[] Inquisitor Terminator - 2h Fire Rifle Purifier Tank

And where would I get green items with same stats as u to create this build ? No runes ? NO WONDER ! :wink:

Oh Storm Box is the best way to level at first no doubt. But i’ve already done that other builds.

I wanted to get a feel for the build from the start so I played rifle only

@Bitchachos: Now do you Believe me? :stuck_out_tongue: Boots are craftable via recipie, rest are farmable. Rings from Bog areas and Pants from Alekzander Nemesis. And what would i need runes for? It’s not that kind of build

You can’t, get the best greens you have and work your components/augments around it.

You can’t shoehorn every skill into every build

Some builds use them some builds dont


Here you go

Rune of Hagaard is actually good. Rune of Kalastor gives me cancer though

I never do that except for DEE builds, probably why I’m clueless about how most skills perform in early game :smiley:

Well thats what i though so…so i cant make ur build…cause i cant find the items…not saying that it isnt good, but should builds be uploaded with items anyone can find by farm or trade ?

I… actually leveled a build with Kalastor 'til late elite. Should I kill myself?

Bruh that’s not what I mean, just that you can get comparable performance without having the exact MIs as the original setup.
And honestly you shouldn’t expect the same result with random items.

Well when I deem a skill to be shit it’s usually based on its performance in late game particularly against end game bosses

As for the kill yourself part, i’d say “no comments”

You don’t need MIs to work a build unless the build uses some specific skill mod MI or conversion MI


Boots are craftable at any blacksmith, you can use those Legendary boots with 40% stun resist but you’ll have to move more points and augments

Yes, i agree, maybe not 100%, cause still the activation time…but until i create an infiltrator…i have to deal with my purifier. The dmg i can do is great…with fire strike as primary attack and myth ulzuin set…but skills are very weak for ulti diff…

What i said about cant get the exact items…was talking about those Resistances…

Runes should activate imediatly after cast, and should have more types of monsters that it can stun or freeze. Also demo skills are a little wierd, too much recharge time, very little dmg, mortar trap never hits, etc…its sad…i really created the char with enhuziasm and actually like it very much…until i started ulti…

You’re kidding right? With the right stuff Mortar Trap builds can kill anything without taking any damage. I am not even talking about MIs Mortar Trap is a pretty good skill, it ain’t by no mean T-1 but it isn’t as bad as you’re describing

All chars are like that and pretty much all players go through this phase. In ulti you need to specialize more.

Mortar trap build for example in ulti is doable but you have to dedicate fully to it skill wise, gear wise.

I didnt have any troubles with my baldemaster on ulti until AoM…but…with my purifier am just starting act2 on ulti…items and skills are far from defense, unless u have those green items…which i think they are craftable ? or what ? just drop ?

You need around 2000 scavenged plating and well over 3000 scraps to get those boots. Don’t even try to craft them before lvl. 92 - you’ll waste resources for nothing. And, btw, the pants are Aleksander’s :)) ! You can’t craft those.

@Superfluff: Nice work ! Maybe this will finally motivate me to write a rifle build guide. I don’t know how you guys find the time to post 1 build/week…you must really love this game :wink:

It used to be 2-3 builds a week in base game. Frankly I can’t seem to find the motivation write guides anymore either


Actually i only managed make the actual posting today cause it was national holiday so no work. Otherwise no chance.

The other two or three were prepared since AoM testing phase

Romania’s National Day?? :smiley:


I wanted to try almost this exact thing with heavy armor justicar, rifle and wps but don’t have as much time to try every idea. Good job, I’m pleased to see it actually owns.

Would this build work similarly using dual pistols with some tweaks to devotions (like swapping kraken for something like hydra?)

Sure, I have full Daggalon version of this purifier

@mammothhunter. Thanks, glad you like it

I’ve been silently chuckling at the numerous “aura of censure sucks” comments.

This build makes me smile.

P.S. Can we expect a “virus bomb” themed build any time soon? (or do you consider that already done with acid doom bolt?) :smiley: