[] The Nades Thrower: Purifier fire caster

hm, with good conversion rolls it could outperform Hellborn. OA bonus is nice.
I tried Blazerush on elementalist - its hard to stack enough +demo to make it work, sadly =(
BTW I don’t think Aeon proc is good for this build. If we stack both Grenade and Canister there is simply not enough gear options and points to push BS+seal intro unvulnerability level of flat absorbtion.

yeah but usingthe crossfire barrelsmith you do have 100% to fire on grenado thats why im asking
edit: my bad you said CDR

But I don’t use that particular pistol on my Sorc. I use the pistol that gives me 1.5s CDR on Canister Bomb
When going off hand 1.5s CDR Canister Bomb Pistol is the best one.

The 100% Fire to Grenado Pistol is the pistol that you should drop if you choose to use an off hand

well thanks guys for all the suggestion, sure it improved the build, for now im sticking to this even if unsure about amu :


just cleared crucible, well the 150th waves “only”, 2nd and 3rd buffs, no banners and also some kitting and "health potion but shhhhh
after the run i checked again stats, biggest hit is 1.278.830 now :cool:
we sure all know it doesnt and wont happen often but it still nice to see such number on a such “unusual” build

ill update first post, and put severals set up according to what been said

Why everyone put points intro temper and ulzuin wrath? :rolleyes: 32 flat armor is clearly inferior to 20 dmg absorbtion from Seal. And uzluin wrath does absolutely nothing. =)
BTW Ulzuin chosen provide increasing returns and its screaming to be maxed.

just 5% more chance to make it proc and 2% skill cost reduction doesnt worth 5skills points imo, overcapping it cost too much to me

Have you thought of using a burn focused build with cindercore similar to this:


no i didnt, but thats a nice set up; i would just maybe try to take a barrelsmith to convert the physical from grenado into fire, but unsure without testing, back before exp, my idea was a commando, based on grenades with a shield, that set up you shared (thanks btw) could help to try again in that way, with probably less green items :rolleyes:

With all the gear you have about 70% conversion from physical to fire. Could be a little more with best gears. Been sitting on that grimtool since release and haven’t had much of a chance to play to I’d love to see how it could actually do. Had a tough time figuring out what the defense would be so the greens allow for a lot of DA.

With cindercore I think you end up with the highest base DoT in the game (that I’ve been able to find) With the calculated conversion numbers I think it was approx 1000-1200 base burn dmg before any multipliers. I think it would end up being about double the damage of a bwc. Except it includes a huge amount of direct dmg and multi hit as well. A super max rune of hagarrad is high as well but doesn’t quite reach this level.

Well, it aslo provide small multiplicative dmg boost and it work all the time.
BTW you don’t count it to proc 2/3 time in a row? =) For 30% chanses are 30/9/1.8% For 35% 35%/12/4.5% For 40% 40/16/6.4% I d say its better that Flame touched .

Very nice, Thrasheur! Sad of this lack of skill points.

ill try to give your set up a try, it sure looks good; maybe would work even better as arcanist ?

fine ! i give up, ill try like this ! ^^

thanks ! yup feels little short but still manageable (thats what she said)

I’m guessing Flame touched was a type-o from Temper. Do NOT give up Flame touched lol:rolleyes:

lol no i wont ! i meant removing few points from it to overcap ulzuin chosen

do you really have to? You have a lot of grim calcs posted. What is your current one? Might be worth sacrificing somewhere else. Purifiers need all the OA they can get.

well in my opinion overcapping ulzuin chosen cost kinda lot but maybe worth it taking poiints from temper, ulzuin wrath, and vigor maybe,
im using the one on first post, aka this one https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62a6zxEV

Try this http://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p031j2 =)

What I would do, kinda:


You don’t have lots of +skills to Demmo so really 1 pt in temper or ulzuin Wrath is pretty much useless unless you already have all you need skill points wise.

Well ptiro ninjad me and took more out of vigor, but idea is the same

yup that was my plan actually, btw world of renewal is at 11 cause grimtool doesnt count the +skills from relic

Wouldn’t it make sense to use RR from modified BWC as well? And also max bwc since you have so much Burn/Fire support.