[] Inquisitor Terminator - 2h Fire Rifle Purifier Tank

v2.0 of this build updated into a pure dps machine that can mow down 150-170 Gladiator in 10-10:30 min

This is what you’ll feel like in game:

A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy

[v1.0.5.1] NEW Video: 150-170 Gladiator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UAcvbbdnGE (10:30 min)

Campaign/Crucible version stats/calc:

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWqknLN
Deadly Aim, Fire and Brimston and set proc active. Added Elemental Balance rings and Ravager
s rage augment. As you can see dps skyrockets. It’s possible to use this in crucible too but it’s too risky

[i]This build is meant to break the myth that 2h rifle builds (especially FS) are lacking in any way. It is a special concept to me inspired from Warhammer 40K that I initially wanted to post before Inquisitor mastery came into play and i’m glad I waited.

This a beast of a build capable of dishing out massive amounts of flat damage with the new changes all thanks to FS+WPS and gear. And it does this while being and unstoppable Tank with good armor and balanced DA+Absorb.[/i]

Devotion Binding:
Fire Strike -> Elemental Storm
BWC -> Fissure
Inquisitor Seal -> Meteors
Flashbang -> Eldritch Fire

[COLOR=“Yellow”]New changes:[/COLOR]

Basically the weapon is at the heart of the change and what follows capitalizes on it.

  • Desolator has massive flat fire damage potential. With a good 50% phys>fire conversion it already exceeds Helborne in this regard. Bursting round with the mod is brutal with this weapon
  • We further take advantage of conversion by using a Seal of Destruction instead of Blades. The damage is so high at this point that Revenant devotion life steal is enough. Amulet is also replaced with Shard of the Eternal Flame. This amulet is a beast. More conversion (11% in my case), pure flat fire, +Demmo and Flame touched. These two changes make your bursting power skyrocket
  • Devotions. Replaced Fiend with Hydra and Magi for even more flat dmg and % dmg. The proc fissure is also very reliable once it procs and bursts really hard
  • Ravager’s Rage augment is also super powerful but risky in crucible.
  • Gameplay requires you to be extremely aggressive with this setup. You burst nemeses before being killed. Notice in the video that I set up a spawn point with Seal+Mines before the end of a wave so I can kill a Nemesis right at the start. Alex & Reaper go down really fast due to high damage and low innate resistance to fire+racial %dmg

To show just how powerful this weapon can get:

This is double the amount of what the previous Hellborne setup was capable

Old video/calc:

[spoiler][v1.0.3.1]Video: 140-150 Gladiator (4:50 min)
Mostly due to sharz +Toughened and my superb lag made worse by fire damage stuff. Average time is 4:30 min

Grim Tools:http://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV95MGWV[/spoiler]

Gameplay and Explanation:

1. Resist Reduction. A great portion of the success of this build is due to massive RR. It has a total of 133 Fire RR (66 is all elemental) to which you add Viper. This is very important. Censure is an absolute must an you will notice that I use Ignaffar combustion Relic not Pyroclasm.

Why this Relic? - Because that 10 rr on it vs an opponent like Sharz who has 100 Fire resistanace is effectively a 10% total damage increase. You will notice in the video that I melt him wuite fast despite the Toughened mutator. Can’t be done without Ignaffar relic. Also the massive elemental bonuses on it means no DPS loss and the 50 DA is amazing to add.

2. WPS. They aid both flat damage outbut to ana amazing degree and Dots:

FS/ES+Bursting Round = Exterminatus! This is what will enable you over 200K Burn ticks in Crucible and also AOE destruction with good %weapon dmg and Weapon burn mod.

FS+Chilling Rounds = Massive single target Burst DMG. You hit 3x VERY fast and also get 3x ES and 3x Brimstone scatter so it also gives AoE

Storm Spread. Don’t overlook it just because you are fire build. The shotgun effect u close is devastating and from range it offers good coverage. You fire 2x so you get 2x ES and Brimstone again.

Gameplay, as stated above in new changes “requires you to be extremely aggressive with this setup. You burst nemeses before being killed. Notice in the video that I set up a spawn point with Seal+Mines before the end of a wave so I can kill a Nemesis right at the start. Alex & Reaper go down really fast due to high damage and low innate resistance to fire+racial %dmg”

In Closing:

For the Emperor!!!

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So you finally opened for yourself Inq’s WPS :smiley:

It’s a great build as always

On topic, I forgot to ask you last time if outside Shar’Zul, Lokarr and Grava it is okay to go for Conviction? Even for them do you need Censure, don’t they have 98% Fire Resist?
And why is EoB better than Peerless Eye aren’t you technically going DoT playstyle is AS relevant in such a case?

Off Topic but I have to ask is it worth for someone to get into WH40K RTS games now, I mean I’m reluctant to try it because the latest game kinda sucks (so I’m told atleast)

  1. You won’t like Conviction outside of trash. I tried If you get close to 3k base OA(no deadly aim proc) Censure is far superior damage wise. As for Tankiness we have huge armor, DA and DA shred, and Inquis seal. It can facetank 2x nemeses at once it’s all good.

  2. Ammy: Yes burn is huge support in this build but so if Flat dmg. Highest Bursting round crit is 250K which is huge for FS rifle. So AS flat burst dmg and better life steal is a win i crucible.

Crap, now I’m not sure is there a reason to post my own DW Purifier, it has 90% same setup…
Btw, why no SS 7/10, its extra 2 projectiles.

  1. I’m still not changing my mind about Censure requiring some defensive buffs. Your build is an exception that it manages to make use of that aura so effectively w/o loosing anything (Good Job doing so)

  2. Ah that makes sense, I guess AS is king in such a situation.

Also does Chilling round add anything to the build? I haven’t used it outside Cold Gunslingers which is why I ask. I can understand Stormspread but Chilling Rounds is confusing me

Btw Relic is a solid choice, I think it’s BiS for almost 90% Inquisitors #RRmeta

i know. ignafar relic Gives +1 SS:p

and you should post whatever you want. My Dw purifier is Dagallon only 10% same setup:p

This build had a specific purpose to set a better standard for 2h FS rifle builds

@Chton. Yes i mention in the build. It’s not like shadowflame mantle proc, so slow. it’s really fast ~250% wp dmg in a blink of an eye. To that you add 3x ES and 3x brimstone proc

Totally needed to ask Dammit for adding relic bonuses into grimtools :slight_smile:

Damn I was about to try a similar setup for my Purifier :D.
How is the performance without the shiny green stuff? I feel like without the high armor boost from MIs a 2H setup feels a bit squishy without a shield and passive bonus from Justicar set. Damage is superb though.

You can do elemental balance well enough but that extra 100DA is really the big deal not just the armor. It fends off mutators like Marked and Brutal

Oh man ! Now I want to level an Inquisitor ! :rolleyes:

I love already this build and the 2H Rifle concept ! This feeling of power, crazy, with this char running everywhere and blasting down everything with fire !

Gratz ! Really cool build ! :slight_smile:

Thank you:p

That’s exactly how I’ve felt about it. Not just end game, leveling too. just need a decent shooty

Non Mi gear link? :slight_smile:

I can only tell you that the rings can be replaced by elemental balance rings. You’ll have to move a couple of augments around. Other than that I’m afraid that as far as crucible goes Botts and pants are kind of a must. Maybe Boots can be Mythical runed Greaves but that is all

Ranged build in crucible, lul!
I want to try it already (but have to test 3 more builds first).

Regarding leveling, I want to start with Inquisitor because I have never done it :stuck_out_tongue:

I would go :

1-50 : World of Pain / Renewal + Max Aura of Censure
Demolitionist Expertise (lvl 32) + BS (5/12)

Did you switch right after to 2H Rifle with Fire Strike ?
Or would you wait until level 70 ?

Thank you in advance :smiley:

Good to see a build like this was posted.

I was actually considering a similar build some time ago except using The Desolator as I’ve wanted to try putting together a character/guide that uses one of the faction Legendaries (as they’re all easily accessible to new players :p). I gave up in the end due to low DA (i was looking at using 4 piece Ulzuin, didn’t think of Justicar set) and the build was pretty point starved.

Edit: Went back and made some modifications and ended up with this: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mMDl52

Wasn’t happy with having to drop Brimstone but Fire Strike/Explosive Strike/Bursting Rounds are all at ‘ok’ levels. OA/DA is in a good place too, especially when you factor in Flashbang. I NEED BRIMSTONE

Something like this


Boots are craftable at any blacksmith, you can use those Legendary boots with 40% stun resist but you’ll have to move more points and augments

Demmo up to ES then inquis up to Bursting round 4/6 at least. Then slowly max Flame touched FS and mastery. Then brimstone ES.

It’s that i did anyway.

Actually I believe 1 pt Storm Box plus max Lightning Tether is the best way to level up. You basically kill the enemy while running away

Just need to keep the enemy tethered, some points in Word of Renewal + Deadly Aime help as well.