Chaos DW Pyromancer with Stun resist problem

This is my character : and I’m following this build : UPDATED [] Chaos PyRambo - Now with no M.I’s! (180k sheet DPS before all procs)

Now the thing that confuses me is absence of Stun resist cap. If I equip every item featured in the guide, there is no way I’m going to be stun capped, even with all augments available. Yesterday I got the Grey Magi boots blueprint and when I replaced them with my green boots what gave me Stun resist I realized there is literally no way of me being Stun capped. Even in the guide the GRtools character is not Stun capped, the author did not even try to cap it by augmenting the rings and amulets with that 8% Stun resist.

Does the granted skill of Grey Magi boots justify not being capped on stun ? Is Stun cap not needed on some chars with specific playstyle because of kiting ? (even though most guides stress the importance of Slow and Stun resist) What would you suggest ?

Second question is should I overcap movement speed to dampen the effect of slows ? If yes, how much?

its a crucible build, no need of getting max stun res since you play with blessings.

Also some pieces can be crafted with bonus Stun res which is not reflected in GT

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What do you mean by that ?

Grim Tools cant show crafting bonuses

Kaylon in the Steelcap District Resistance outpost can craft the boots and the helm from the build you linked with Stun Res bonus (8% on average if I’m not mistaken).


Ah okay I understand now. And for example if i craft a legendary set helmet and it rolls the blacksmith stun resist and then i transmute the helm in another item of the same set, does it keep the stun resist bonus ?

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No 10chars

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No, it won’t.