UPDATED [] Chaos PyRambo - Now with no M.I's! (180k sheet DPS before *all* procs)

After reading the introduction I thought this was a Chaos Vire’s Might build, because of the “PyRambo” and “blazing” through main campaign, but Darkblaze is really cool aswell. Seems like the time to dust off an old Pyro myself.

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Does Aeon’s CD reset work on Ghoul? There is a chart on the Discord channel that suggests that those kind of affects don’t work on “passive devotions” which automatically activate at a certain health percentage.

Yes it does. Whoever created that chart is wrong.

EDIT: But it won’t work on something like say ‘menhir’s will,’ or ‘blastshield’

That could be where the confusion is coming from.

Does it…drain your essence? :stuck_out_tongue:


Is the chart typically linked on the Discord. I’m guessing it just needs to be fixed

Now you have me second guessing myself because that chart was done up by dashiv. Tell you what, assume I’m wrong until I can confirm this.

Nice one. I’m really surprised with SR results.

I just can’t force myself to drop abominable might on my toon. The damage when it’s up is so insane… Even though I have 18/12 Posession and no new aura chest, I’ve got 400k+ crits while doing FG campaign.

Abominable might isn’t useful in SR because you’re going to have a hard time proccing it in boss chunks. I suppose you could proc it right before starting one, but what do your CC-res look like.

I want to know too.My Krieg CT spammer have both and did not noticed aeon to reset Ghoul cd,so I think is not working at all on any devotion proc.

You’re the hero we need. Spank those game mechanics into submission. Btw do you have a grimtools for the spellbreaker you’ve mentioned in another thread? Always curious to get more perspective

^The very first guide I posted on the forum.

Here it is in a naked 170 run before the nerfs to crucible’s difficulty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UQMwPq8Isg&t

I have a harbinger build on which I, out of morbid curiousity, took abominable might. It wasn’t much of a stretch to get there and I thought fuck it let’s see if it’s actually that bad.

It is.

Even on a maxed out doom bolt with 140% WD you have to be very accurate to snipe a trash mob in the crowd to get the trigger. And most of the time I miss because who has time to aim that precisely. Completely useless in 1 on 1 boss fights, still. I hate this trigger. I really do.

Avyctes and I have always been on team ‘Abominable trash’


No reason to use abomination when you have DG.Is it possible to build working pyro as caster?Around doom bolt and/or bwc?

BWC, sure, but you know as always a purifier will be much stronger.

Yes, I guess youre right. I didn’t go far in SR yet. But if you can burst down someone real quick…

The trigger is very poor indeed, but still open+closed rings are there in many builds.
The thing with abominable might is it grants insane flat chaos, which is great for DW AA. I have 3500 OA as well, so when both DG and this thing proc things just evaporate.

In Cruci on death proc is easy to trigger,but for campaign is almost useless and it’s not gonna do good job in SR as well.