[] Blitz/BWC/Blitz Commando


This is actually one of my first build post-xpac. I wanted to post it before but since Jajaja’s physical version was too good there was no real reason to do that. With they buffed the conversion on Mythical Justicar Handguards and this build got a bit better so here we go.
Anyway where the fuck is jajaja when you need him?

The Build

Wit permanent buffs up and Blitz as LMB

Blitz: Your primary nuke and movement skill.
Blazing Charge: Your not-so-primary nuke and movement skill.
BWC: To debuff and also deal a bit of burn DoT, I can get 100k ticks in crucible which is not too terrible.
Why no Forcewave and/or Deadly Momentum? : I tried them both, an extra button to press with no noticeable clear time improvement

Nothing fancy, you may swap Bard’s Harp for something else, but I really like the proc.

Justicar set is mandatory, or at least the handguard, obviously.
Weapon: Some OP Kilrian mace would be best, other than that Malmouth’s fire mace, Ortus, Flamebrand or even Blazeheart would do. There’s no real support for this build in this slot.
Shield: Some OP Warden shield would be best, other than that put whatever you have there to make you tankier. Aegis’ Shield is also solid choice.
Rings: IceFire, Elemental Balance or Judicator should do.

Smash any button that’s not on cooldown, like every other build in this game. Also try to not die.

< 150: This build can clear it just fine, you won’t die if you don’t do something really dumb. I think its noticeably harder than before with AoM mobs though.
150-170: Kuba healing is pure masochistic, a guaranteed timer breaker. I won’t touch these waves until Crate do something to tone them down.


Gladiator 140-150 clear with Afflicted, 2x Iron Maiden and Valdaran

Reserved because reasons

I don’t know about a Warden’s Fortress being the best for this build. An Obsidian Bulwark has massive fire damage on it that will get added to both your Blitz and Blazing charge, whereas the Warden’s Fortress only applies to Blitz.

Good point, maybe I overlooked that option since Warden Fortress seems to be really good for Blitz.

Looks like another unkillable Commando build, gj! What about this sick shield?

Can it clear 150-170 and kill Ravager?

150-170 is doable however it’s a shitshow, especially when Kuba appears I almost always get my timer resetted. I just did a 150-170 run as the screenshot.
I’m not a Ravager fan, I killed him once in Elite with this build for the helm and forgot about it. I think to be able to kill it in Ultimate I will need a much more specialized setup than the current one.

Props for making the build then, mi-flavour makes it stand out a bit from the rest.

Thanks, I’m still polishing this build with the new challenges. Hopefully we may be able to farm 150-170 reliable enough.

Hey. I really recommend obsidian bulwark as kidpid said. I tried it on a 2x fire blitz commando months ago and it was the best

Sure, will try it out as soon as I can find a good one.

Or I’ll just gdstash one and see how it goes :smiley:

No need.:slight_smile: Just run aroun boc a bit and you are bound to find a decent affix. Chronomancer or the other cdr affix(forgot the name) are nice but any double green will do for starters

Too late, I s̶t̶a̶s̶h̶e̶d̶ obtained a Chronomancer of Redoubt. Clear time of 150-170 wasn’t clearly improved, Iron Maiden hit me really hard without the physical res from Durable.
However the real problems (still remain) are:

  • Damage spike from Aleksander, Grava and Reaper, the latters which I couldn’t yet explain.
  • Healing enemies, including the 4 heroes that heal themselves and Alek at 161 (I think I should make a feedback thread for this, I don’t even think it’s possible for a tank to get pass this piece of shit of a combo) and ofc Kuba.

Thanks. How would a leveling build look before transitioning to this build?

There are usually 2 leveling routes:

  • Physical Forcewave, taking Tremor and use a good 2H weapon like Stonefist Rebuke. Demo’s passives also offer good bonus like flat physical damage and total speed. (Forcewave uses cast speed so Squad Tactics doesn’t help much).
  • BWC + Cannister bomb + whatever, I usually chose this to level a demo build, it’s much more fun than holding LMB all day.

Thanks! Much appreciated.

Fire blitz is harder than phys cause you miss out on lots of flat dmg so it is hard to tell the difference in all that final cruci throws at you. It can compensate with burn dot. There are some interesting burn affixes on shield to look into.

As for the the cruci problems you mentioned, i ve given plenty of feedback on exactly those points since testing with more than one build but to no effect. So at this point, as you said, only the community could do it with a thread. That usually works best when something is wrong.

Unintentionally built something VERY similar to this - but for the weapon slot, why not shar’zul’s?

In addition to the 2x blitz, I am using an untransmuted FW as an additional nuke, with stormfire being my auto attack replacer.

If you use sharz weapon there is imo no use in making this char commando outside of untransmuteed FW or an extra blitz i suppose. Besides blitz is the most fun with weapon and shield. Too bad it’s hard to find a good 1h fire weapon

Might as well make him purifier for censure or pyro or sorc(what I did and posted pre aom).

What’s so bad about 2H blitz? Is it the fact that flat damage will not be doubled due to the lack of a shield?

It’s bad, visually.