[] Dark Physical Pyromancer - Killing Grava'thul w/o Healing Potions - A Tanky S&B Pyromancer

Nice “facetank him 95% of the time” !
If you don’t mind, I would like to add your build in the main post as the “Commando Variant” by you.

Please give me screenshot of your latest build like this :

And if available, one image of lokarr’s fight

Thank you :slight_smile:

For the sake of science, I tried Lokarr in full lazy mode, 100% full facetanking without moving. Those 5% bothered me … And it worked! Time: about 1 min 50 sec.

NB: I don’t know how to change the size of the pic’ to fit here.

Without buffs, only toggles (and trying with new gloves tonight).

Thanks Belzzzz,

I Updated your Commando in the 2nd Post

Please confirm if the Grimtools Link is correct since I can’t open the grimtools (perhaps it’s still down)

Thank you!

And here is the last version: grimtool

Newest Grimtools has been updated !

Please let me know if you want to change the title that I made.
I would like to submit your Commando on Build Compnedium as it already tested and works very well :slight_smile:

Yes, sure, np. I just came here to copy your devotion path on an old toon that was sleeping in a dark drawer. And now it is shining in the dark, with your Dark build!

Cool !
Btw, guessing from your toon’s name, are you from Nepal, or perhaps Philippines, or maybe Vietnam ?

Could the answer one of those countries :smiley:

I can’t guessing your country origin from this build THE KRIEGSKANDRA KNIGHT ^^

Updated New Videos on 2nd Post :
- Full Facetank Lokarr w/o Healing Potions
- Full Facetank John Bourbone Clones w/o Healing Potions

It is more prosaic than this unfortunately: DemoRang stands for Demo(litionist) Rang(ed), as I leveled it as a Firestrike 2H ranged before switching to retaliation. And Kriegskandra = Krieg + Iskandra.

And my forum name is a variation of a name from an old US fantasy book I liked to read when I was a teenager.

Lol, Demo == Demolitionist, Rang == Ranged
My imagination went too far away ^^

Yeah about Kriegskandra I knew what it’s standing for.
Btw nice build there :wink:

Since you guys are obviously more experienced than me, would -Vire, -Hammer, -Anvil, -Harp, +Ishtak, +Bull, + Solemn Watcher, +ToL work? Basically this one: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxGwOJ2 It’s from another build but it focuses on defense. With so many defensive devotions you can probably switch to oleron’s rage too.

Yes it should work, I change the skills distribution :

You should max Field Command for more OA/DA :slight_smile:

Thx a lot for your answer TZ. What would you suggest between a pure physical cadence and an IT-focused build? I mean, I know both are viable, but which one is more viable without superb gear?

You’re welcome!

I suggest physical cadence, gear support is more available.
For IT Focused, The Best one is Octavius :slight_smile:

@TZ Tz: you even made videos with my build. I’m impressed and flattered. Great job! Thanks :slight_smile:

You’re welcome mate !

Just a little tips for this build :

  • Since we use two Oleron’s Blood on both Hand, we can use Oleron’s Might twice, I mean it’s separated each other.
    This skills is very nice : 355% WD, 50% Crit, and Sweet 20% Reduced Target Damage :slight_smile:

  • Since we have good CDR (mostly with Full Markovian Sets), we may not taking Markovian’s Defense transmuter, it will reduce our DPS.
    Yet, we still can use it for more safety …

  • Our Gloves gives nice bonus to Overguard when activated : 150% Physical-IT Damage Boosting.
    That’s why I always activate Overguard when it ready, it’s mainly for increasing my DPS.

  • Use Essence of Ch’thon in our main Weapon.
    Mainly for 15% Chance of 15% Reduced target’s Resistances for 5 Seconds.
    Also it has sweet 8% Chaos Resist :slight_smile:

You can check the Full Markovian Sets grimtools hidden in the 2nd Post :wink:

Well maybe this build is super strong on 100 ultimate but it quite hard for leveling without any healing devotions.

Alchemist Belts, BoD, SoC…

Other than what Drokalypso said, Hollowed Fang/Haunted Steel for ADCtH and Blooddrinker/Bloodthirster is good too.

Alchemist Belt gives only +10-15% when health drop below 20%. So, looks pretty useless. Menhir Will is way better but still both of them are circuit breakers. It doesn’t provide an opportunity to be healed on each hit like GB. BoD, SoC… - Commando doesn’t have those skills.

I’m unsure… are these skills good for pure physical build too? Both of them boosts vitality dmg and also 30s cooldown looks long enough.