[]Multi WPS Evoker of Elgoth Vindicator

Wanna shoot some stuff? Wanna Facetank? Got sick of crucible? Don’t wanna press a lot of buttons? This build is for ya!
2)Grimtools link :
3)Build explanation:
We shoot creeps till they die. That’s it, nothing else. =)
Bloodrager cowl for 20% WD on Savagery. Bloodrager shoulders for 10%IAS and 5% ADCTH. Elemental balance rings for proc. Vindicator +2Savagery whatever medal of Attack/Readiness/Something with OA. Kymon Badge is BIS, but any medal would work. Pantsu, torso and belt for 22/12 Seal.
Its important to craft everething with Angrim bonus, aim for 7% armor or 4% phyz .
5) Screenshots:
Pretty numbers
Main view
Secondary stuff
Ancien Grove run
I did 100-150 w/o buffs and banners. Didn`t tried 150+ yet, but I guess with 4 buffs its doable. Be carefull around fumblers, Zanty, MQ.

god damn it, wanted to post similiar build, but didn’t have the time to level it :slight_smile:

But I had it planned kinda differently tho

This setup is actually pretty tanky… long as you stay in seal and keep heal totem up. Also weapon damage is nearly doubled, and higher crit damage :smiley:

This setup looks supersquishy and cheeted :roll: 2400 DA? No phyz res? Useless seal in crossbow? No dmg reduction. I’m pretty sure it has a lot of troubles against Grava and Raper =)

Actually doesnt have problem against anything… heres a videos for you https://plays.tv/s/LXJ840X3o_-t Hp spikes a lot but im used to it from playing 2h melee/dual wield builds. Also it doesnt show the 8% phyical resist in the tools that you get from savagery. I have more armor and absorb which helps a lot. And you can easily swap to Hallowed Ground on chest for more DA if that suits your playstyle :slight_smile: I can agree about you on the seal. Not sure why I didnt think to use that one.
Edit: also im running a bunch in cunning… can easily go more phys for DA and hp. I just like big crits lol


https://youtu.be/ZbjXja1OuMk?t=5 My grava kill =) Almost 10 less seconds and much safier.

Well, it’s going pointless making another guide to practically same build so I have to share my setup which I believe is superiour to two above (well second one is a complete mess tbh):

Note that OA/DA is before Sealed Fate proc from rings which is going to be up 100% of the time while in battle. Also, why are you guys choosing that useless medal? Absolute waste imo. My setup got 97% wps with Pyroclasm Mark.

Oh look another ranged build that works very well:D what a trend

Good stuff:)

You can post yours Grava video =) Must kill him under 30 seconds =)
BTW Censure is the best DPS aura for this build, you should respect from ST.
Pyroclasm? Well if I find somewhere 40 pierce and 20 aether resistance I would give it a try =)

Heh, In vanilla its not much worse that my casters =). Still cant beat crucible withouth cheezy CC stuff :frog:

I think Vines would be quite enough CC for your build to avoid swarms

Nah, I lost first one on wave 145 to ground effect+traps+mass charge :frog: Not want to craft another pair of these boots >_>

Your stats are very good in spite of relatively cheap items. No mi just boots. You could try a more defensive medal like MoD or better yet, Mark of Fierce Resolve to cap Stun res. I think that is what gets you aside from traps. And some more life steal somehow. 3% is ok in vanilla but a bit low for crucible

Probably. I could survive with Goul proc, absolutely forgot about that one T_T

Playing with something similar yet different :rolleyes:

Good build, I don’t use Primal Strike on my build either and I don’t see it on yours.
You mentioned it was a shit nuke to me, how bad exactly is it even after skill mods?

Untransmuted capped PS does less dmg that any of our WPC procs, so its realy shit .

Yeah, your pants got 15% fire res augment, you can plug aether res there for example. I don’t believe that Censure is better than Stormcaller’s Pact. Flat piercing damage is useless, DOT boosts are useless, OA is great, but my build has 2940 OA before Deadly Aim, much more crit damage, a crap metric ton more of Lightning Damage and more attack speed. I will post a video as soon as I level it to 94.

Primal Strike is a great nuke if you use it with FULL Ultos set and take it to 26/16. For autoattackers Savagery + WPS is the way to go.

Level to 100 and do at least 5 tries on Grava =)
3k OA is low for high crit dmg build. You realy want to push it to 3400/3800 for reliable critchanse against nemesis.
Censure is better cause RR is scarce. Conviction is aslo better cause it fix our squishiness. Well, almost fix it =) You can still die realy fast if you are not carefull.

RR is not scarce for Ultos builds, lol. I have a melee Druid that melts everything with RR from Hand of Ultos, Wind Devil, Arcane Mines and Elemental Storm.

But I can’t really argue till I road test my configuration of the build, and your build, despite looking suboptimal on paper did pretty well against Grava, so you might be right after all. I will get back to this thread once I level to 94 :slight_smile:

Question to OP: so you tested killtimes with Stormcaller’s pact and Aura of censure and second one shown it better??