[] The Railgun: 2h Rifle Vindicator. Fumble! Deflect! Fumble! Deflect! Lightning Bolt!

Went for a metallic look this time.
Stats are with self-buffs only, incl. Deadly Aim and Glyph rings that don’t have 100% uptime. Wayward Soul not pictured.

You may have seen some of my posts about Lightning and ranged itemization, when I first saw Storm Spread I fell in love with it and I wanted to make a build around it.
I was mad with glee when Crate decided to change the Evoker of Elgoloth from a Primal Strike weapon to a Savagery one, and it’s a good one as well.
So I finally got this build off the ground and here it is.

Build mechanics
This build is very simple, it stacks Lightning damage which is multiplied by Savagery and then also the WPS.
It also gets some extra damage from converting the physical damage on Steel Resolve and Mogdrogen’s Pact at 60-70%.
With 110%+ Crit damage bonus, you can reach 2.9+ multipliers and 350k+ crits.
Attack speed is also quite good for a 2h rifle build: it has 183-189% permanently, which can be boosted to around 195% with Battle Cry from an Of Kings item.

Feral Hunger and Brute Force are some of the boons that DW gun builds lack and the former makes you quite tanky.

It uses many +mastery items since it’s a build that has many desirable skills.
Three items give +1 to both masteries and you have an additional +2 to Inquisitor and +1 to Shaman.
A main goal I had set for this build was that it had to be easy to play—I didn’t want to mess around with clunky Thermite Mines and be forced to keep foes walking through the flames or crap like that.
I just wanted to hold down the mouse button and shoot lasers.

Bursting Round shoots only once but it has an AoE and it also has the highest weapon damage of the three. This is your best pack clearing skill.
Chilling Rounds fires three times quickly, that’s why it’s viable to bind a Devotion skill to it.
Normally binding skills to WPS isn’t great since you end up with like 4-5% trigger chance per shot. But with these WPS they trigger often enough to make it viable.
Similarly, Storm Spread shoots twice the amount of listed projectiles, but you need to be close for all of them to hit.
The amount of hits makes it excellent for triggering Devotions, so the other RR skill goes on this.

And Elemental Storm is bound to Savagery itself so it’ll go off very often and give you some more AoE coverage.

-Supreme ease of use
As said above, this build is easy to play: you hold down the attack button which automatically applies 3 of your 4 resist reduction abilities at a high rate.
No clunky skills like Mines or refreshing ABB every 3 seconds are used and most of the time you don’t even need to do anything except shoot.
-Extreme single target damage
This char excels at offing single targets.
Test dummy times can go as low as 16-17s. Heck, I never had melee chars that could get it this low and they can use far better weapons.
-Relatively easy to start gearing
The Evoker weapon is the best you can get and luckily it’s a very common Legendary.
The belt and amulet are blue and the helm and rings can be crafted if you have the blueprints.
Also, no double rare MIs, but as with my other builds I tend to have MIs with one good rare affix and a desirable Magic affix.
-No Energy issues
In AoM with the extra power you can attain, not an insignificant amount of builds either fail or aren’t fun to play because you constantly have to mind your Energy or you can’t even sustain while using potions.
This build uses mostly cheap abilities and it has a lot of regeneration, so you’ll never run out of Energy normally and not even when you’re being drained.
Being ranged has several advantages: you point at things and they die without needing to walk over there.
And it allows you to kite some enemies that are dangerous and render them completely harmless.

-No gap closer
For me this is one of the biggest drawbacks of playing a ranged character: you have no mobility skill.
You can put a Riftstone in your melee weapon switch, but its CD does not move while it’s inactive so it’s not great.
Plus, every time you do that it turns off your Hell’s Bane Ammo toggle so you’ll have to change to something else instead.
-Bad AoE
Where this build somewhat struggles is its AoE potential.
Builds that are better than this one at that such as Fire Strike or Cadence based builds with pierce through have a much easier time with high HP packs.
This is only a problem in Crucible but in the campaign your damage output makes up for it and you can clear entire screens quite fast anyway.
-No circuit breaker
Despite needing a breather sometimes in dire situations such as Mad Queen charging at you while you’re rooted in place, this class combo doesn’t have an ability that makes you immune to damage like Blade Barrier or Mirror.
If you want to go out of your way to get it you can use Mark of Divinity.
Being ranged has many disadvantages as well. The weapons you can get are much worse than their melee counterparts, many abilities don’t work or work at reduced effect, you pay Piercing Tax on physical builds, almost every enemy has like 10-14% Deflect, Fumble cripples you, and so on.
The Fumble/Deflect combo absolutely ruins you if you let it—your damage output goes close to zero and a gunner that doesn’t leech will die faster than you can blink. removed Deflection and made Fumble less effective so the above doesn’t matter as much anymore.

Grimtools (click me) Main build tailored for campaign
This build is the one I prefer: it’s light on defense and goes all out on offense.
In the campaign you don’t need more defense than this, you can even tank a pack of Oppressors & friends in Edge of Reality without too much trouble.
Big L can be safely tanked 100% of the time as well since he seems to do many small instances of damage with his non-melee attacks which the Seal covers.
Also, massively overcapped Elemental resists.

I was very happy with the devotion setup: this build has almost no waste and it turned out better than I thought. At first I went for Torch, but then I realized Hydra is pretty much as good and it saves me ~6 crucial points that could be invested in key value nodes like the flat damage on Tempest and the stun resist on Empty Throne.

Grimtools Crucible build 1
I don’t like playing this char in Crucible but this is one of the builds I used should you want to replicate it.
The items are mostly the same but swapping out Hell’s Bane Ammo for Haunted Steel makes it safer, not 100% necessary though. Feral Hunger and Ghoul are generally enough since your problem in Crucible isn’t not having enough leech, it’s not being able to leech because you’re disabled or missing.
Since the items give a lot of bonuses to Storm Totem, you can bind Hand of Ultos to it as well for a small increase in AoE potential.

The build uses Aura of Censure instead of Stormcaller’s Pact because I think the former is slightly better in Crucible.
The aura lets you melt resistant targets like Valdaran faster, and killing fast is important so you don’t get mobbed.
The difference is not super big though since Stormcaller’s is just so good for this build so if you don’t want to respec you can just leave it on that.

Grimtools Crucible build 2
This build is slightly different from the above one, it uses a 26/16 Storm Box for extra AoE and Hand of Ultos is bound to it since it can hit many targets and the Tether ability hits several times per second apparently so the proc rate is very high.
You need to find a new target to cast it on every few seconds though. The nice thing about it is that you can cast it through obstructions so you don’t need to walk all the way around something to get a clear shot with your rifle.

Equipment choices explained & alternatives
Light’s Defender set
This is one of the best sets in the game even after the minor nerfs it got last patch so no surprise there.
Its main weakness is that it’s a bit low on OA and I really wish the gloves would still have the non-Mythical ability.
The set has very high armor and also % bonuses to it, which lets you tank better compared to Ultos.
It doesn’t have any physical resist though, so strong foes in that type can hurt.

If you really want to you can replace one piece of it since the 4 set bonus isn’t useful for this build. The helm could be replaced with a Ravager one for example.
The gloves are mostly unbeatable with what’s available and the shoulders are very hard to beat too unless you have like Thunderstruck MI of Kings.
The chest armor can be replaced if you wanted to for some reason. Something like Divinesteel Hauberk could give you some better tanking capabilities if needed.

This build uses the blue Beronath amulet instead of Peerless Eye, despite being a Crit build and being somewhat low on OA.
The reason for this is that you have a lot of weapon damage and the WPS are very strong, so you’ll want to shoot faster to trigger them more often.
That’s not to say Peerless Eye is bad though, it’s actually about as good. What you lack in speed you make up for with better crits.
I just like shooting faster for quality of life and since it’s also much easier to get, it’s a no brainer.

These rings are quite good: they have a lot of flat damage and a proc with a high uptime. The skill bonuses fit the build very well too.
I use a green ring because I had it lying around, but you can easily use 2 of those Glyphs, the extra flat damage is huge.

This slot is very flexible, I think the Kuba Chausses are great for this build: it’s low on Pierce res so it covers that quite well.
Try to get a good suffix on it (Kings or Flesh Hulk for the stun resist) and any good prefix.
If you don’t have 40%+ stun resist with the pants, you need to put a Leathery Hide in your helm and Scaled Hide in the pants to get high armor absorption.

It’s blue but it’s one of those rare items that gives +1 to both masteries in a slot that normally doesn’t get that.
Doesn’t have Crit damage but who cares, this thing is great and easy to find.

I used this medal for the speed mainly. Tempest Sigil is probably just as good as it and the non-Myth. version is craftable.
You can also use Direwolf Crest for the stats, the extra OA and Pierce res on that fills a gap good.
For Crucible you can also use Mark of Divinity for a safety net, it’s not necessary though.

Stonehide or Thunderstruck is good. Since boot crafts always come with 2 affixes now, try to get one with a good suffix even if it’s yellow.
If you’re rich roll the Stoneplate Greaves, otherwise do the cheaper heavy armor boots.
For legendary you can use Runeguard Greaves too.

The weapon is the only endgame weapon for this build so it should be gotten eventually. Luckily a lot of your damage comes from your abilities so even with a bad weapon you can do a lot of damage. I think I already had 90k+ crits even around level 80 still using the Lokarr set and a green lv. 40 MI rifle from Ugdenbog.

For the augments I chose to go with some overcap safety but should you wish to do so, you can forgo that and go for the 3% health ones instead.
One of your jewelry slots should have the Kymon’s Will augment, but if you’re daring or don’t set foot in Crucible, you can easily use another 2% OA / 2% DA one.

Hold down button and watch stuff die.
Against hard stuff, roll your fingers over 1234 or whatever you got them set to to trigger all your abilities. That’s it. :slight_smile:
For the Inquisitor’s Seal it is deployed where your cursor is aimed, so you may have to aim the cursor at your character.
I really wish it would just automatically drop at your feet when the key is pressed, it would make the skill much more convenient.

For some enemies you might have to kite, in the campaign it rarely happens though.
Word of Renewal is not really used for the healing part but for the buffs it provides, so always keep that up.

Everything in the campaign is probably fair game. I haven’t seen some bosses like Aleksander or Grava’Thul but I have no doubt that the build can beat them.
I wouldn’t do Ravager with this build—it’s really boring and you’d probably have to kite him for like an hour since you can’t tank him.
It’s possible though if you have good kiting skills, but it’s just smarter to do him with a dedicated build.
Lokarr isn’t a problem for this build, as mentioned in the intro he can be tanked easily due to Seal and Feral Hunger and he dies in about 20 seconds, so this build makes for quite a good Edge of Reality farmer.

As for Crucible, I would not make this character for that. Crucible is basically Dodge The Fumble Pools: The Game and you always have to be mindful of them to the point it’s annoying.
I mostly play Nightblades and another thing I miss is the Shadow Strike that can be used as a pseudo escape skill.
And since this build has relatively bad AoE and no circuit breaker, you need very good player skills to beat Crucible with it.
You always have to be on your toes: even though most waves you can just facetank on top of your seal, some waves you get fumbled and your damage goes to 0 or you get trapped by Chthonians at the same time and can’t run away which means you’re probably dead.

It’s not that you can’t beat Crucible with it though. With easy waves and/or mods I’ve done it in as fast as 4 minutes and a few seconds, usually it takes around 5 mins though and slow runs are 6+.
Success rate is 80%+ but as said it highly depends on your experience.

Some notes

  1. As always, the build is flexible and many of the points can be moved around.
    If you want a capped Word of Renewal for the heal and DA you can take the points from Arcane Empowerment, Mogdrogen’s Pact or Steel Resolve for example.
    Especially for HC this is a good idea.
  2. The items add a lot of points to Storm Totem as well, so you could put a point in that and use it along with Storm Shard for extra AoE.
    You can also put a point in Rune of Hagarrad for extra DA debuff, I’m lazy though.
  3. Reflect isn’t a problem, Feral Hunger + Ghoul will always keep you alive.
  4. Shamelessly stole the layout from my previous guide.
  5. And yes, the pew pew sounds probably will eventually drive you crazy.
  6. You can take the Horn of Gandarr skill for some crowd control when you get mobbed.
    It confuses your foes in a moderate AoE which can give you some time to recover.
    Naturally it doesn’t work against bosses and heroes but sometimes even large packs of white/yellow enemies are dangerous.
  7. This char makes for a good Edge of Reality farmer because the majority of enemies there are either Chthonic or Eldritch, and guess what?
    The Word of Renewal line gives like 7-12% less damage from those types and 20% more against them, which absolutely shreds them.

Some videos
Mad Queen, Edge of Reality, Cronley
Showing kill on MQ, you can’t always tank her like that though, sometimes you just die.
In the Edge of Reality part, you can see how even the offensive setup has no problems tanking a pack of Oppressors and other things. The first Rift Adherent took a long time to kill, probably either had extra resists or the lack of crits did it. He normally goes down in seconds though, like the other ones did.
I added the Cronley run since I wanted to show what normal gameplay looks like. Plus, I like Cronley.

Two 140-150 Gladiator runs using rifle + Storm Box & Stormcaller’s Pact
Run 1: Loxmere, Alkamos/Archon/Lucius/Thalonis, Benn’Jahr x2/Valdaran.
Run 2: Mad Queen, Archon/Krieg/Lucius/Malkadarr/Thalonis, Fabius/Zantarin x2.

The Storm Box skill is actually quite good, I like it more than Storm Totem. In narrow paths its AoE really comes in handy and you can see how it does decent damage during kiting segments like in 149.
Zantarin is actually quite hard now. Unless I’m crazy, you can’t leech off him anymore but you used to be able to, which makes him dangerous.
You can leech off his minions but they die pretty fast. The guy himself can RR you for -50% Vit too, so he can burst you easily if you’re not careful.

Two 140-150 Gladiator runs using rifle only & Aura of Censure
Run 1: MQ, Alkamos/Archon/Krieg/Lucius, Fabius/Valdaran/Zantarin.
Run 2: Loxmere, Alkamos/Boris/Krieg/Sentinel/Shar’Zul, Benn’Jahr/Valdaran x2.

Both these runs have the +40% life buff on enemy, and -life % on me in the 2nd run so not really good representatives of fast clears, but at least they show what hard runs can be like and both have a good chunk of tanking 2-3 Nemeses at the same time.

Mad Queen in Crucible is quite hard for this build and must be kited since you can’t tank her red aura + everything else at the same time.
It usually takes 3, sometimes 4 uses of her red aura until you can down her.
Wave 149 can be mostly tanked if you don’t start with Cronley, especially if you use Haunted Steel. Shar’Zul + Alkamos can wreck you though so it’s safer to kite those too.
In 141-142 of the first run you can see how badly fumbling ruins this char, it took like 90 seconds just to pass those 2 rounds.

Run 2 has that 149 round with the hardest combo, but even with 40% life enemy buff you can see it’s not that hard to do for a ranged char if you can kite.
I actually almost got killed at 150 though, I should’ve just stayed still on top of my seal.

Full Gladiator 150-170 run, 19m30s
160: Grava, Reaper, Zant
165: Reaper, Vald
170: Grava, Reaper, Vald, Zant

Mutators weren’t too bad but Reaper is really hard.
Build used was “Crucible #2” with Storm Box with a few alterations: I used Aura of Conviction for the PDR and Ravager’s Eye augment in the weapon for extra DA.
I removed the Devotion points in Wraith, Tempest and Jackal and put them in Sailor’s Guide (slow resist is needed, extra PDR) and Wolverine for extra DA. full Gladiator 150-170 run, 15m45s
This build could already farm Glad 170 reliably in, but after the patch Crucible is much more lenient: you don’t feel like you have to be on your toes all the time, some Nemesis combos don’t feel brutally unfair as much as they used to be and facetanking feels a lot safer as well.

Clear times seem better too, this run was a bit under 16m for the entire thing even with -AS mutator.

Ancient Grove full clear
A first run through the new roguelike dungeon.

As said before, I wouldn’t make this for Crucible—it’s like putting a sniper in the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime.
Unless you really like the gameplay or you’re very skilled, you’re probably going to be disappointed there since this build just isn’t made for that.
I only did it and added the videos to prove that I could.

With the Deflection removed and Fumble reduced in effectiveness, the above is no longer true and this char has no real glaring weaknesses anymore.



  1. OMG Storm Spread not capped?
    Storm Spread is a very powerful skill, but I think the way it scales isn’t great, especially not for 2h builds. The way it doesn’t gain weapon damage makes it less desirable so it’s one of the first skills I skim if I need the points elsewhere.

If you look at the damage build-up of the skill, you have like ~5000 weapon damage from the 33%, and the flat damage part is about 700 in my case at rank 7. Adding points to boost it from rank 7 to 16 only raises the damage to around 2000, which isn’t much even if it’s times ten.
You do gain an extra pair of projectiles but I don’t think that’s worth the 9 points.

Compared to that, putting the points in a skill that increases all your damage, or something like Bursting Round where both the AoE and weapon damage increases, is much more profitable.

/more to come later?

Leveling Guide

Decided to do one of these since they seem to be in demand with the influx of new players.
This char is actually very easy to level, it’s one of the most painless chars I’ve ever done. Reason for this is that a lot of the damage comes from your mastery abilities and it packs a punch, so you’re not reliant on items to do well.

I’ll break down the process in segments.

If you have any stuff to help make leveling faster or easier, feel free to use it.
This is the kind of stuff that can be useful for example:

Aethersteel Bolts
Ancient Heart
Chipped Claw
2 Chilled Steel
Consecrated Wrapping
4 Chthonic Seal of Binding
Cracked Lodestone
5+ Dynamite
2 Ectoplasm
Frozen Heart
Mutagenic Ichor
Polished Emerald
Roiling Blood
2 Scavenged Plating
30+ Scrap
Searing Ember
Serrated Spike
Writs for all factions
Experience potions

Or you just move all components from your previous character to this one, that’s what I do.
If you don’t have that stuff, it doesn’t matter but you might have to farm a bit to get the ingredients for shrines or some quests.

Phase 1: Level 1-20 (click me)
The main thing you need is a weapon and gloves with attack speed, everything else is luxury.
If you have stuff like Lokarr or Explorer set you can use them, if not it shouldn’t matter too much since Brute Force gives a lot of damage to help you clear fast.

The slots I didn’t fill in can be anything, just look for items with resists, HP or OA.
Feel free to use the ability on the Ruination Relic liberally, it lets you kill really fast.

I’m not sure if you can get that amount of devotion points by level 20, but that’s about the start you need.

Phase 2: Level 21-40
You don’t really need much better items, but it’s good to upgrade your weapon to the MI listed. They drop like candy in Ugdenbog so it shouldn’t be too hard to get a good one. If you really can’t get one, consider a Chosen Bolter.

The devotions Kraken and Rhowan’s Crown should give you a huge damage boost and game should be a breeze around this period.

Components that are useful to have by now to equip are:

Chains of Oleron
Consecrated Wrapping
2 Dread Skull
Sanctified Bone

Some things like Dread Skull you probably won’t have on a fresh char, so it’s good to transfer them from an older char.

Again, the devotions are just a guideline for the order you pick them in, I don’t know if you can get that many by level 40.

Phase 3: Level 41-70
The items listed are just suggestions, you don’t need the exact ones.
Anything that gives HP/res/OA is good.
If you’re Honored with Devil’s Crossing, make sure to get the Slith Venom augments for your jewelry.
Other stuff like Antivenom Salves and Silk Swatches will help you meet important resists.

Enemies will start to hit hard now so if you get mobbed you might need to kite a bit. Your damage should put down everything in a few shots though so it should still be easy.

As for the quest progress: I usually do everything on normal except the Roguelike dungeons, including AoM content up to the shrine in Crown Hill.
You don’t need to do the final boss in AoM unless you really want the low level Legendary reward it gives.
On Elite I only do the base content and skip to Ultimate after Hidden Path. Although sometimes on Elite I run to the first 2 shrines in AoM (skipping everything) if I want those points earlier.
After that I do everything on Ultimate too.

Phase 4: Level 70+
By now you should be able to get the good augments, if not keep farming.
You can also remove the Toad in devotions and get Ultos.

You should work on level 100 and farming Ugdenblooms so you can craft the components and other craftable items.
Damage output should be great even with these items, so farming is quite easy to do.

I recommend farming the easy zones such as Cronley, Wasp Hive or doing Steps of Torment if you already have a baseline of items.
You can also do Challenger Crucible without too many items if your resists are capped.


Not every enemy…just those that count (e.g. MQ, Fabius, etc.). I pointed this out in the Ideas & Feedback thread about the inherent shortcomings of ranged builds. I believe it is basically an artefact from previous versions of the game, more explicitly before when P-Blades were indeed OP in their first incarnation.

Realistically, however, it doesn’t make sense. I can get why Fabius has 18% deflect and it should stay that way. I mean, he is a sneaky bastard who even Ulgrim took notice of, but a giant ice golem (Moosi) or a giant earwig (MQ) the size of a three story house ? Even at point blank, ranged characters in GD must have the accuracy of Stormtroppers.

I’ve been looking for a ranged build that interested me and this one sounds perfect!!! Thanks =)

Nice work, Weyu.
Something similar to mine dw Vindicator :stuck_out_tongue:

Really great work and write up that explains things nicely.
Solid build as always mate.

Its fun how tanky set ends with moar DPS that agressive set (LD vs Ultos) =) I suppose you trash poor Grava in 15 seconds or so? =)
BTW istn Direwolf crest better that Ulzuin? +2 savagery and 130 OA vs 5%IAS and DPS_loss WPS?

Nice Build!
Since you using Two Handed Weapon, you may reconsider put 1 point to Word of Arms :slight_smile:

Inquisitors ranged wps skills sounds like in the videos?It really sounds like fps games railguns:D

Since I just found the weapon (and already have its non-mythical version) I’m levelling something similar to your build. I have one question though. I don’t have a huge stash, and so I have 0 Lights Defender armor pieces. How crucial is this set for the build?

Other than the weapon, I only have the amulet since I already found its blueprint, and I have the mythical tempest sigil medal, no other piece of gear you use. I think the weapon alone would be sufficient to get through the campaign (when I can fill other slots with faction gear), but will such a poor equipped Vindicator be able to do gladiator, or kill some of the harder enemies like Nemeses?

I am in the same boat as this gamer.

Thanks for the comments guys.

lol yeah, that is kinda silly.
I was scrolling through the Grimtools monster DB randomly clicking some enemies and I was surprised how many enemies have 50% Impaired Aim debuffs over 2-5s but not the melee version.
I have no doubt that that is a major reason why you often do no damage at all in Crucible.

I hope something will be changed about that in the future, or that the fumble pools wear off immediately when you step out of them.

Nice build too, I bet yours is more fun to play in Crucible with the pierce through on those guns.
How’s tanking stuff like Iron Maiden? I’d be a bit scared without Feral Hunger. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t seen Grava but probably, I find him easy with Inquisitor builds thanks to the Word of Renewal line.
Direwolf Crest is probably as competitive with the other 2 options I listed.
The +2 Savagery levels allows you to reach that 9th charge level and one more after that which adds 18 flat damage too, good stuff.

I don’t think it’ll be a major difference in damage: all 3 medals are good and it just depends on which you have on hand or which you prefer.

The build already has like 50 Energy regen after buffs so it’s not necessary.
The reduced CD is kind of nice but I don’t really use the heal, I got it mostly for the DA and the 2 linked skills.

It comes from the Thunderclap weapon applied as an illusion.

For the campaign it’s not necessary, I actually played all the way through it up to around Homestead Ultimate with Lokarr set that has like 10 armor on all pieces with around 3 deaths (1 on normal, 2 on Ult).

This build excels at 1v1 so Nemeses should be doable even with moderate gear because of the combo of Seal, Wendigo Totem and Feral Hunger.
Naturally 80% resist in their main damage type is needed or all bets are off.
You might need to keep your distance against some of the harder ones though.

Gladiator solo, no. Even with good gear Glad is relatively hard, with worse gear it’d just be painful.
You can do Challenger though which doesn’t require too many items.

I’m having hard time in GD, trying to understand what am I doing wrong.
This build looks great and I’m definitely going to try it. But I really hope you can enlighten me on why it performs so different from what I have at the moment:


I know, that offensive part is completely different because of the different classes. But my question is about defense. I have almost the same HP, armor, DA, as in your build. Res’ are capped as well (everything is 80, since I have 1-2% here and there). 22% ADCtH! Which is more, than Feral Hunger should give you, since it works on every attack and rings proc.
And still I’m completely wrecked in all situations, where you facetank the enemy! Lokarr is killing me in few seconds, even with 8% additional ADCtH from potion, standing on seal.
Nemesis’ in Gladiator Crucible also wreck me completely. Though Challenger is more like a cakewalk. However, sometimes I manage to die from Iron Maiden, if she has Fabius on the top, for example.

I’ve compared everything and still it looks like your videos are from a different game :frowning:
I’ve also tried to play with that:


Results were even much worse.
Sorry, if I’m seriously missing something and asking the dumb questions.

The only good point here is that my damage is close to yours. But deadman deals no damage :frowning:

P.S.: Sorry for the partial links, but I’m not allowed to provide the normal links until I make 3 posts.

No dumb questions, your post is well written.
That’s actually quite a good build if it’s one of your earlier builds, but the main difference is that your build has three damage types and mine only uses one.
With Ele damage builds you can’t RR/boost all types with the same efficacy and your non-dominant types tend to lag behind.

This isn’t a problem if you get the extra damage “for free” but in your case you spend a lot of points on Static Strike for example.
There isn’t really an easy fix for that, you could switch weapons to fire Dagallon guns but then you’d be stretched for points even more.
The pierce through from those does wonderful things in combination with the FS line though, so they’re worth considering.

I’d take points out of Inq. Seal/Static Strike and cap Blast Shield instead and put the extra points in the Inquisitor WPS: the minimum levels on those should be 7, 8 and 7 so you’re missing 1 point in each.
And if you’re having trouble tanking, changing to the other Aura is an idea too until you get things sorted.

Anyway, the consequence of the above means that your build probably does around half the single target of mine which means you’re leeching a lot less too even if you have more overall leech.
You should also get the Kymon’s Will augment on one jewelry piece if you don’t get reduced enemy damage from somewhere else.
2h builds also get 8% phys resist from the Savagery transmuter.

All those little things add up and make a big difference together.

As for my build: the patch was kind to it.
A few insignificant nerfs to Inq. Seal and Bursting Round, but the main weapon was buffed slightly and Shaman got some buffs too.
Aura of Censure was made a little stronger too, which is good for Crucible.

Not insignificant is that the Ugdenbog Sparkthrowers now do full Lightning damage and have built in attack speed.
This will make leveling even easier than it already was, and one of those with good affixes could potentially make for an endgame weapon.

Here is my take

Honestly, I found it mildly disappointing at the end. Sure, it’s great for farming Main Campaign, it’s moving at max speed, got decent CC res, plus seal/totem combo for Nemesis. But it’s a bit frustrating to play in Crucible, it’s just not good for it despite looking good on paper (I thought that much ADTCH + totem + seal would make it super tanky, well, it’s not enough). How do you think I can improve it?
I have alternative setup with Cindertouch gloves and Golemborns that have ~120 more oa and 100 more armor but considerably less attack speed and no shield/steel resolve bonus from boots.

IMO Purifier is a better rifler.

Unless you push Seal to 22 its not worth to put point intro it, even at 22/12 its not “extremly tanky”, just less PITA from DoT effects.

Thanks for the detailed response.
The Dagallon set looks good and I’m going to give it a try, but still can’t find the lightning one. Though I’m not sure the set bonus and raw damage will compensate the loss of +2 to Inq. skills, huge AS, bonus to FS, OA and % damage. Even on Gladiator I don’t have problems with AoE hence piercing attacks wouldn’t help with bursting down Nemesis’.

I’ve figured out the issue… And it’s just ridiculous, in my opinion.
I’ve tried to bring all defense options on par with yours. Kymon’s augment (I’ve tried even 3!), for example. But it all just helped a very tiny bit. Still the same one shots from Mad Queen and Lokarr. And then I saw you have 39% overcapped pierce res. Well, why not? It looked absurd, but anyway. And a single 38% overcapped pierce res did a thing! I was able to tank the Mad Queen’s red aura and Lokarr became a non-issue at all. I was struggling for few hours with him yesterday, with no results. Just one shots. And additional 37% of pierce res allows to stand still and don’t bother at all? How are people supposed to know, how much you need to overcap resistances to handle this or that boss?
This absolutely explains, why I struggle so much in Gladiator with single bosses.

BTW, I have 6/8/7 WPS. Grim tools just doesn’t know about the relics completion bonus, which gives me 2 skill points. 2 additional points in Bursting Round do less, than Static Strike, according to my calculations. You need to divide BR damage by 5, which makes it worse.

Wow, I’m still under impressions. Thank you for convincing me there aren’t any miracles!

Well, I respeced a bit to push it to 15/12, but I don’t have any skill bonuses to push it further I am afraid. Another question I have, do I use Arcane Spark or Dread Skull? I really only get 5% attack speed from the skull, which takes me to 182% attack speed with Deadly Aim on. Without it’s 178% attack speed with DA on.