[] Aether Drain Essence Apostate / Spellbinder - Drain Life Essence with Aether Energy

Sure, I shall update it on main page later
I’ll let you know when devotion path already updated later

You can leveling with Drain Essence like this :

Video :

Nullification, Mark of Torment, and Mirror is good enough for defensive layers
Take a note, Drain Essence is also a Defensive Skills, it can reduce enemies OA signifivantly via Decomposition

Gaze of Beronath just for additional CC (not for OA reduction)
You can also use OFF for CC mobs

Leveling via AAR is also fun, it more faster, playing with Glass Canon Style :wink:

Help me a bit here.
I dont get Devotion choosing. Why Manticore with its poison boosts? Why Spear with its lightning boosts?
Why not Rattosh or Affliction? Bat? Vendigo? All the stuff with Vita damage. Or maybe some Aether constellations.

Spears adds %OA, Crit% and Aether dmg also.
Manticore adds OA and reduces resistances.

I can understand not picking Time Dilation, Eternity and Devastation in your setup since it feels like those three things have been overdone

But have you considered this?


And this (it uses Devastation and Eternity but not the Uroboruuk Set)


Please pardon me for responding it now, I almost forget that you asked for devotion route

Devotion Path : (This Devotion Path is assuming you already have 55/55 Devotion Points)
Crossroads Green
Crossroads Purple
Crossroads Red
Solemn Watcher
Spear of the Heavens
Tree of Life (4 points)
Refund Crossroads Red
Refund Crossroads Green
Refund Crossroads Purple
Manticore (take Acid Spray)

Yes, this :

Manticore usually taken for it’s Acid Spray (28 Flat RR on lvl 20)
You can also use BSoD for Flat RR

SotH like Bloodsword said :

  • Flat and %OA
  • Crit Damage
  • Flat and %Aether Damage

Remember, this Build is an Aether Build

Btw Bloodsword reminds me to this :smiley:

The first one, https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BkgwwV
Reckless Power seems give more Aether Damage, also we’ll have half Aether Retaliation from Belt

We’ll lost increasing on Vitality Decay DoT without Harbinger of Souls
I think Aether need to have its own DoT :smiley:

Aether Siphon Souls is nice, it’s okay since we’re using ToL in this build

If only it doesn’t have minus Health Regen
I don’t use it on some of my builds due to negative health regen, I just had un sweet experienced when using Siphon Souls while fighting hard hitter mobs

Second one, https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYe9J4N
Nice gear combination for Vit --> Aether conversion
With nice rolls perhaps it’ll reach 100%, idk for sure
Didn’t realize that Fleshwarped Tome gives 50% Vitality to Aether conversion :smiley:

Only Behemoth for Health Regen, watch out when using Siphon Souls
Need to be carefull

And last, the weapon Wrath of the Ascendant
Nice weapon that gives nice +1 skills and sweet Aether RR
it’s included in my to do list weapon for testing later
Comparing with Hex and Jaravuuk :wink:

Fabius will have his tears down when see a Spellbinder using this weapon ^^

I’d like to try that Apostate build. What would be the easiest way to get to level 50 and higher, through which skills?

You can levelling like this


through inkisitore then it is, cool thanks.

Yup Inquisitor Strom Box, you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Grim Dawn v1.0.5.0 note :
We got several nice Buffs !

I want to try this New Buffs, but now still working with some Builds
Thanks Crate for a lot of nice buffs to itemization !

Grimtools : Aether Drain Essence Spellbinder

Video : Undead vs Human

It’s fast on Fabius since Mythical Wrath of the Ascendant gives % Damage to Humans

got recommended here by malawiglenn!

are there any changes to this build or your AAR build necessary after FG and patch 1.1.2?

deleted 10/char

Tree of Life need 7 yellow so i cant remove crossroad yellow.what to do?
i the first post your hero is Apostate inc+necro.On the last is Spellbinder arc+necro.So the last post is ‘‘up to date’’ version of the build?

I would refer you to a newer version of this build here by nery [] Aether Drain Essence Spellbinder. Or this one by x1 [] Dalia's Dad Sucks. Literally. - Aether DE Spellbinder