[] After Burner Ignaffar's - Flames of Ignaffar Deceiver / Mage Hunter / Vindicator

[] After Burner Ignaffar’s - Flames of Ignaffar Deceiver

Flames of Ignaffar Deceiver - Tome of the Arcane Wastes

Tome of the Arcane Wastes gives Obliteration Ray and +1 to all Skills
We have Laser for Middle Range trash and Nice Skills Points bonus ^^

Video :
Iron Maiden
Allostria “The Other You”

Grimtools :
Grimtools Link

Flames of Ignaffar Deceiver - Hellscourge

Hellscourge gives Hellscourge Procs (20% Chance on Attack) and Flat RR to Sigil of Consumption, Nice RR Bonus in case our enemies outside Elemental Storm radius :slight_smile:

Grimtools :
Grimtools Link

[b]Flames of Ignaffar is a Cool Skills
It’s range just not as far as AAR or Obliteration

FOI (Flames of Ignaffar) in these Builds is Fire Burn base damage

What do you think about :

  • Lightning Flames of Ignaffar
  • Chaos Flames of Ignaffar
  • Vitality Flames of Ignaffar
  • Physical Flames of Ignaffar
  • Cold Flames of Ignaffar
  • Aether Flames of Ignaffar

Interesting isn’t it ? ;)[/b]

[b]In Closing :

With a lot of Builds Diversity, Conversions, Skills, Gears, Concept Extensions, we can say Grim Dawn is one of The Incredible and Fun Game :cool:

[] After Burner Ignaffar’s - Flames of Ignaffar Mage Hunter

Video :
Iron Maiden - Fabius

Grimtools :
Grimtools Link

I use Rune of Hagarrad mainly for Bitting Cold’s DA Shred
Well, this is a Fire Burn Build, Crit Damage is always welcome

in it got several Buffs :

  • New additional defensive layer from Aura of Censure’s Damage Reduction
  • Mageslayer Set buff increasing dps
  • Flames of Ignaffar: increased Fire damage scaling at ranks 13-16

So it overall get very nice Buff :slight_smile:


[] After Burner Ignaffar’s - Flames of Ignaffar Purifier

Flame of Ignaffar Purifier with Arcane Waste and using Agonizing Flames flat RR (I don’t use Elemental Storm in this one)
Aura of Censure is choosen, gives more RR combine with Thermite Mine :

[b]Video : Fabius

Grimtools : Grimtools Link[/b]

[] After Burner Ignaffar’s - Flames of Ignaffar Vindicator

Please check this thread for the Lightning Version :

The Fire Burn version of Flames of Ignaffar Vindicator will be placed in this thread when available (if already tested)

[] Elemental Cataclysm Flames of Ignaffar Deceiver - Hot [COLOR=“Cyan”]Shocking FOI Caster[/COLOR]

Elemental Flame of Ignaffar Deceiver with Cataclysm Sets, featuring Hot Burning Fire and Shocking Electrocute Lightning as Main Damage Types

[b]Video :

Grava’thul Nemesis

Kubacabra Nemesis




Grimtools :

[spoiler]With Green - Grimtools Link

With Out Green - Grimtools Link

You still can defeat Grava’thul, Facetank Kubacabra, Fabius, MQ with this No Green Setup :slight_smile:

For more HP and DA, just use Ravager’s Eye on weapons :wink:


Interesting build, I thought much about Ignaffar caster build, thank you much for posting this one!
BTW, how do you think, can Ignaffar Purifier be viable? I tried to build to build concept, but it seems unoptimal (and also MI heavy) now.
I got that crafted offhand, I think it can be good for Ignaffar caster.

Hmm interesting,
Nice Chest Armor, thanks for your grimtools. It gives me idea for Ignaffar Purifier. It’s more than viable :wink:

I need to test it first.
Combine with another builds in my list, there will be a lot of works to do :smiley:

I’ll let you know the result when it done

Edit : You should spare some points to Thermite Mine. We need it’s RR :slight_smile:

Why use obliteration? FoI goes through mobs as well and in a cone. Myth Consumption of Argivix, Hellscourge, Fiendgaze, Black Flame are all potentially better than arcane wastes. Especially Argivix(if you can swing the cast speed) and Hellscourge, Try them

Yeah, I already compared Arcane Wastes and Hellscourge.
Hellscourge has better dps.
But Arcane Wastes +1 to all Skills is sweet
Also you can shoot FoI and Oblietration Beam is kinda cool
You know, currently I’m still Obliteration ray minded :smiley:

Sure, currently I’m still comparing using Arcane Wastes and Hellscourge on Purifier…

well if you fancy obliteration then there is no argument:D

Btw i’m not sure if Hellscourge is 18+18 over 2 sec rendering elemental storm obsolete

Thank you, I will track this thread for updates :smiley:
Also, consider taking a closer look to Incendiary cask. It can take some time to farm good-rolled one, but I think it has great potential.

Well Slayer helm has crit mod now(I still use casque on Mage hunter) but a godly Flamestrife Dagger is really good

For Deceiver, yes it won’t stack with elemental storm.
Elemental storm RR will applied, since it has more than hellscourge one.
But it gives nice “additional” rr when Elemental Storm is not around ^^
Hellscourge gives nice damage though, increasing dps, but less skills points. Need to manage the skills points well.

For Purifier, I don’t use Elemental Storm at all :stuck_out_tongue:
Still making the video, I’ll upload it when it done soon.

I was making accident, not activating Inquisitor Exclusive skills on the first video :cry:

Yes, you’re welcome mate.
Still testing with Arcane Wastes and Hellscourge :smiley:

Incendiary has even greater crit mod, and also a cost reduction.
I somehow missed the dagger MI. Wow, it can be insanely good for the build.

Haha so they increased from 10 to 15% to keep casque relevant after buffing slayer helm with 10%.

They also lowered the cost reduction from 8% to 6%.

All in all casque is still good. So much crit, in cruci you get 4x modifiers all the time:)

@TZ What i mean to say is that hellscourge might stack 18 over 2 sec so in effect 36 rr, like malediction used to. But it needs to be checked

Here’s FOI Purifier with Arcane Waste and using Agonizing Flames flat RR
Aura of Censure is choosen, gives more RR combine with Thermite Mine :

Grimtools : Grimtools

Video : Video

Please gives feedback on this one first, before I test it with Hellscourge :smiley:

Hmm nice, if it’s true, I’ll change Deceiver Hellscourge devotion route and remove Elemental Storm :slight_smile:

Will look after work cause i can’t do youtube here:eek:

As for Censure. I personally thing that FoI should always be with Censure so good call as far as I am concerned:)

As for gear, i use a different setup without mage slayer but you could consider Fateweaver chest armor. It can roll 9 phys res with aura and has amazing resistances

Yup Fateweaver’s Raiment is really nice !
Can save component/augment for capping resistances :slight_smile:

It looks my casters that can’t blink, will have it’s own Chaos Strike with this Chest Armor.
Thanks Fluff for the suggestion :smiley:

Also looking at Demolitionist that can have high OA and has DA shred skills, perhaps it’s a good idea if Crate adds Crit Damage to Blast Shield (besidde FS and Grenado)
So when our toon in low health, it’ll has more damage.
Low Health = More Damage, sounds cool isn’t it :cool:

Burn DoTs Damage very welcome for more Crit Damage :smiley: