[] The Nades Thrower: Purifier fire caster



same idea as before but obviously focusing on lightning damage now, working and playing the same way as before

Short guide here, pretty straight forwards anyway

I think the title speaks for itself, we use as main skill both canister bomb and grenado aka two not so used skills; using the two barrelsmith guns.

Inquisitor was my first choice as 2nd class for the various skills options, by the way i could have added flames of ignaffar and/or rune of kalastor but i felt like i had already enough skills to use, adding one of those didnt felt needed not to mention the energy issue with flames of ignaffar.
Would also work nicely with arcanist.

anyway here it is:

now currently using this set up

click me ! !

pics are with “old” set up, ill keep them here to give at least an idea of dmg potential

set up using offhand by Chthon

set up using adversary rifle by Ptirodaktill

Few words about devotions:
Nothing fancy but both meteor and fissure has 100% chance to proc, also with a single canister bomb youll have most of times severals fissure proc, probably due to the fragments of the bomb after its first explosion (unless its a bug ?)

with current set up, crucible 150 waves is doable but sure aint for the 20 more waves, and aint a safe char to farm it; still if you play it well and make good use of inquisitor seal youll be able to face most of the encounters.

Been quite a while (started before exp) i was testing around these skills, now with new items and classes i felt i could try again and this time i got pretty happy with results, or maybe its just my good mood due to christmas days off ?
Anyway, turns out the build works pretty well, i especially loved using canister bomb surprisingly, even if we have severals defensive options that aint crucible ready build, at least with this set up; but strong enough to face most nemesis (didnt tested against all) as long as you make good use of inquisitor seal, time your heal and keep an eye on your procs, but for sure youll end in some kitting against kubacabra obviously …

So yeah i thought i could share this little one, didnt saw many such builds around, i only remember this one:

chillstepbbc saboteur

i hope youll have fun with this one, well if you dare trying it, and as always i always welcome suggestions, comments or any kind of improvements.

in case i run out of nades

in case 2018 never comes

Ah finally some grenado/Canister Bomb build :slight_smile:

Nice job !

I would like to see some videos, but, anyway, it’s a pleasure to see an barrelsmith’s destroyers build.

What about energy management? When I’m trying to make a build around a grenade my energy just dissapeared almost like it’s fell into a black hole.

How do you deal with mana PITA and why you didn’t max Ulzuin chosen, this passive is extremely usefull for both Grenade and bomb. Aslo, Shattered blast offer a good DPS boost if you can push OA to 3K.

thanks for the nice words,
id like to be able to do vids too but my upload speed is so shitty i just forgot about those.
energy aint much an issue, you dont need to spam anything, however during long fights you may need sometime to drink a little potion, the harp deovtion would solve the possible issue ones for all, but youd have to drop either fissure or meteor, i prefered to keep them both

Yeah, I switched from purifier to sorc, cause I run out of mana after every pack.

i didnt had so much issue with it, just had to get a potion for long fights, like iron maiden for example, grabbing harp solves the issue, but means drop fissure/chariot devotion proc, i just prefer the set up i currently posted, felt more balanced according to my tastes


or if drop behemoth

hm, I ve got http://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26AJ97N this setup in mind, but do 10 mana regen and 10%energy cost reduction realy make the difference?
Anyway nice build =) GJ of making working Purifier-grenadier.

I like the build Trasheur. I thought I would post a few changes I noticed you could make in Devotions and Skills to gain about 100 OA/80 DA/500 HP/2x more energy regen. You get to keep Chariot, but trade away Magi to gain Bard’s Harp + Scholar’s Light Devotions. Changed hand component to Restless Remains and swapped a few Augments for resists. Maxed out Ulzuin’s Chosen at the cost of most points in BWC as well.

Might be an improvement for you on the Energy front?


thanks for the help guys, im still testing around, energy wasnt an issue to me, but im gonna try around and see whats the most balanced version,for now im trying it like this basicly https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BkoGkV
feels ok overall even if i loose behemoth in the change, need to stay a bit more on the seal but still works fine,
a CDR sorcerer version of the buid could go through crucible without much issue i believe btw

I made Canister-Grenado based Sorc using Aeon-Torch and Eternity. Instead of full Barrelsmith I personally prefer off hand for CDR (and other bonuses)


Didn’t suggest any major gear changes besides the rings and amulet. Shoulders could be a bit better.
Btw, I won’t recommend TD on this setup as you lack energy sustain to effectively use it imo so Inspiration works best.

Overall your build looks good. What does “Nades Thrower” mean though? :confused:

thanks, but the set offers 16%CDR with nice +skills so i went with it,
not sure about the rings ill give them a try, or maybe split,
TD means ?
it means well nades thrower, or grenades if you prefer

CDR can go upto 19%, not much but it’s still something extra. Off hand also offers energy management and plus skills. I tested it on Sorc and found it better. TD is Aeon’s Hourglass’ Final Node skill
Also, I picked Skyfire as you have enough RR and %Damage bonus for both Fire and Lightning. Dual damage is advantageous in certain situations


Staying true to original build ^
Might have made some mistake in the second link in the devotions :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah you right im gonna try with that offhand, ill keep the conversion from helm anyway,
skyfire is the name of rings ?
aeons hourglass ? what is this ? imfreakin lost here XD

was running some crucible, feels fun to play, bit of kitting needed when seals aint enough and procs inCD but big numbers appears already !

ok skyfire is grenado mod ok …
why using that ? the conversion to fire fromcrossfire is more interesting imo no ?

Never said anything about dropping that helm. I use that helm, those rings and that amulet on my Sorc. :stuck_out_tongue:
Skyfire is the name of Grenado’s transmuter and as for the other thing (hourglass) I am going to remain silent and allow you to look up the names of every constellation :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, did anyone tested it with Hellborn? http://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2geWvvZ Still need moar OA to be effective.

omg you could have said time dilatation XD i looked everywhere and ended on using google XD
meh inever use thatdevotion, almost. sure i wont on this build, wouldnt worth the cost imo,
but yeah about skyfire grenado im not sure why you would use it here

I use Skyfire on my Sorc cause I only use one Barrelsmith Pistol to get CDR on Canister Bomb. If you go Off Hand route then Skyfire is the way to go

Mythical Adversary and Mythical Blazerush are also options btw