[] DarkBlaze gunslinger - chaos Pyromancer

Could you post a grimtools for this variant please? Thanks!

Sure, http://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mMywW2

It is also linked in the video. It relies a lot on the greens for health which are a pain to farm. Trying to track down Benn’Jahr in Ultimate is too time consuming. It is better just to run crucible to try and get good greens.

My to do list is…

  1. Test Exterminus as the off hand. There are a few enemies that die slower because of their chaos resis. You can see that I just save them for last in the video. Exterminus would really help with the resis reduction. I originally choose 2 darkblaze guns for the attack speed and WPS to get out more brimstones.

  2. Level a hardcore pyro. I was able to max brimstone at about level 40 and it is feeling really good atm. I know a HC toon is likely to die in crucible but I want to try anyways…

The build feels really good to play so it would be nice to see how we can make it better. I like that it can take some damage but you still need to kite a bit. Wave 150 can get crazy if it becomes hard to kite. I died to 2 iron maidens and valdaran.

Wow it seems to be a very cool build! Just one question, what is that chaos orb that you launch and that comes back to you? Is it granted by gear/devotion/component?

That is from the relic eldritch pact

My variant was missing BWC so I fixed that…


I tested both guns (Darkblaze, Exterminus) as the 2nd weapon and I had similar crucible times so you should be fine using either one.

I’m currently happy with the build atm. Thanks to korsar for sharing and my HC char is doing okay in ultimate so far but I’m lucky to have a stash full of nice gear to use.

You’re welcome, man. Thanks to you too for developing setups based on this cool set and posting your own builds.
Personally due to I’m not the Crucible fun, I choose Darkblaze+Exterminus combo for better single target damage.

Ok thx :rolleyes:

Makes sense. If anything Exterminus was more consistent.

May I ask how did you spend your devotion points. Devotions are the hardest part for me to understand when looking at Grimtools. Any help with devotions would be amazing. For example 1. put 1 point into green crossroads 2. fill quill 3. remove point from green crossroad, ect…

This would help not only me, but other newbies as well. Thanks a bunch for any help anyone can give.

This build seems fun, I am going to try it out.

Mmm, chaos flavor!
So good!
Added to my compilation.

In the beginning of the game, you will probably be doing mostly physical and fire damage. Using korsar’s build, I would probably go for Chariot of the Dead first. So you could do…

  1. Crossroad +1 Green
  2. Scholar’s Light +4 Green
  3. Crossroad +1 Purple
  4. Empty Throne +5 Purple
  5. Now you can remove Crossroad Purple star
  6. Chariot of the Dead +3 Green +2 Red
  7. Now you can remove Crossroad Green star
  8. Hawk +3 Green
  9. Now you can remove Scholar’s Light

Eldritch Fire is nice to go for too. So next…

  1. Jackal +3 Red
  2. Solael’s Witchblade +1 Green, +1 Red

I think that is a pretty good start.


You are the best. Thank you for your quick reply!!!

Wow, this build is like exactly the same gear as mine except I’ve got for obsidian juggernaut over dual pistols. So much fun to 100% convert all fire to chaos. If I find the pistol I might try a dual pistol variant and see how it compares too.

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Any thoughts on doing this build with a Witchblade?

Something like this I guess.
You may also check this thread.

How do you get 200 Attack speed without DG/Kings procs? I have exactly the same setup and i sit at 170?

Finally managed to lvl my Pyro - this build has one of the fastest clear times in the game i have seen and it is very very fun with all the rail-gun lighting effects everywhere! Thanks for sharing!

However its damn dependent on some godly unicorn MiS which i lack and with what i have i cannot get above 2550 DA even with every single stat point in Phy. What is worse that i ran Cruci at lvl94 and it was kind of breeze for 12+ runs. Stopped, leveled to max level - tried again and now i get insta stomped by nemesis who suddenly have 11%+ chance to crit me (while having just a few % before and that is not counting mutators). In other words scaling past lvl94 is counter productive for some fragile builds like this one.


Sucks how the more fun builds are banned from doing Crucible - going back to my proven and boring Cruci farmers it seems :frowning:

You can easy get Solemn Watcher, put Hallowed Ground and invest more points into Blackwater cocktail. That give you much of effective DA.

Thanks for the tip - indeed i was contemplating Watcher but didnt want to lose too much OA - what do you think is the sweet spot for OA for this build?
Mind you i dont run banners in Cruci as they force you to maneuveur in a limited space :slight_smile:

With Flashbang you already have good value of OA. Further increase just not worth. http://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqGaB62