requires good positioning from the pilot.

Don’t level with this character. lmao.
This is an end game toon you re-spec into.

Here’s a guide on levelling: A how-to on getting loot efficiently on solo play + advice on levelling

Not much flex here. You can probably do BIS with a double rare stoneplate boots.
Regardless, you want slow res on all craftable items.

For just plain ol’ MC, you can ignore the stun resist.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?


HELL YEAH!1111oneone

Dat flat damage!

You remade your old classic, gj!

What a bloody mess , Ive expected more out of our fellow GDstasher. 1)Stop wearing crap items. 2)Max BWC, onepointer intro Demon fire max Agonising flames 3)Drop the mine to onepointer 4)Devotions, my eyes re bleeding.

Thanks guys. :smiley:

I consider this my greatest theorycraft + greatest piloting achievement ever.

Ever since I saw korsar’s guide on the darkblaze pyro (which inspired me to make my very first character on GD), I’ve always wanted to beat 170 naked with the darkblaze pyro.


EDIT: I can agree that maybe I didn’t make the best decision in terms of skill point allocation, but what’s wrong with devotions? And what’s wrong with my items?

2nd EDIT: You’re probably right to say that this would be a better use of skill points though - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqJgJpN

Darkblaze can run SR75 with 80%+ success rate. :wink: Push it to that level and you will see wat`s wrong with devotions and items.

I feel like that’s a chicken-egg problem. If I could push it to that level (and I’ve tried), then my items/devotions choices would be correct.

I suppose you’re suggesting I use abominable might?

I’m not sure what to bind it to though. :confused:

Nou, man, I suggest you to pick stuff that Deal dmg. You know. Guardian Gaze. Stuff that will sustain you . So you could concentrate on killing stuff, not running away.
Abominable might is useless in SR, btw.

I actually did try guardian’s gaze. :eek:

Even paired it with bat, and then later tried pairing it with fiend.

But I kept dying. Maybe I’m missing something, so I’ll try again.

Thanks for the input ptir. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you`re missing a lot of staying power with these items. Just run some numbers and you will see how to improve your dps by not running away =)

Ok. So the clue is in increasing damage. Got it.

I’ll look into it.

True but he built it for his naked runs fetish. :wink: thus aeon, high (for pyro) health and res overcaps.

btw if its not for naked id take eye of the guardian for tower and hawk for candle

What about instead of Wretch, Candle and full Aeon you get Fiend, Eye and first 3 nodes of Aeon (for 50% slow res)?

These should cover sustain no?

I really don’t know. I have to test it out. Facetanking with sheer DPS isn’t my preferred piloting style, so I admit my perspective could very well be biased towards a hit-&-run devotion pathing.

Aeon’s really patches up res + DA + dodge though…

Time dilation has also been clutch in resetting both my heals and ghoul.

This build has some serious gunzz

Negatory. This build aims at naked crucible. Eye and Fiend are full contact facetanking procs. They wouldn’t do much for this playstyle. Cdr for Ghoul on the other hand.

But I don’t know why candle for hawk with no need for the extra green point.

Also, including a normalized setup for regular cruci runs might have prevented the commotion

I took candle for elemental res, and for the energy.

I didn’t want to sub out enchanted earth for spellscorched plating*.

It’s always nice to see under utilized builds like Pyro posted.I mean even for ranged style you have purifier.You bring back to life old classic:)

Right off the bat - I realize why I wasn’t clearing SR 65. I was running an older build copy of my DB pyro which had manticore instead of revenant. I also hadn’t put points into BWC.

Rookie mistake. Silly spanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless I did some testing per your suggestion.

The only alternative chaos gear that I can think of are:

  1. Rah’zin chest piece
  2. Rah’zin shoulder
  3. Benny’s shoulder
  4. Combustion band.

Rah’zin (RZ) chestpiece:
> Is in every way inferior to M. Severed Faith (SF). SF’s aura gives 21 flat damage vs ~8 flat chaos on RZ. SF has more OA, phys res, and %chaos damage as well.

> RZ vs malmouth void pauldrons (MVP): The only advantage here is the phys res it offers. +3 to possession is HUGE because the last point in possession clinches you 13 flat chaos, 8% chaos damage, and 1% absorption.

> RZ chest/shoulder vs SF + MVP: the only thing which RZ comes up on top here is %chaos damage (by ~40%) and ~3-4% phys res.

Just by looking at the flat chaos damage alone (SF + MVP = 34 flat chaos; RZ = 8 flat chaos) RZ is inferior.

> Combustion band vs entropic coil - this was a hard decision, I would actually pick combustion band over entropic coil, HOWEVER entropic coil is needed to 22/12 solael’s. Therefore, entropic coil wins.

> Benny’s shoulders - there’s no way to get both solael AND possession to 22/12 with benny’s shoulders. So that’s immediately out.

In other words, I think my itemization is flawless. Perhaps what can be fixed is changing the prefix of the shoes to thunderstruck, and slapping on a sanctified bone, or a prismatic diamond on the headpiece. (cred to ya_ for suggesting this).

It’s something definitely worth looking into.

Going to devotions:
This is what I tested - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrjYd1Z

While the damage is undoubtedly superior, what I don’t like about it is how the lower HP + lower DA results in me getting chunked hard which then procs BOTH blastshield AND ghoul simultaneously.

This means the effective time that I can actually hold my ground and facetank is cut by half. I personally don’t like it, but I can see how/why a different piloting style might be able to pull it off.

It’s just not for me.

I really like the consistency offered by Aeon’s. It adds a little more predictability in the already very unpredictable environment of SR. Being able to reset hungering void, ghoul, and BoD is huge IMO.

Last but not least, skill point allocation:
Ptir, your suggestion here helped TREMENDOUSLY. I still kick myself for making the rookie mistake of investing in second rite vs BWC. Can’t believe I overlooked that.

The increased DA shred is very tangible, and the increased AoE makes BWC far more reliable in debuffing nems.

All said and done - I beat 75 without dying 2 out of 3 times. Death in the other run was due to sloppy piloting on my end.

This is definitely a SR+ build.

Thanks for the input ptir!

Spanks, I’ll just have you know that there’s a university here that holds these kinds of events where everyone runs around naked. You’ll be interested in that.