[] Bleeding Trickster…everything bleeds!

(The screenshot was made before the patch. After a nerf, the highest I got so far on Fabius was 850k.)

First, if you want a guide for a build which clears Crucible Gladiator, kills Mogdrogen or Ravager with a lot of videos…well, don´t bother reading any further. I don´t play Crucible, don´t make any videos and I don´t think this build can kill superbosses. But it´s fun to play nonetheless.

Second, all credits go to TZ Tz for his inspiration with the “Bloody Assassin” for Vanilla. This build is just an expansion of that build for AoM. Special thanks to Chthon, jajaja and Superfluff for giving me some feedback and advices.

Probably the best setup: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeYo3vZ
Current setup: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/aZqmOD9Z
Non-MI-Setup: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28njMDZ

Update to

Polished Version for Ancient Grove: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mGbDlZ
Crucible Version: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2EjdrmV

Update to

Current Setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxWxdr2 (insane MI, I know)
Setup without any Greens: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26vz982

Well, this is a melee build with really good crowd control. We step in and place our Wendigo Totem, debuff everything with Devouring Swarm and Entangling Vines, perhaps freeze some foes with Ring of Steel…and loot. If there is a large group of enemies, we don´t want to engage with this many mobs to fight, we soften them up and kill them easily, when they reach us.

Against bosses, we have really good Resistance Reduce and very high bleeding DoTs, especially against Humans and Beasts. And we want more than one enemy to procc the set bonus of Bloodrager´s set (every kill gives us a huge boost)!

If the shit hits the fan, we can always rely on Pneumatic Burst and Blade Barrier.

LMB: Savagery
RMB: Pneumatic Burst
1: Energy Potion
3: Shadowstrike
4: Ring of Steel
5: Devouring Swarm
6: Entangling Vines
7: Health Potion
0: Aether Cluster
M4: Wendigo Totem
M5: Blade Barrier

• High Mobility (Shadow Strike, Movement Speed)
• A lot of HP (up to ~18.000)
• Crowd Control against nearly everything
• High Damage Output (lesser against Undead and some Cthonians)
• Fast Kill Speed
• Circuit Breaker with Blade Barrier
• Healing with Wendigo Totem, Pneumatic Burst and Chariot of the Death Devotion

• Low Armor
• Struggling to get high OA/DA
• Puzzling out capped resistances is a game for itself
• No Physical Resistances
• Hard to cap Stun Resist

While you can see the itemization including augments/components and the devotions including bindings, I will only add a short Q&A. As always, there are alternatives, e. g. instead of Oleron´s Fervor on weapons we can give us more life with Bloodscale Powder.

1. Why Grasping/Entangling Vines?

Simple: Crowd Control. With Rend bound to Grasping Vines we can split up whole groups and soften them up or kill them right away. Entangling Vines even can stop Flesh Hulks!

2. Why Ring of Steel with Cold Transmutor?

Again, Crowd Control. It can give us a few seconds if swarmed and all foes are bleeding. Especially in Malmouth, this could be a lifesaver.

3. How good is this build against bosses?

He´s human, absolut no problem, if he doesn´t use Mythical Cruel Edge or Mythical Notched Bone of Thousand Deaths.
Mind his shotgun, otherwise easy, although he doesn´t bleed very well.
Iron Maiden:
I will never know.
My personal nemesis. His freezing is annoying, he hits very hard (no physical resistance…) and he is a skeleton. He isn´t really a problem but no fun to fight.
Boring, but easy. Nothing special, but bleeds lesser than other Nemesis.
After the patch, he´s killable. I now like the fight, a little bit kiting and the breath doesn´t hurt so much anymore.
He´s human…´nough said. Beware of Meteors!
Kind of strange. Most times, he´s pretty easy (but we need Blade Barrier), sometimes he 2-shots me.
I will never know.

Never tried him; he´s arrogant as hell but he´s the god of the Rovers. And I like them (probably not killable…)
Secret Boss:

Well, we can beat Lokarr. But we have to make some preparations. First, we need really overcapped Fire Resistance. I took Mythical Sash of the Immortal Mage to gain this, but Mythical Devil´s Cage Hauberk will do, too. Second, we need Physical Resistance. I tried it with nearly 20k Life and without Physical Resistance and died…a lot. So I respecced and took Primal Bond instead of Stormcaller´s Pact (16 % Damage Resistance). This (and a few Aether Cluster during the fight which lasted for 5 minutes) can bring him down.

Mad Queen:
After the patch, I was surprised because she was a lot harder than before. Died a couple of times, didn´t know why. Then, I got the clue: “Massacre” (the mythical relic) got buffed and we now have a shotgun which proccs quite often. Well, Mad Queen has a greater shotgun, so she wins this fight…

Shadow Strike in, hit her with all you have, have good timing with Blade Barrier and then kite her with Grasping Vines (Rend), Devouring Swarm (Falcon Swoop) and Massacre Procc. She will go down pretty fast.

Act Bosses/Rogue Dungeons:
No problems with any of the bosses, except for Alkamos, who is a little bit annoying because…well, Undead. For farming, I prefer BoC instead of SoT.

If you really want to try it, I would suggest to use Primal Bond over Stormcaller´s Pact. Changing a few devotions might be mandatory.

Feel free to suggest or criticize anything. :slight_smile:

Short fight vs. Fabius
Meeting Kubacapra
Flames of Valbury
Shar´Zul in seconds
Sentinel (including Blueprint Drop)
Alkamos (Undead can bleed!)

Leveling Guide:

I leveled this toon without a clue. So I died a lot and now would change a lot of things if I would have tp level it again.

My suggestions:
Go Shaman first, grab Devouring Swarm and (as first devotion) Falcon with Falcon Swoop. This is really great and will help you a lot. You can even think to take Grasping Vines very early (though you don´t have Rend from Huntress Devotion, yet) because if it can´t reach you, it can´t hit you. The first points in Nightblade could be Veil of Shadows, Pneumatic Burst and Dual Blades if you want to go dual-wield early. Then I would suggest to invest in Savagery to get an auto-attack-replacer.

After that, take skills like you want. You really can´t do something wrong; I would possibly take Tencacity of the Boar/Heart of the Wild next and Anatomy of Murder because of bonus against Humans which is handy in Act 2. The next devotions: Aim for Berserker and Huntress.

For items and resistances…take what you get. In Act I you need a little Poison Resistance, Act 2 Pierce and Fire…and Cold. At this point in Act 2 you will probaly hate this build a little bit because…Undead. Well, you can skip Steps of Torment (I didn´t play it till Elite) or I would strongly suggest to get Sanctified Bone Component. And use all Augments and Components you can get; everything helps leveling. Act 3 is Aether/Chaos Resistance as is Act 4. AoM Content needs Poison and Aerther Resistance.

Items…one word: Gorefeast. Normal, Empowered, Mythical. You want this axe. There are a lot of really good epic axes and swords for all levels so good luck to get them. There is a Set, too (Bloodreaper´s), too, but I won´t farm for it.

Put everything into Physique. Only put points in Cunning/Spirit if you need it for Requirements.

More to come if needed.

holy shit at that screen cap. lol

Very nice.

Excellent guide :smiley: Always nice to see people post builds suited to playing Campaign content as well as Crucible content.

I see bleed crits like that and I imagine the mob spraying blood like something out of Tokyo Gore Police.

Nice !
Finally you post it :slight_smile:

That screen on Fabius fight, he’ll need tons of blood donor if he want to survive :smiley:

Very nice guide, man. Sick bleed tick on Fabius. Why Gorefeast and not Butcher of Burwith?

Yay, somebody are manage to create a bleed build who outperformed a guillotine build.
Great job, man.

I actually wanted to ask for a link to your build at some point after you referred to this build in some other post. That damage in the screenshot is ‘bloody’ incredible. Very nice, totally proved me wrong when I assumed that bleeds tricksters weren’t such a good thing.

Nice one bleed meister :blush:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Why no Butcher of Burrwitch? Well, the procc and the OA are nice, but Gorefeast has more flat bleeding damage, Attack Speed and, that´s the most important part, + 1 Shaman.

Opinion on Myth Brutallax instead of Gorefeast? No flat bleed, but a bunch of other goodies.

EDIT: Wait, ok, they changed the proc on Myth Brutallax to a buff to AQC. Huh.

nicely done, did you ever test out if mh/oh bleed stack?

anyway , have couple suggestions -

-since low on DA, you can get wolverine instead of owl + 1st point in dryad. it gives ton of DA despite the useless retaliation stuff

-i wouldn’t focus so much on attackspeed on a bleed build since it wont actually increase the bleed dmg, it only really helps you stack up bleeds a bit faster, but it should already be pretty quick with DW. would def change medal component to tainted heart for crit dmg/resist/oa or even black tallow, since chaos resist is a bitch for this class. same with glove. i dont think belgothian sigil does too much either, would consider a resist or OA ring.

-why no 1 point in oak skin? u got alot of +shaman skills, it helps on the armor/resist department

@ Tycho:
Yes, sadly. :undecided:

I tested it, it is an alternative but you will get less high crits overall.

@ jajaja:
Medal component: I have a spare Direwolf Crest when going to BoC with Black Tallow. Or when actively searching Grava´Thul. Will test Tainted Heart, Dread Skull is for convenience (Movement Speed). :wink:

Belgothian´s Sigil; well I never found a better ring. I need the Resistances and the rest is nice-to-have.

I tryed with Wolverine but struggled to cap resistances, Spirit Requirements and had to drink Energy Potions on cooldown. Oak Skin; well I chose to keep Phantasmal Armor for Armor and Energy, so put no points in Oak Skin.

To your 1st question. It does stack (tested it with a white axe). All the WPS are applied with both hands; they are 72 % of all my attacks. The “White Hits” are 28 % and 50 % of these use both weapons, too. Therefore the AS; I want all WPS as fast as possible and I want build up Savagery as fast as possible. For hand component I thought about Mutated Scales to get even more Health.

Big sorry I forgot you in the credits, changed that. :undecided:

Congratulations on posting the build. New AoM ticks vs Fabius look sick. In Vanilla GD the most i got with Stormpact was just over 500K so this is great.

Btw how is the build doing vs Chtonian walkers and undead with new gear? I found Sanctified bone quite handy for them in vanilla. Would be nice to know it’s no longer needed

Grats on finally posting it

My sig…, you literally tricked me into reading further :furious:.
Seriously though nice to see Tricksters get some love here, I’m still struggling to make my cold-based one beating two Moomoo’s atm. Korba sucks much less now but still…

Thanks to you, too. :slight_smile:

@ Superfluff:
Chtonian Walkers and Undead are no problem. Sure, it is not at fast as other enemies (though wraiths go down really fast), but is not necessary to use a Head/Chest-Component-Slot for Sanctified Bone.

As I said, I won´t choose SoT as preferred farming dungeon, but I quite often farm BoC. And: Nearly all of these are cc´able. If there are 3, 4, 5, 6…Shaleborn, Ravagers, Skeletons, etc., just freeze them with Ring of Steel. 2.8 sec means roughly 10 attacks without taking any damage from them.

Moosilauke is…annoying. But even more: Baron Wradlith with a shield with “of Valor”. :wink:

what a trickster :cool:

good to know they stack, i think my korba trickster could be beast :smiley:
will also credit you on the kupa pants :smiley:

Hey! Sweet build. I answered your question in the stickied DoT thread.

I wanted to clarify when you said MH/OH stack. I was under the impression that main hand weapon damage (WD) and off-hand WD both counted as the same source and would override each other. Are you meaning to say that when you hit with Execution @ 250% for example, your Flat bleed damage is magnified x5?

Or do you mean that the Flat bleed damages listed on both weapons stack with each other when you hit with both? That would make more sense, because for other damage types the listed Flat damage on weapons only applies to hits with that weapon, which would therefore mean that hitting with both combines their Bleed damage (which would then be magnified by x2.5).

It should be easy to test, whack a dummy once with one white weapon to see listed Bleed damage @ 100% modifier, then equip 2 and proc Execution and see if it’s x2.5 or x5. If you could let me know that would be awesome!