[] PB-Trickster - 8 Blades for 1 Halleluja (Crucible Galdiator ready)

Overhauled and ajusted for

Salve guys!
Here is my PB-Trickster. Build is completly overhauled und can farm Crucible Gladiator 151-170 in under 7 minutes.

Concept is Phantasmal Blades spam with full Demonslayer set. Play offensive to eliminate dangers before a situation comes too dangerous. Stay close to hard enemies for shotgun effect. Killing with vitality damage is a bit harder but we have good resisantce reduction (145rr). It could be higher with eiher Haunt relic, Voidheart ring and/or Symbol of Solael (35rr) at cost of surviveability/quality of life (casting solael’s flame/haunt).
With 147% crit damage eight blades strikes a PATH OF DESTRUCTION in the ranks of the opponents!

DPS vs. defensive is alway a difficult trade off.
2789 DA
23% dodge/reflect
86% fire res (36 overcap)
80% cold res (63 overcap)
80% light res (38 overcap)
80% poison res (8 overcap)
84% pierce res (60 overcap)
85% bleeding res (39 overcap)
80% vitality res (4 overcap)
86% aether res (11 overcap)
63% stun res
86% chaos res (2 overcap)
7% physical res is a nightmare but Ghoul + Demonslayer’s Guard proc in at 45% health with 51% physical resistance over 6 seconds!
huge life gain (adcth + Wendigo Totem + Twin Fangs + Devouring Swarm)

Grimtools with actual gear, devotion and skillsetup.

Hungering Void, Pneumatic Burst, War Cry and Wendigo Totem

Gear and Alternatives
Head: Mythical Demonslayer’s Hat … concept
Amulet: Mythical Demonslyer’s Defence … concept
Ring 1: Mythical Signet of the Fallen … BiS
Ring 2: Mythical Deathlord’s Band … Voidheart
Main-Hand: Mythical Demonslaer’s Life-Ender … concept
Off-hand: Mythical Contagion … good Death Effigy
Chest: Mythical Demonslayer’s Jacket … concept
Shoulder: Moosilauke’s Pauldrons … BiS
Gloves: Thunderstruck Redeemer Handguards of Kings … Mythical Riftwarped Grasp
Pants: Reaper’s Legguards … Solael-Sect Legguards
Relic: Nidalla’s Outbreak with Heart Seeker bonus … Haunt, Deathchill
Waist: Mythical Blade Breaker Sash … Coven Vile Gridle, Mythical Gridle of Stolen Dreams
Greaves: Mythical Boneshatter Treads
Medal: Mythical Solemn Mark … Mythical Mark of the Forbidden

LMB: Phantasmal Blades … shoot on sight
RMB: Devouring Swarm … cast it between Phantasmal Baldes for RR
M4: Healpod
M5: Pneumatic Burst … keep it up, use it for extra heal/dodge/resistance
1: Ring of Steel … use it for harder situations and activation of Hungering Void
2: Wendigo Totem … use it for harder situations
Use “f”-button for forced movement if you can’t click the ground for movement.

[] Crucible Gladiator run (141-150): https://youtu.be/aqnZFpChYhs old
[] Another Crucible Gladiator run (141-150): https://youtu.be/byq6tEk5IQ8 old
[] Kubacabra: https://youtu.be/FjLvMm4Wb8Y old
[] Crucible Gladiator 151-170 in 6:42min: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8zmbMis-2U
[] Lokarr in 10s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhGxIA1-HlY
[] Dummy in 16s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaHAJve4Jg0
[] Ultimate Mogdrogen in 3:50min: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSGV9LDrlqI

kt=means kill time in crucible gladiator with 3 buffs and 1 banner

Fabious: facetank, take a brake when he use his blade barrier kt 4s
Iron Maiden: facetank kt 4s
Zantarin: really slow, shoot him down from short distance kt 7s
Mad Queen: she is dangerous, attack her from distance, when you facetank her be aware of her venegance aura or take a aether cluster and nuke her kt 5s
Sentinel: facetank kt 2s
Shar’Zul: facetank kt under 2s
Kubacabra: facetank him if he split’s focus on the little one’s. if possible leave his blood pool’s. kt 8s
Aleksander: kill him fast, beware the meteor (try postion under an arc) kt 3s
Moosilauke: facetank kt 5s
Ben’jahr: facetank kt 3s
Valderaan: facetank kt 4s
Larria, the Hexxer: facetank kt 2s
Stone Basilisk: facetank kt 2s
Janaxia, the Betrayer: facetank kt 2s
Ekket’Zul, Progenitor of Darkness: facetank kt 2s
Reaper of the Lost: facetank kt 5s
Terrnox:facetank kt under 2s
Valaxteria: facetank kt 4s
Alkamos, Lord Executioner: facetank kt 3s
The Master of Flesh - Theodin Marcell 1st: facetank kt 5s
The Master of Flesh - Theodin Marcell 2nd: facetank kt 3s
Anasteria, Wrath of the Aether: facetank kt 3s
Bloodlord Thalonis: facetank kt 2s
Avatar of Mogdrogen: facetank, overcap lightning res 80+, rearrange components/auguments/prefix/suffix to push DA/HP/RES (shred all resistances except lighning/cold/physical/pierce)
Lokarr: facetank, overcap lightning/fire res by 40 with potions

Until level 75 use primalstrike then change to this build with non-mythical equip.

-Movement could be better (applies to all casters with no melee weapon for blitz/shadowstrike)
-Mana consumption can be high
-Defensive could be stronger (as always…)

-Clear speed
-Awesome DPS
-Versatile to fight from distance
-Strong adcth allows to facetank a lot
-Fun, simply shoot 'em up

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In attachment.

Nice build, but there are several things:

  • Stormcaller’s pact would be better then Primal bound cause of crit damage.
  • Take Wendigo totem, its extra heal.
  • Drop Breath of Belgothian, you’re not dual wielding.
  • Circle of slaughter 4/12 enough.
  • Haunted steel a bit useless for this build due to small weapon damage. Same for weapon augments.
  • Replace component in head and pants with Leathery and Scaled hides for more stun resist and armor absorb.
  • Tortoise isn’t worth to get.

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thank you for input
-stormcaller’s pact vs. primal pond: primal bond is the better solution for me. 15% damage absorb + less damage from beasts (kubacabra…)
-wendigo totem: i give it a try
-breath of belgotian: you’re right
-circle of slaughter: tricksters skillable survivability is difficult. for me 8 points for 30% fumble is min.
-haunted steel: which component/auguments did you recommend? i like bloodthirster
-components head/pants: i have 95% armor absorb; stun resist is at 60%. i’m searching for of kings moosilauke-shoulders than stun res is capped
-turtle shell could be stronger. from my experience it is a good complement for this build. in practice my health is steady full except i catch a big hit. this is were the turtle shell comes into play…

holyshit ur vid is laggy, you can actually play like this? or its just the recording issue. looks like u got graphics turn up pretty high too

it’s the recording. thank you for the tip, i’ll make a new one with ajusted video settings. which settings for xplit do you recommend?

i dont remember adjusting any settings after dl’ing it, i have trial version. for crucible, i generally put all game graphics on low. but if ur game isn’t lagging and its just the recording then i dunno. maybe fps limitations on the record?

Updated build. Changes:
-Dropped Solael’s Decimation: Big improvement in live gain through lowering life leech resistance by 20%! Also damage is improved through -15% vitality resistance. 18% Fumble+impaired aim/-7% damage from undead strengthens the defence. little flaw: haunt has to be casted, oa-loss
-Changed off-hand component to purified salt: Damage bonus to aetherials and aether corruptions also overcapped aether resistance by 3%
-Added a crucible gladiator run (waves 140-150) … this time without lags :wink:

I’d say pretty impressive performance in that last video given that your green items are far from optimal. Any reason to choose those gloves?

overhauled and ajusted for []

  • this build got a strong dps boost through 100% pierce to vitality-damage conversion and reduced total damage modification on frentic throw
  • Blade Spirit ist boosted with peirce to vitality coversion and adition vitality damage via gear
  • More resistances from rattosh


  • skipped blade trap -> too many buttons
  • reduced circle of slaughter to 8 (after +skills)

overhauled and ajusted for []

  • added crucible gladiator 151-170 vid in 6:42min with 3 buffs and 1 banner


  • changed devotions (dropped wendigo to get dying god+manticore+rattosh)
  • changed gridle from coven vile to mythical gridle of stolen dreams
  • changed gloves from mythical riftwarped grasp to stonehide preserver grips of kings (thank you mad_lee)
  • changed medal from mark of consumption to mythical mark of the forbidden
  • changed relic from haunt to nidalla’s outbreak
  • changed weapon components from haunted steel to purified salt/seal of blight
  • added wendigo totem and stormcallers pact (thank you korsar)

to the honorable mentors of the build compendium: would you add this build?

    [][Caster](c+)(g5)(vid) [] PB-Trickster - 8 Blades for 1 Halleluja (Crucible Gladiator ready) (Poisonman2)
        Damage: Vitality, Bleeding
        Active: Phantasmal Blades, Devouring Swarm, Wendigo Totem, Pneumatic Burst, Ring of Steel
        Passive: Veil of Shadow, Mogdrogen Pact, Stormcaller's Pact, Aether Ward
        WPS: none

Added Lokarr Kill (14s) und Dummy Kill (16s) video.

Added Ultimate Avatar of Mogdrogen Kill video (3:50min)